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NowNumber5 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:09:46


How many do you know?
DH is a Dave (born early 70s), and in our circles, there are —5– 6 others we can think of.

But we don’t know of any child Daves, or baby Daves!
We know one who is in his early 20s.

Are there any little Daves in your neck of the woods?

What is your opinion on the name David - (rightfully!) a dying breed, or due a revival?
What are the Daves in your lives like? Top bloke or annoying git?
DH constantly sways from one to the other!

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Joystir59 Wed 24-Nov-21 15:45:20

David is a beautiful biblical name. Dave is fine as a diminutive.

InFiveMins Wed 24-Nov-21 15:57:42

I love the name David - I know many, many adults with the name, but also know of a gorgeous 6 year old little boy called David and it really suits him.

I think it's a really lovely name, definitely due a comeback! smile

Skeumorph Wed 24-Nov-21 16:09:14

Yes no Daves under 40, sorry.

xanthippe8 Wed 24-Nov-21 18:01:46

There ain't nothing like a Dave...

Kanaloa Wed 24-Nov-21 18:06:21


I have a 3yo and among one particular set of playgroup acquaintances are David, Michael and Paul. Its a very middle class playgroup! It is nice to hear those names (once your ear adjusts from assuming the mums are talking about their partners). But I do get the impression the names were chosen to be quirky.

Nursery and other groups are populated by the usual Roman, Alfie, Oscar types. Will Alfie/Alf be the Dave of the future?

Alfie will be the David of the future till about 3015, then mums named Barbara and Sharon and dads called Mark and Paul will start thinking you know what’s a lovey name - Alfie! That’s unusual.

How it goes isn’t it! When I was a kid Alfie was dreadfully ‘old,’ like a grandads name.

Blackmagicqueen Wed 24-Nov-21 18:07:44

None of the ones I've known have been nice so dislike the name, especially hate the abbreviations too.


ZenNudist Wed 24-Nov-21 18:10:49

David is one of those names that doesn't go in and out of fashion. There are always David's being born. I know a 4yo one.

FuzzyPenguin Wed 24-Nov-21 18:31:34

Youngest David, I know is 18. He never goes by Dave though.

Imissmoominmama Wed 24-Nov-21 18:34:18

The youngest Dave I know is 3, but he’s a dog.

The next youngest is around 50.

I know a 30 yr old David, and a 12 yr old David.

Mysterylovingboy Wed 24-Nov-21 18:35:07

I've been in meetings with more Davids than women and minorities combined.

I only knew one Dave, and I don't think I know any Daves or Davids that are children.

Gardeningcreature Wed 24-Nov-21 18:47:18

I don’t know any young Davids. The youngest one I know is 18. I know lots of older Davids, all over 45.

Sidneysussex Wed 24-Nov-21 18:48:00

I know a 12 year old David. Also have a couple of adult David's/Dave's around.
It's a classic traditional biblical name. Will be back in style at some point.

Luredbyapomegranate Wed 24-Nov-21 18:52:05

Worry not, it will be back, with Mark and Stephen - but not for a good couple decades - we’re still at the fag end of the Victorian trend, and we’re got the whole mid century to go yet - all those Peters and Johns have to get their time..

harmonyhall Wed 24-Nov-21 21:03:03

U should deffo call the baby David like someone else said it needs a comeback

I have a baby Peter and haven't met any others nor have I met any David children

divface Wed 24-Nov-21 21:07:04

David is a Classic name and will definitely have a revival

I think its a good name to use. Id use it

David. Not Dave. Dave isnt a baby name grin

Synchrony Wed 24-Nov-21 22:06:17

I know four adults (two of whom insist on David, not Dave). I also know one baby.
I love the name. It was top of my list if we'd had a boy.

imnotacelebritygetmeoutofhere Wed 24-Nov-21 22:18:47

I only know two Daves, one is my father's uncle and is in his 80s, the other is my neighbour's dog smile
I love the name David but strongly dislike the inevitable shortening to Dave.

headintheproverbial Wed 24-Nov-21 23:23:24

I'm not keen on Dave or Davey. Do like David tho - it's a family name of ours and I love them (the Davids)

ErrolTheDragon Thu 25-Nov-21 16:29:45

* I've been in meetings with more Davids than women and minorities combined.*
DH definitely will have - he's probably been in some all-Dave meetings in his time!
My company, which was more US based, had an excess of Mikes at that period. Someone edited the Dr Seuss poem 'too many Daves' and pinned it up on the board once.

EmotionallyWeird Fri 03-Dec-21 23:13:23

The youngest person I know about called David is about 8, and as far as I know he is never called Dave.

I probably only know about 10 Davids personally at the moment, and more than half don't go by Dave, but most of them are at least 40 and it seems particularly common for those in their 50s. There have been times in my life when I knew a lot more Davids than this. My second-oldest friend from school days is a David. I think he gets called Dave sometimes now, but he didn't when we were young, so I find it hard to think of him as Dave.

I think of it as a rather neutral, colourless name, but not unattractive in any way.

Howshouldibehave Fri 03-Dec-21 23:20:47

I know lots of Daves in their 40s/50s/60s.

I also know a fair few Davids at KS1/2 age-they aren’t known as Dave though.

KateInHappyland Sat 04-Dec-21 21:03:26

I have an Uncle Dave (in his 60s) and an acquaintance of DH named Dave (around 70 I believe).
Also had a family friend called Dave when I was growing up who'd now be in his early 50s IIRC.

I don't know of any younger people or children named Dave/David.

Helenluvsrob Sat 04-Dec-21 21:10:03

Due a come back.

Davey is super cute for a small one

Mumofgirls2017 Mon 06-Dec-21 07:19:10

can count 9 adults but probably know more. Don’t know any David’s under 18 though, although it’s still well within the top 100 I believe

CatsArePeople Mon 06-Dec-21 21:59:09

My DS is Dave.
Actually David is his middle name, but his first name got so many negative reactions from extended family, so Dave kinda stuck...

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