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whats everyone calling there babies

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babycarrier Fri 18-Jan-08 12:26:50

im calling mine jack

MelissaM Fri 18-Jan-08 12:44:03

I called my daughter Evelyn Grace. If she'd been a boy she was going to be Owain Lewis (possibly!)

VictorianSqualor Fri 18-Jan-08 12:55:10


Mum2b2BabyRoo Fri 18-Jan-08 13:05:30

Jacob (Jake) Robert if it's a boy and thinking about Summer Ruby if it is a girl.

Bessie123 Fri 18-Jan-08 13:06:24

Bum face

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 18-Jan-08 13:10:23

(One of my cats was called Tarquin. The others were Veronica and Harriet)

Why Jack ?

Just curious

VictorianSqualor Fri 18-Jan-08 13:11:59

Bessie do you not think bum face should be hyphonated? I think Bum-Face is better myself.

tictacto Fri 18-Jan-08 13:14:18

Taquina-Mahree (didn't like the spelling Marie)
Jeloquondoh-Patate for a boy

I made them up. Really like the way they sound. Sort of exotic and musical

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 18-Jan-08 13:14:35

Or perhaps B'um-Faice, Sleb-stylee?

mistyamica Fri 18-Jan-08 13:21:55

I'm calling mine Alex James but his father wants to nick name him Churchill!!

My partner thinks all new borns look like Churchill! haha! Its cute!

We were going to call the baby Max but we changed our minds! grin

tictacto Fri 18-Jan-08 13:25:50

Are you making fun of me Boysarelikedogs?

K20 Fri 18-Jan-08 13:26:48


... sorry I'm talking kittens here

Bessie123 Fri 18-Jan-08 13:35:45

Tictacto - do you mind if I put one of your names on my 'to consider' list?

I am now torn between:

B'um - faice
Jelaquodoh - Patate - pancake

What do you think?

tictacto Fri 18-Jan-08 14:43:16


Jelo not jela

Very funny. Not.

calzone Fri 18-Jan-08 18:34:10

is this a joke? hmm

Egypt Fri 18-Jan-08 23:40:15

ppfft, sprays tea all over keyboard...

onebatmother Sat 19-Jan-08 01:31:17

<wipes snort-snot off keyboard>

colditz Sat 19-Jan-08 01:32:06


kittywise Sat 19-Jan-08 10:11:46

omg, I've just found this. THANKYOU FROM THE HEART OF MY BOTTOM I haven't wept with laughter for a long, long time smile

dejags Sat 19-Jan-08 12:30:37

I am with Kitty.

I assume you are joking Tictacto if so... grin. If not somebody has to say this in advance of you naming your child/ren. Those names are perfectly hideous. Your children will be destined for a life of ridicule.

Don't do it.

Chardonnay1966 Sat 19-Jan-08 12:34:16

Better than Jack anyway...

kittywise Sat 19-Jan-08 14:48:07

Once I heard a woman call to her child "Ajax"
I wondered if his brother was called "Vim" grin

onebatmother Sat 19-Jan-08 14:57:34

Coulda been Ajax and Wim, for real..

Roskva Sat 19-Jan-08 14:57:46

Well, in the past week, I've come across children named, respectively, Ocean, Breeze and Storm (no, they don't belong to the same family, before anyone asks), and I do know a Dutch guy called Wim pronounced 'vim', so you never know grin

ZippiBabes Sat 19-Jan-08 14:58:44

wim wenders wings of desire etc

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