Everybody knows a Dave…

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NowNumber5 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:09:46


How many do you know?
DH is a Dave (born early 70s), and in our circles, there are —5– 6 others we can think of.

But we don’t know of any child Daves, or baby Daves!
We know one who is in his early 20s.

Are there any little Daves in your neck of the woods?

What is your opinion on the name David - (rightfully!) a dying breed, or due a revival?
What are the Daves in your lives like? Top bloke or annoying git?
DH constantly sways from one to the other!

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NowNumber5 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:12:02

*Uh-oh strikethrough fail! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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spotcheck Wed 24-Nov-21 07:12:14

Dave is a solid bloke.
Dave/Davy needs a comeback

Cakequeen1988 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:13:35

Dave’s are great in my life, I know about 4 and they are all lovely kind men

Indoctro Wed 24-Nov-21 07:13:45

Don't know any children

David is a nice traditional name, I hope it makes a come back

Phillipa12 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:13:59

My best friends husband is a Dave. He is ace. Everybody needs a Dave, well that's what we all reckon!

DollyP23 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:14:33

I don't know any children called Dave but I know two primary aged Davids and one Davy


cultkid Wed 24-Nov-21 07:14:48

I'm married to a Dave who was born in 1986 but I call him David

Everyone else calls him Dave

dementedma Wed 24-Nov-21 07:14:56

I would like to see a revival of names like David, John, Andrew etc. Most of the adults I know have these names, along with Mark, Paul, Peter, Simon,Ian ....

Lulu1919 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:16:18

I know a few ....my father is 73 Year Old David
My husbands middle name ...he's 55
Others I know are around the 50-60 age group

mdinbc Wed 24-Nov-21 07:16:20

Dave/David seems like a solid type of name. I know two, both dress well.

MolkosTeenageAngst Wed 24-Nov-21 07:16:49

I know of two teenagers called David, neither are ever known as Dave though.

Kanaloa Wed 24-Nov-21 07:17:29

I know lots of adult Davids and my daughter has one little friend (primary school age) named David. He is Polish though and I’ve noticed lots of Polish children I’ve looked after have more old fashioned/traditional names - Wiktoria/Victoria, Nicole/Nicola, Michael, names like that. I think they’re all well due a proper comeback to be honest! Also met a small boy named John last week which I thought was lovely and really suited him.

RobinPenguins Wed 24-Nov-21 07:17:47

All the adult male members of DH’s family seem to be called Dave, so there are a lot of little ones with David as a middle name. Don’t know any children with David as a first name though. Maybe those names will be the next wave of names as they become old enough to be brought back.

Blurp Wed 24-Nov-21 07:18:23

I know a few primary school aged Davids. None of them are called Dave or Davy, though. I think David is a lovely name.

drpet49 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:19:13

I absolutely hate the name David/ Dave. Worst name ever

OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 24-Nov-21 07:19:18

I’m expecting the 70s names to make a revival around my future grandchildren’s era- roll in granddaughter Sharon and Grandson Dave or Gary

But nope I know of none younger than mid 40s- prob heavily used as a middle name though

parrotonmyshoulder Wed 24-Nov-21 07:20:47

I know a 9 and a 3 year old David.

EIIa Wed 24-Nov-21 07:21:51

The only Dave I ever knew was a charismatic Irish wastrel ❤️❤️

AuntieStella Wed 24-Nov-21 07:22:20

I know one David, who was in my youngest DC's class, never called Dave or Davy AFAIK.

And yes, seemed an unusual name, as the all others I know must be 30 age gap from that.

I like it

lollipoprainbow Wed 24-Nov-21 07:22:34

My brother is Dave, my uncle is Dave my two cousins are Dave and my daughters dad is David so yes we definitely know a Dave !!!!!!!

RhubarbFairy Wed 24-Nov-21 07:24:39

DS1 is 10 and has a David in his class.

I know lots of Dave's/David's around my age (born in '82).

NowNumber5 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:24:48

Sorry, I should have made it clearer. We don’t know any children or baby Daves or Davids.

It is a name which features quite prominently in my own life - obviously married to one now.
One of my best friends (known each other since I was 15, and then dated for a couple of years) is a David/Dave.

DC3 who is in primary has a friend called John.

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GetTheGoodLookingGuy Wed 24-Nov-21 07:25:24

I don't know any children called Dave, but at the school I work at we have lots of Polish/Romanian/Russian children called David - 4 I can think of without thinking. Similarly Stephen, Julia, Nicola etc. Maria is also very popular because it works in a lot of different languages - one of our classes has 3 Maria's in it and I think they're all different nationalities.

SquigglePigs Wed 24-Nov-21 07:25:40

I know a few. Youngest is mid-30's. David was on our short list of boys names though.

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