Baby girl final shortlist - please help us decide

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johanna4687 Thu 25-Nov-21 22:34:27


Thank you 😊

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Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 25-Nov-21 22:46:39

To narrow it down I’d keep.
Belle (is okay as a middle name)

MintyCedric Thu 25-Nov-21 22:47:32

Clementine that order.

okilydokily Thu 25-Nov-21 22:47:37


Shasha17 Thu 25-Nov-21 22:49:33

Tabitha - favourite, but I'm biased!
Jemima - my other favourite
Sophia - pretty but overdone
Orla - a bit dull - will merge into a sea of Eva/Ella/Ada/etc
Belle - pretty but not a bit weak
Marina - very nice! My second favourite
Savanna - dislike, I knew a horrible savanna. Susannah is nicer
Carmella - don't like
Jasmine - don't like
Heidi - don't like
Clementine - my joint second favourite.

Tabitha Clementine or Jemima Clementine would be my number one choices

Blaaaaaaaaah Thu 25-Nov-21 22:52:41

Tabitha and Heidi are my favourite

sal1223 Thu 25-Nov-21 22:53:58

Savanna & Carmella my faves and les a likely to be shortened


kindlyensure Thu 25-Nov-21 22:56:08

Marina (Marnie is also fab, same vibe?)

Angel2702 Thu 25-Nov-21 22:58:31

Tabitha, Heidi, Clementine are my favourites from that list.

PlasticFreeIn2022 Thu 25-Nov-21 22:59:15

Tabitha and Heidi are my favs

AdaColeman Thu 25-Nov-21 22:59:35

Heidi or Carmella are my favourites.

I wouldn’t use Belle or Sophia as they are hugely popular already.

Jasmine Orla and Savanna are my least favourites.

RobertsWonder Thu 25-Nov-21 23:01:08

Jemima or clementine are my favourites from your list

user1493494961 Thu 25-Nov-21 23:02:45

Clementine or Sophia, not keen on any of the others.

Kanaloa Thu 25-Nov-21 23:22:52

Tabitha - very pretty
Jemima - I’m so so on this name
Sophia - nice but very popular if that bothers you
Orla - really don’t like
Belle - I prefer Isabelle
Marina - nice
Savanna - nice enough, I prefer it with a h at the end
Carmella - not a big fan, I quite like Carmen but this just has a Carmelita Spats feel about it
Jasmine - nice name
Heidi - I’m not keen on this but no idea why
Clementine - nice

imnotacelebritygetmeoutofhere Thu 25-Nov-21 23:33:10

From your list I think I could only use Sophia, Orla or Jasmine.

Tabitha - makes me think of cats
Jemima - makes me think of puddleducks
Belle - it means beautiful, which is a nice meaning, but it just makes me feel like I'm saying "hello beautiful" to the child
Marina - nice if you live by the sea or if the father is a sailor
Savanna - nice enough, it's ok
Carmella - I work with one who I don't get on with so that makes me dislike the name
Heidi - nice if you're going to live on a Swiss mountainside with hair in plaits
Clementine - tasty christmas fruit


Meandmini3 Thu 25-Nov-21 23:35:30


Ikeameatballs Thu 25-Nov-21 23:41:04

Tabitha - ok but I think on a spike of popularity
Jemima - I love it
Sophia - too many
Orla - love it
Belle - feels unfinished
Marina - actively dislike
Savanna - actively dislike
Carmella - actively dislike
Jasmine - I like it, very pretty
Heidi - I like it
Clementine - needs a short surname

MopaniTree Thu 25-Nov-21 23:42:13

Orla first choice and Carmella second.

Skeumorph Thu 25-Nov-21 23:43:54


lakeswimmer Thu 25-Nov-21 23:50:42


are my faves. You could use Jasmine as a middle name

Peachbubble Fri 26-Nov-21 06:10:49

My top 2 are:
But I also like Jasmine, Heidi and Clementine.

Seaweedhair Fri 26-Nov-21 06:15:37

Marina, Savannah, Carmella

JuneOsborne Fri 26-Nov-21 06:17:40

I like Orla and Carmella. Would Carmella get shortened? Mella? Mel? Caz, even?

CatonMat Fri 26-Nov-21 06:19:58

Tabitha Belle.

LoveComesQuickly Fri 26-Nov-21 06:21:49

My favourites are Sophia, Jemima, Tabitha and Clementine.

Least favourites are Belle, Savanna, Carmella and Orla.

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