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I want to call my baby Ianto after him in Torchwood: why is everyone on my case about it??

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AuntyMable Thu 21-Feb-08 14:54:45

I am having a boy in a month or so's time. I really like Torchwood and I want to call my boy Ianto (pronounced Yanto) after that lovely guy in Torchwood. In fact the plan is to call him Ianto Owen Tosh (and surname). Whats wrong with this? DP is being very funny with me over it and I am really starting to get the hump. They are all proper names! I am not calling him after a football team, or Ikea or Nintendo or anything!

My parents aren't speaking to me over this. And my sister says I am losing it and should not be naming my child after people in weird cult spin-offs in which people constantly have sex with anything which happens along, male, female or alien especially when it has nothing much to do with the plot. Which is really HER going off on one in typical style!

They are just names. And I LOVE them, as I love the characters.

Please give me some feedback. I am on my sister's PC so probably won't be back to thread until later this evening but it people could give me constructive feedback in the meantime I would be most grateful.

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 21-Feb-08 15:01:43

Message withdrawn

AuntyMable Thu 21-Feb-08 15:05:45

I said that but DP said it is HIS son too, or do he assumes. shock It all got a bit nasty and we threw tea towels at each other! angry

Any one would think I was planning on calling the baby Dr Who!!!

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 21-Feb-08 15:05:56

Err, not sure if you're serious here or not hmm.

No one will be able to spell it from hearing it, or say it from seeing it written down. That will probably annoy him his whole life.

Was it a real name pre-TW? I hadn't heard it before then, which would be another reason I'd say no.

moyasmum Thu 21-Feb-08 15:06:07

Maybe all three names might be a bit too much. In a couple of years it will be dreadfully dating.

Still I like Owen and Ianto. (you may want to check up that name separately as you are going to be explaining it for ever, and ever

hold on ,Ianto=pet name for Lefan"god is gracious" (

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 21-Feb-08 15:07:46

It is important that both you and dh agree on a name though, whatever inspires it.

littlelapin Thu 21-Feb-08 15:08:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheHonEnid Thu 21-Feb-08 15:09:37

its a stupid name

Sidge Thu 21-Feb-08 15:10:33

You like Torchwood now but in 20 years time you may wonder why the hell you named your child after a TV character.

A bit like calling your baby Charlene (for example) because you loved Neighbours when you were pregnant.

(And I thought Tosh was a slang word for rubbish? As in 'what a load of tosh'?)

AuntyMable Thu 21-Feb-08 15:11:30

Well I have already compromised because before the scan, my chosen girls name was Gwen Cooper (then surname) but he flipped his lid over that and ganged up on me with my family. So they hated Ianto immediately after that.

Yes it's a real name.

TheHonEnid Thu 21-Feb-08 15:11:38

"And my sister says I am losing it and should not be naming my child after people in weird cult spin-offs in which people constantly have sex with anything which happens along, male, female or alien especially when it has nothing much to do with the plot."


are you for real? I'm with your dsis anyway, she sounds top.

crumpet Thu 21-Feb-08 15:11:56

Tosh reminds me of the advert " 'ello Tosh, gotta Toshiba?"

collision Thu 21-Feb-08 15:11:57

You will regret it.

It is a daft name.

Where did you get Tosh from?

Poor child. I am with your DH on this. go with Owen (not keen on that either)

sorry but you did ask!

moopymoo Thu 21-Feb-08 15:12:14

hmm think im with your sister actually. sorry! and i think you and dh would both have to be strongly in agreement about such , erm, unusual names. i love scifi myself but no...

RubySlippers Thu 21-Feb-08 15:13:00

i am usually on the "call your baby whatever you want" but you and your DH have to agree

Owen is a cool name IMHO

LadyMuck Thu 21-Feb-08 15:13:01

I guess the issue is that the name will always conjure up a pop-culture reference, and Torchwood hasn't finished yet. What happens if Ianto gets written into some loon who goes round eating babies? Would that really be how you would want your ds remembered in years to come?

I think that you can get away with more with middle names (your children don't have to live with those every day), so perhaps Owen Ianto might work. Tosh seems an odd name to give.

Did your dp have any say with naming this child? Are you planning to being with him for a while? If so then I do think that he should have some say.

Oliveoil Thu 21-Feb-08 15:13:09

When picking names for my children I didn't want them forever spelling it out and explaining it all their lives

hence they have easy traditional names

Ianto does not fall into this catagory imo [diplomatic]

however it is up to YOU what you call your child so ignore your relatives if you wish

you cannot however dictate to dp, he has as much say in it as you do so you must come to some sort of compromise. Like Dave...

collision Thu 21-Feb-08 15:13:25

Great name for a dog though!

Gwen Cooper??? hmm where are you getting these from??

(I now think that couples should discuss potential names for children BEFORE they commit to each other!!)

bigknickersbigknockers Thu 21-Feb-08 15:14:01

Sorry but I think you would be kinder to your DS in the long run if you did call him Dr Who.

AuntyMable Thu 21-Feb-08 15:14:29

Tosh his short for Toshiko, who is a beautiful lady in Torchwood. But she is a lady and my baby is a boy so I needed to make it more masculine.

I suppose I could compromise again and suggest Ianto Owen Jack. It's the Ianto than DP really goes off on one about but if I show I'm compromising he can stop kicking off can't he!

collision Thu 21-Feb-08 15:14:54

or that IS cool!! smile

jumpingbeans Thu 21-Feb-08 15:15:41

Oh auntymable,what you call your babe is up to you, but pmsl when you said it got a bit nasty and you threw tea towels at each other,sorry but I do agree with cantsleep, you should both be happy with the name

Oliveoil Thu 21-Feb-08 15:16:24

What about Exterminate?

AuntyMable Thu 21-Feb-08 15:16:25

Gwen Cooper is an very important Torchwood character! shock

Well they are all important actually.

I am wondering is Ianto Owen Captain Jack would be acceptable.

AdamAnt Thu 21-Feb-08 15:16:45

Enid - I'd rather have a questionable taste in names than bad manners.

FWIW I think Ianto is a perfectly pleasant name. In fact it's growing on me the more I think about it.

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