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LadyHalesBroach Wed 24-Nov-21 18:14:43

Think I’ve found the perfect name for DD. Disclaimer: DD’s first name translates to ‘loveable’ in husband’s native language.

So DS name could be … ‘Mungo’. It’s Celtic for loveable too.

How bad is it?

Mungo… time for dinner!
Awesome job Mungo!
Let’s talk about Mungo’s school report.

Please someone tell me it’s a grower.

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nancywhisky Fri 03-Dec-21 11:07:41

We live in Scotland. Ds was going to be Mungo. But a work colleague called his son Mungo two months before DS was born and we didn't use it. ( But he has a similar name using pretty much the same letters in a different order!)

nancywhisky Fri 03-Dec-21 11:10:45

but it's a fab name, so it gets the Go For It vote from me.

Saoirsesersha Fri 03-Dec-21 11:13:24

I quite like it
At least your DS won’t be yet another Theo/Alfie/Jack/Harry/Oliver! 🥱

Velvetbee Fri 03-Dec-21 11:17:37

I love it. It depends where you live, Mungo would be fine here - cathedral city in the South - but then we have plenty of Tristan’s and Ptolemy’s too.

Peregrina Fri 03-Dec-21 11:17:58

Go for it. If names like Arther and Elsie can come back, why can't Mungo?

FriedasCarLoad Fri 03-Dec-21 11:20:52

I quite like Mungo

But I'm confused about your explanation of Mabli. I assumed Mab rhymed with tab, until you said it was like Mable. So does the first syllable rhyme with Tab or Save?


cloudtree Fri 03-Dec-21 11:21:16

David, Lief and Jebediah (Jeb) all also mean beloved

MonicaGellerBing Fri 03-Dec-21 12:29:32

Oh ffs op get a grip

LadyHalesBroach Fri 03-Dec-21 12:45:29

woah @MonicaGellerBing - u OK hun?

Haven't been back to this thread for a while but thanks for the positivity - rightly or wrongly!

But no thanks to Monica. December getting to you? I have a spare grip if you'd like it.

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LadyHalesBroach Fri 03-Dec-21 12:46:33

@FriedasCarLoad - it's welsh, so pronounced MAB-LEE. Not Mayble.

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AuntDympna Fri 03-Dec-21 16:10:39

Good luck Broach! Are you nearly there yet?

LadyHalesBroach Fri 03-Dec-21 16:35:42

Three more weeks to go. I’m at the ‘get the kid the fuck out of me now’ stage.

I’m warming back to Mungo. I shall let you all know! He’s currently 97th centile and the aonographer today said ‘woah check out the hair’ so I dunno but Mungo feels like a good fit for a baby gorilla.

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BlueFlavour Fri 03-Dec-21 19:26:38

Mungo is lovely @LadyHalesBroach
I remember that stage so well grin
Good luck

AuntDympna Fri 03-Dec-21 19:58:55

Solstice baby!

madamsapple Sat 04-Dec-21 10:22:38

St. Mungo's Day is the 13th January, if you can hold on till then...??!!!

LadyHalesBroach Sat 04-Dec-21 19:33:42

@madamsapple I’ll be 46 weeks pregnant by st mungo’s day… but thats a great tip thank you. Tbh he’s probably going to arrive on Xmas day, in which case he’ll be called something like Noel. Or New Years Eve, I’ll call him Jools Holland.

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Spidey66 Sun 12-Dec-21 19:20:31


*@madamsapple* I’ll be 46 weeks pregnant by st mungo’s day… but thats a great tip thank you. Tbh he’s probably going to arrive on Xmas day, in which case he’ll be called something like Noel. Or New Years Eve, I’ll call him Jools Holland.

Noddy, after Holder?

LadyHalesBroach Sat 18-Dec-21 12:24:04

A little update… nothing official because baby isn’t here yet (any day now!) but given some of the replies about Mungo, we just couldn’t do it.

Instead we’ve managed to find a Welsh name that DH and I can agree on…

Harbi, Harby or Harbie but registered Harbin. Harbin is Welsh but has a Germanic meaning apparantly too that means warrior. Unfortunately in Welsh it means ‘son of Owen’ and no, my husband is not Owen.

No negative replies please, my ears are covered and I’m going lalalalala.

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TheCreamCaker Sat 18-Dec-21 12:56:38

Mungo Jerry (In the summertime)
Mary, Mungo and Midge.

It's an awful name. Don't do it.

Scarby9 Sat 18-Dec-21 12:59:05

My brother was at school with a Mungo. As others have said, from a Scottish family. Always seemed normal after an initial 'Oh? Unusual'

LadyHalesBroach Sat 18-Dec-21 14:56:02

I mean I did just literally post that I wasn’t going to do it but please do keep shitting on the name

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Spidey66 Sat 18-Dec-21 18:35:28

Not heard of Harbin, but actually I like it.

RupertOscar1999 Wed 05-Jan-22 22:33:36

Harbin is so cute smile Congratulations on your new baby flowers

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