Claribel, your thoughts on the name?

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Unknown20199 Tue 23-Nov-21 23:46:43

Hello lovelies,

I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my second, and it’s a girl. 🥰

My first daughter name is Roselina.
Now, for this one I’ve liked Claribel, what are your thoughts? Or any suggests are welcome.

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Kite22 Tue 23-Nov-21 23:49:53

Isn't it usually spelled Clarabel ?

Either way, my mind went straight to the carriages on Thomas the Tank Engine. I'd automatically be asking where Annie was.

elQuintoConyo Tue 23-Nov-21 23:54:03

Moo. Friends with Daisy and Frieda.

Heartdogs Tue 23-Nov-21 23:54:35

In my mind Clarabel is a cow, an actual cow not an unpleasant person.
Clara-Jayne maybe

HundredMilesAnHour Tue 23-Nov-21 23:55:40

Claribel sounds like some sort of prescription medication, sorry.

LittleBearPad Tue 23-Nov-21 23:55:53

Clarabel follows Annie and Thomas.

PixelatedLunchbox Tue 23-Nov-21 23:56:54

Sorry. Sounds like a cow name.


LightDrizzle Tue 23-Nov-21 23:57:14

Moo here too I’m afraid OP.
A lovely doe-eyed Jersey moo but still probably not what you were hoping for.

Luredbyapomegranate Tue 23-Nov-21 23:57:40

It’s usually spelt Clarabel. It’s ok. I prefer Christabel, it has more history as a name.

Cassia, Cassandra, Camilla..

EileenGC Tue 23-Nov-21 23:59:46

I very rarely ‘see’ anything in names, even unusual ones, but Claribel screams Babybel to me. So I wouldn’t.

Unknown20199 Wed 24-Nov-21 00:02:07


Isn't it usually spelled Clarabel ?

Either way, my mind went straight to the carriages on Thomas the Tank Engine. I'd automatically be asking where Annie was.

This is why it’s good to post on here, and get peoples opinions.

I sound dull but I have never watched Thomas.
Thank you for your feedback, appreciative! ☺️

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Xiaoxiong Wed 24-Nov-21 00:07:03

I prefer Christabel which had the same feel but no Thomas connotations! A traditional but unusual name - Emmeline Pankhurst's daughter was called Christabel.

DramaAlpaca Wed 24-Nov-21 00:19:25

No to Claribel/Clarabel for all the reasons above.

Christabel is a great suggestion.

How about Mirabel?

Smokeahontas Wed 24-Nov-21 00:21:15

Sorry, sounds like the Aldi version of Babybel.

SkankingMopoke Wed 24-Nov-21 00:23:06

Definitely an association with Thomas the Tank for me too. I wasn't a fan as a kid myself, and I have 2 DDs who weren't fans either, but my mind still goes straight to the train carriage.

WarmthAndDepth Wed 24-Nov-21 00:26:45

Came to suggest gorgeous Christabel, see others got there first. Such a lovely name.

Danikm151 Wed 24-Nov-21 00:30:16

In the midlands Claribel is a bus company.
There’s also claribel the cow on disney

Scarby9 Wed 24-Nov-21 00:30:24

The only Clarabel (spelt like that) I have ever heard of was the carriage on Thomas the Tank Engine.

BobbieT1999 Wed 24-Nov-21 00:31:39

I like Claribel!

Spelled with an "i"; it's different/unusual and pretty.

Snugglybuggly Wed 24-Nov-21 00:38:03

Thomas the tank!
Or poss a cow's name..
I'd go for something else

WinterberrySpice Wed 24-Nov-21 00:39:33

Reminds me of carobel, sorry.

ThanksMateThanksMate Wed 24-Nov-21 00:44:42

My DD1 is Claire and we call her Clara-bow as a nickname. Knew of another Claire who got Clarabelle and she was lovely.
You could name her Claire/Clare/Clair and go with a nickname?

EvilRingahBitch Wed 24-Nov-21 00:49:58


groovergirl Wed 24-Nov-21 00:52:29


Sorry, sounds like the Aldi version of Babybel.

Oh yes, this! Sweet name, but it has dairy and medication connotations.

How about Anna-Clara or Clarissa? Christabel is a good suggestion, and here in Australia the spelling Chrystobel was used in the 19th century, if you want some great-granny chic.

I like Roselina -- wasn't she Romeo's big crush before he met Juliet?

tootiredtobother Wed 24-Nov-21 00:53:35

no, sorry we had a cow by that name, she did come when called tho.

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