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NoLA2356 Tue 23-Nov-21 22:04:58

Please help me decide!! Due in 3 days
Saif - pronounced like the word safe
Laith - pronounced like layth
Basil - pronounced like bazel but with a soft “s” not like the herb

Middle and last initials will be A.M.

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DramaAlpaca Tue 23-Nov-21 22:06:02

I like Saif best.

IVflytrap Tue 23-Nov-21 22:06:47

Laith is lovely.

Skeumorph Tue 23-Nov-21 22:09:38


Immaculatemisconception Tue 23-Nov-21 22:09:45

Struggling with these, sorry.

DebbieHarrysCheekbones Tue 23-Nov-21 22:12:42


Struggling with these, sorry.

As am I

NoLA2356 Tue 23-Nov-21 22:26:01

Lol guess theyre not for everyone! Looking for an arabic/multicultural boy name as my husband and I are american/arab.

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CherryRedDMs Tue 23-Nov-21 22:28:19

Not Basil if it’s not pronounced like the herb, he’ll be sick of correcting people.
I like Saif.

toastofthetown Tue 23-Nov-21 22:28:44

I love Laith. Think Basil with a soft S would be an uphill battle where I am, maybe different where you are.

wellingtonsandwaffles Tue 23-Nov-21 22:30:38

Laith is the only one I got right pronouncing so that would be the “easiest” for your future DS. Quite nice sounding too.

Bobsyer Tue 23-Nov-21 22:32:24

Do they mean something? Or are they names you've made up because you like the sound?

Sorry I dislike them all. I don't even understand what you mean by Basil with a soft S.

Lightswitch123 Tue 23-Nov-21 22:32:54

Sorry but no

NoLA2356 Tue 23-Nov-21 22:34:54

OP here. I should add open to suggestions for a multicultural/arabic boy name that is not adam, aiden, or zane/zain/ziad/zeid.

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NoLA2356 Tue 23-Nov-21 22:36:05

Yes these are all common arabic boy names.

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AdaColeman Tue 23-Nov-21 22:39:17

Basil, great name and gives him the super initials B A M !

vitta Tue 23-Nov-21 22:52:53

Laith - what a lovely name x

vitta Tue 23-Nov-21 22:53:33


OP here. I should add open to suggestions for a multicultural/arabic boy name that is not adam, aiden, or zane/zain/ziad/zeid.


sageandbasil Tue 23-Nov-21 22:54:20

Saif, great name. My cat is called basil and while it js a fantastic name it is more of an animal name to me than a person name. My DH grandfather was called it but I just don't think it's ready for a come back yet

Babyfg Tue 23-Nov-21 23:21:10

I actually really like laith. It rolls off the tongue really nice. And I think it's easy to pronounce etc. It's beautiful

PercyPigIsMyPinkPal Tue 23-Nov-21 23:24:41

I used to know a lovely man called Laith and I know a teenage Saif but prounced Seff.
I like Basil but my immediate thought is Fawlty.

Laith is my favourite.

TheBeautifulSouth44 Tue 23-Nov-21 23:31:11

I like Laith

SummaLuvin Wed 24-Nov-21 09:16:33

I like Laith.

Not familiar with Saif, don't immediately love it, but don't take against it either.

Like PP where I am you will struggle to get the correct pronunciation for Basil - as it looks like a familiar word people will assume pronunciation like the herb and you will be constantly correcting.

GiltEdges Wed 24-Nov-21 09:38:10

Like Saif / Laith

wingsofabird Wed 24-Nov-21 10:03:32

I like Laith

BubbleCoffee Wed 24-Nov-21 10:16:11

I like Basil.

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