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NoLA2356 Tue 23-Nov-21 22:04:58

Please help me decide!! Due in 3 days
Saif - pronounced like the word safe
Laith - pronounced like layth
Basil - pronounced like bazel but with a soft “s” not like the herb

Middle and last initials will be A.M.

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Elspethelf Thu 25-Nov-21 14:10:28

I work with two Saif’s and a Basil and the names suit them fine. I think I prefer Saif smile

CouncilHousedAndViolentBaby Thu 25-Nov-21 12:02:41

Oh and I like Yaseen I also know one🥰

CouncilHousedAndViolentBaby Thu 25-Nov-21 12:01:13

I know a Saif he's lovely so I would go for Saif

UsernameIsHarderThanBabyName Thu 25-Nov-21 11:07:55

Really like Laith

WakeUpLockie Wed 24-Nov-21 18:31:56

Oh, LOVE Faisal!

WakeUpLockie Wed 24-Nov-21 18:31:27

*pronounced the same as the herb 8 mean


WakeUpLockie Wed 24-Nov-21 18:30:51

Ok so that is Basil spelled the same as the herb for most of the people here - this is a UK site so we don’t say Bay-zil like those in the states.

I like Laith and Basil smile

NoLA2356 Wed 24-Nov-21 18:28:10

I know it’s confusing to try to explain the pronunciation but it is like the video as “baa-zzel” but staying with the same sound and pronunciation and saying it with a soft s as baa-ssel. Rather than “bay-sel” like the herb.

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IamnotwhouthinkIam Wed 24-Nov-21 17:59:16

Always loved the sound/look of Laith - and I like the fact it's so multicultural (Scottish as well as Arabic).

Tiredpigeon Wed 24-Nov-21 16:33:29

Definitely Laith. I know a lovely boy called Laith.

Edenember Wed 24-Nov-21 16:25:27

@ColdShouldersWarmTummy that’s what I was thinking, I’m more confused than ever about the desired pronunciation. That link was the short a hard z sound like it is here. Not a soft s.

Skeumorph Wed 24-Nov-21 16:08:11

Yes I like Faisal a lot! Like F names.

Skeumorph Wed 24-Nov-21 16:07:00

If it helps - the ones I wouldn't go for at all are Basil, which in the UK could be seen even as a kind of old fashioned comedy name as well aas the herb, and Saif, because 'safe' is a such a highly used English word.

All the others are all lovely names really and any would be fine!

Skeumorph Wed 24-Nov-21 16:05:10

Raif would be a good choice, because it's easy phonetically and similar to Rafe, which is quite international really - short for Ralph, Raphael, Rafiel, Rafferty, or just a name on its own. And it is a lovely name!

Idris is both a Muslim and Welsh name - probably not exactly 'multicultural' from the point of view of Americans though! - but also easy to say.

I like Firoz too.

ColdShouldersWarmTummy Wed 24-Nov-21 16:02:24

Faris is also really nice!

ColdShouldersWarmTummy Wed 24-Nov-21 16:01:04

Going by that link, the pronunciation of Basil that you want is almost exactly the same as the way the herb is pronounced in the UK.. do you maybe have a British friend who you could get to say the herb and see what you think?

(I'm assuming you live in the UK? Otherwise it obviously doesn't matter how it's pronounced here!)

I like Saif, personally smile

Bortles Wed 24-Nov-21 15:10:25

Im obsessed with the name Faisal. Something very princely about it.

LittleMysSister Wed 24-Nov-21 14:32:37


Bobsyer Wed 24-Nov-21 14:27:37

I like Eyad and Yaseen. I like Rafe/Raif (I assume they’re pronounced the same) but they don’t make me think they have a Middle Eastern touch to them.

Having done a quick google search, I really like Omar and Adeem. Khalil is also nice - I know a little boy called that. I like Rami and Zayd a lot but I think you said no to Zayd.

Basil makes me think of Basil Brush and a weird kid at my primary school grin

BoneIdleBitch Wed 24-Nov-21 13:38:16

Laith is lovely

raintropics Wed 24-Nov-21 13:36:21

Oh Yaseen, Raif and Rafe are nice!

NoLA2356 Wed 24-Nov-21 13:13:51

Thanks all. The only others on my short list right now are Faris (another old name, i have several family members with the name too so not super keen on it), Eyad, Waseem, Yaseen, Raif or Rafe…i’m stuck!

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SirChenjins Wed 24-Nov-21 13:09:53

Basil pronounced your way will mean he'll spend the rest of his life correcting pronunciation, which, from personal experience, is an utter PITA. It's also quite an old fashioned name like Cyril and Dennis, and has the Fawlty connection.

Laith is easy to pronounce, but obviously sounds like the machine tool

Saif - looks nice written down, although I'd wonder if it was pronounced Sah-eef.

Not much help there I'm afraid.

NoLA2356 Wed 24-Nov-21 13:05:01

Basil pronunciation in english

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Edenember Wed 24-Nov-21 13:04:54

@NoLA2356 ah ok. So short a rather than long. In that case, if you’re in the US getting the pronunciation you want might be easier as it’s completely different to how the herb is pronounced. I still think there’d be a lot of correction though.

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