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toadstool32 Thu 25-Nov-21 06:23:21

Baby will be Joshua (known as josh) please don't criticise.

Surname is 3 syllables

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miltonj Thu 25-Nov-21 18:02:43


*@miltonj* well we have both grandads to potentially honour but can't deal with the headache of upsetting one. Our girls' middle names aren't named after anyone per se

Ah yes it's a mine field isn't it?
I went with my own grandmas name for dds middle name, less chance of upsetting anyone as I only have the one grandma and husbands grandmas wouldn't have minded (as far as I know) grin

miltonj Thu 25-Nov-21 18:04:21

anyway I quite like Joshua Ellis.
Or Joshua Levi

WeasilyPleased Thu 25-Nov-21 23:34:22

My brother is Joshua John so I love that.

toadstool32 Fri 26-Nov-21 06:35:41

Thank you for all the lovely suggestions!

I don't want Joshua James/John/Joseph etc as don't like the potential JJ nickname.

What do you think of Joshua Theo?

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Mumofgirls2017 Thu 02-Dec-21 21:42:28

Joshua Daniel
Joshua Nicholas
Joshua Charles
Joshua Robert
Joshua Vincent
Joshua Henry
Joshua Jacob
Joshua Reuben
Joshua Miles
Joshua Samuel
Joshua Stanley
Joshua Sebastian
Joshua Harley
Joshua George
Joshua Leo
Joshua Rex
Joshua Finley
Joshua Cameron
Joshua David
Joshua Michael
Joshua Milo
Joshua Hugo
Joshua Dylan

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