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in my local paper i came across these names

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southeastastra Sun 17-Feb-08 20:55:13

sorry if it's your family, but: september, atlanta, tiger lily, gypsy and brother duran.

Nemoandthefishes Sun 17-Feb-08 20:56:32

grin lovely and ermmm uniquehmm

LyraSilvertongue Sun 17-Feb-08 20:58:08

Quite like Gypsy.

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Sun 17-Feb-08 20:58:21

obviously they weren't aware that duran duran was the villain in barbarella who tortured people on a sex machine hmm

NaughtyNigel Sun 17-Feb-08 20:58:26

Those are my DCs. hope you're not taking the piss?

nancy75 Sun 17-Feb-08 20:58:43

maybe they found them on a how to avoid a common name thread!

southeastastra Sun 17-Feb-08 21:00:14

it's so cheesy, poor children, especially Duran, they are all asprising ice dancers from a rich part of town.

southeastastra Sun 17-Feb-08 21:33:10

gawd i killed that, but i think they had lots of money and no sense of style

PerkinWarbeck Sun 17-Feb-08 21:38:07

gorgeous smile.
there is a Jamiroquai in DD's room at nursery.


oliviaelanasmum Sun 17-Feb-08 21:43:27

I quite liked Tiger as my dc's surname is Lilley, just as well we didnt as one of our neighbours is called Tigga

hana Sun 17-Feb-08 21:44:27

are they all siblings?

LyraSilvertongue Sun 17-Feb-08 21:50:07

Perkinwarbeck, tell me you're joking about Jamiroquai.

PerkinWarbeck Sun 17-Feb-08 21:51:17

Lyra, you know how cosmopolitan we are in Camberwell. Fraid that one's genuine.

moljam Sun 17-Feb-08 21:52:14

i know a tiger lilly.suits her .but she is mostly known as lilly

ChipButty Sun 17-Feb-08 21:56:59

My DS was at nursery with Ocean and Chardonnay (I kid you not!)

LyraSilvertongue Sun 17-Feb-08 21:58:45

We've got a Ulysses at our nursery, so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.
Jamiroquai though...

dizzydixies Tue 19-Feb-08 18:21:02

I can beat you all, council estate outside paisley had a Pochahontas
or however you spell]it [grin[

dizzydixies Tue 19-Feb-08 18:21:18

that should have been grin

NorthernLurker Tue 19-Feb-08 18:23:28

I don't mind Gypsy - I wouldn't use it but it doesn't make me want to run away screaming. I knew a Chardonnay too - wonder if it's the same one.....

ProfessorGrammaticus Tue 19-Feb-08 18:31:30

Was Ocean in the Manchester area? Or are there shock two?

threestars Wed 20-Feb-08 22:38:01

I used to work in a hospital, and I remember an Armani and a Lexus being born on the same day. Thought delivery suite had turned into a posh shopping centre.
Also one boy was named Anakin, after Darth Vader.

bookwormmum Wed 20-Feb-08 22:56:18

We have lots of unsual names where I work since the nature of the job tends to attract people on working or ancestral visas. One girl is called Immaculate!!

Docia is another common name at work which I think it's quite pretty. I think it's often used as a surname though.

youknowyouknow Wed 20-Feb-08 23:01:16

was that Pocahontas McKenzie? Called out in a doctors surgery near me...

MAMAZON Wed 20-Feb-08 23:07:10

Tony from East17's daughter is called Atlanta, she must be about 15 now so its hardly new.

i Actually like all those names bar Duran.
i don't think i would use them myself but i don't think they are that awful

bookwormmum Wed 20-Feb-08 23:13:28

I knew a girl called June who was born in... June. She hated her name since she thought her parents had demonstrated little imagination in choosing a name!! maybe September was after their birth month?

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