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ilovemykids5 Thu 25-Nov-21 19:51:42

What do you think of this name and how popular is it?

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Nellesbelles Thu 25-Nov-21 19:54:20

I think it is getting more popular after the character in the series Sex Education on Netflix. I have known a couple be born this year. I think it's a lovely name though.

YouJustFoldItIn Thu 25-Nov-21 19:57:49

It's quite popular at the moment. I am completely ambivalent about it.

toastofthetown Thu 25-Nov-21 20:09:41

Maeve in #94 in England and Wales which is quite popular. It's also VERY trendy. Here is the graph of how quickly Maeve has risen and it's dramatic over the last three years. It's one of the fastest rising names I've seen that high in the charts recently and I think the trend has a lot of momentum yet. I've popularity concerns you, I'd give Maeve a very wide berth.

20viona Thu 25-Nov-21 20:12:40

I like Maeva instead.

Luredbyapomegranate Thu 25-Nov-21 20:29:29

It's very of the moment.

I don't like it personally, sounds like Mauve to me and quite ugly.

Bagelsandbrie Thu 25-Nov-21 20:30:08

I love it but it’s going to be popular (alongside Otis) because of Sex Education on Netflix.


BingoandBluey Thu 25-Nov-21 20:31:24

And Maeva on Made in Chelsea

BingoandBluey Thu 25-Nov-21 20:32:29

I like it I think it's pretty and quite classical in the sense I could happily imagine it being a known girl's name 100 years ago as well.

DramaAlpaca Thu 25-Nov-21 20:34:03

It's been around here in Ireland for ages, but it's only recently made its way over to the UK. I like it, but it doesn't sound fresh and interesting to me because I know so many Maeves (with various different spellings).

cptartapp Thu 25-Nov-21 20:38:54

I know one aged three. Ugly name, sounds like slang for Mavis which is even worse.

Classica Thu 25-Nov-21 21:46:30

I find it funny that Maeve is considered trendy in the UK.

elizabethdraper Thu 25-Nov-21 22:00:56

You can't swing a car without hitting a Maeve in Ireland

elizabethdraper Thu 25-Nov-21 22:01:32


AnFiadhRua Thu 25-Nov-21 22:03:32

Ive always liked Maeve.
Or Maedhbh

LesLavandes Thu 25-Nov-21 22:18:50

I don't like it at all

Orarewedancer Thu 25-Nov-21 22:40:51

I really like it. Slightly prefer Maeva. But it has gone from being a very rarely used name to very trendy all of a sudden which puts me off.

Changecountetextraordinaire Thu 25-Nov-21 22:45:10

Lovely name but on the rise.

Synchrony Thu 25-Nov-21 23:13:16

Seems really popular on here but I hate it. I agree with the pp that said it sounds short for Mavis. To me it sounds unfinished somehow. Neither Mae, nor Mavis, but something in the middle.

But I'm clearly in the minority based on its rise in popularity!

MilkTooth Thu 25-Nov-21 23:14:45


Ive always liked Maeve.
Or Maedhbh

Or Méabh or Medbh.

AuntDympna Fri 26-Nov-21 10:15:28

I prefer Medb. Old Irish. Way cool.
I know a trillion gazillion spelled variously.

ISaidDontLickTheBin Fri 26-Nov-21 10:34:20

Not a fan tbh

KirstenBlest Fri 26-Nov-21 10:39:38

I don't particularly like it. Seems to blend in with the Mae/May/Maya/Mia/Mya type names, and I don'y like those either

emmathedilemma Fri 26-Nov-21 11:10:08

I like it but it does seem to be increasingly popular, I suspect she could be one of several at primary school. I know 2 under the age of 4 and I don't know many kids in that age group any more!

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