Eliza Hope

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APoll16 Wed 24-Nov-21 17:46:32

We have a daughter called Darcey and have a 2nd DD in the spring. We love our daughter’s name and are having a really hard time thinking of another name we like as much! We’re quite set on Hope as a middle name and the front runner at the moment is probably Eliza Hope. What do you think?
Other names we are considering are Isabella, Florence & Felicity.
Any other suggestions?!

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linerforlife Wed 24-Nov-21 17:47:04

This is my daughters name so I'm biased but yes it's lovely! And I've not met another yet smile

PleasantFucker Wed 24-Nov-21 17:49:51

I love Eliza, I think it sounds really nice with Hope as a middle name too! Good choice, I rarely like the names on here grin

Nellesbelles Wed 24-Nov-21 17:58:12

I have a friend whose daughters are called Darcie and Eliza smile I think they are lovely names and they go really well together. My DD's middle name is Eliza and I love it. I would have chosen it as a first name if my friend hadn't already used it. I think it goes well with Hope too.

APoll16 Wed 24-Nov-21 18:56:42

Thanks so much everyone! 🥰

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Elisemum Wed 24-Nov-21 19:02:32

Eliza Hope sounds very nice together. Nice choice!

prairiegirl81 Wed 24-Nov-21 19:09:36

I think it's lovely and flows very nicely too.


JessyCarr Wed 24-Nov-21 19:13:36

Eliza Hope is beautiful!

FawnDrench Wed 24-Nov-21 19:28:51

I really like it.

MrsPToBe123 Wed 24-Nov-21 19:31:03

Absolutely beautiful!

FindingMeno Wed 24-Nov-21 19:31:44

Yes it's lovely

Wildrobin Wed 24-Nov-21 19:31:54

Great name

VariousVeins Wed 24-Nov-21 19:36:35

I agree with everyone else and think it’s a really lovely name!

LampHat Wed 24-Nov-21 19:40:11

Darcey and Eliza - I think Jane Austen would approve wink Beautiful names!

Animood Wed 24-Nov-21 19:40:43

Rarely say this about baby name suggestions on here - most are bonkers.

But Eliza Hope is lovely!!

DotDotDotDotDot Wed 24-Nov-21 19:42:46

Eliza Hope is really lovely - good choice. I actually really like all your names listed on your OP, especially Felicity.

furbabymama87 Wed 24-Nov-21 19:48:11

Beautiful name

motleymop Wed 24-Nov-21 19:54:29

Love it too.

joysmoy66 Wed 24-Nov-21 19:57:21

Lovely namesmile

Rrrob Wed 24-Nov-21 20:03:21

Agree. I have an Eliza smile

Fl0w3ry Wed 24-Nov-21 20:16:38

Beautiful name. The 2 names go really well together and also sounds good with your other DDs name.

DramaAlpaca Wed 24-Nov-21 20:18:09

Eliza Hope is lovely, as long as you don't mind it being a completely different style to your other daughter's name.

Mimilamore Wed 24-Nov-21 20:19:26

My 30 year old daughter's name and I love it...

MysticCT Wed 24-Nov-21 20:24:52

They are lovely names and Eliza goes well with Darcey.
I like Isabella as well.
The Darcey I know has a sister called Scarlett.

DaffyDaydream Wed 24-Nov-21 20:42:44

Lovely names.

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