Would you be offended by name choice?

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amarchbaby Tue 23-Nov-21 19:48:38

Our baby girl is due in February (potentially a Valentine's baby!)

We want to call her Delilah

Our top middle name choice is Louise. My mother in laws name is Louise and it's also my middle name. We chose it based on the fact it's in the family but we also liked how it sounds (I know it seems heavy on the L's but I think it's fine)

However do you think my mother should be offended? Personally I don't since Delilah Louise does sound nicer than Delilah Aine, and we don't want to give her two middle names.

Thoughts? Should we consider other options or is it okay?

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RupertOscar1999 Fri 26-Nov-21 17:47:19

I think the name Delilah Louise sounds amazing, I don't think your mum would mind she obviously likes the name if it's your middle too!

TatianaBis Wed 24-Nov-21 21:58:24

My mum didn’t like her first name (although I do) so she opted to choose a name she preferred instead (within reason - Octavia was vetoed). We settled on a version of her name that she likes.

RosesAndHellebores Wed 24-Nov-21 21:52:12

I would vociferously beg my dc not to saddle a prospective grandchild with my first name. DS has just got engaged; his intended's (can't bring myself to use fiancee) mothers name would be preferable.

Twillseeker Wed 24-Nov-21 21:45:00

We had similar when naming our DD. Our DS took my grandads name as a middle name so I wanted to do similar with DD using one of our mums names but I couldn’t pick one without the other being offended and they didn’t go together so we just picked something completely different.

KirstenBlest Wed 24-Nov-21 14:08:14

Have a word with yourself.
You what?

TatianaBis Wed 24-Nov-21 13:44:10

I think your mum would be hurt I know my mum would be.

Delilah Aine Louise sounds good anyway.


amarchbaby Wed 24-Nov-21 13:40:16


How is aine pronounced?


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cloudyrain Wed 24-Nov-21 13:01:04

I am liking the Delilah Aine Louise option too. Two middle names does not look OTT unless you have a really long or multi part surname

You could be like me and not pick a family name, my MIL has a very old fashioned name that has never come back around, and neither my mum or DGM particularly liked their names. So I went for 2 older traditional first names (2 DD) at which point MIL decided that they were perfect as they were the names of ...... fill in name of relative many generations before. As my mum is not competitive or ridiculous she didn't bother to trace our family tree, however I would be more surprised if I didn't have ancestors with these names than if I did.

TurnUpTurnip Wed 24-Nov-21 12:53:22

How is aine pronounced?

JadeSeahorse Wed 24-Nov-21 12:50:04


Delilah Aine Louise is fab smile.

I agree!

Sounds very classy!

FKATondelayo Wed 24-Nov-21 12:44:45

Just give her two names. Why annoy your mum unnecessarily? I get the middle name connection but it's not the same, it's not as personal as actually having her own name especially when the MIL gets an actual 'credit'.

Also Aine is a lovely name and unusual compared to Louise. It would be wonderful for your daughter to have that heritage in her own identity. I have a great great aunt's middle name and I like the history of it.

MimiSunshine Wed 24-Nov-21 12:36:34


I don't like Delilah. Louise is a bit of a fillee middle name.
Why not use Louisa as a first name instead?
Louisa Aine

2 happy grandmothers


1 how is it relevant that you don’t like Delilah?
2 do you honestly think the OP will change her choice based on that?
3 why should she then choose to use the two grandmothers names (although one isn’t actually their name) in order to apparently make them happy rather than choose the name she likes?
4 what if she actually did that and her mum was upset at “only” being the middle name?

Have a word with yourself.

KirstenBlest Wed 24-Nov-21 12:13:02

I don't like Delilah. Louise is a bit of a fillee middle name.
Why not use Louisa as a first name instead?
Louisa Aine

2 happy grandmothers

Fivebeanchilli Wed 24-Nov-21 08:27:54

I think I'm getting confused about how to pronounce Aine. In my head it rhymes a bit with the end of Delilah.
And @Kona84 that's awful. I'm so sorry that you've experienced that. People are insanely difficult sometimes - why would anyone think they have a right for their child to pick a particular name or not to pick a particular name?

junebirthdaygirl Wed 24-Nov-21 06:28:39

Since Aine is lrish for Ann could her second names be Louise Ann or Ann Louise. Seems a very easy way to keep everyone happy

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 24-Nov-21 06:16:23

I wouldn't be offended. Actually, I wasn't offended when my first grandchilds middle name was from my SIL family. Their second was middle names from my side which is lovely.

I think this is probably very dependent on you mother and how your MIL is likely to react - will she boast?

OrangeAndYellowAndBlue Wed 24-Nov-21 06:08:52

I would not be offended and I'm surprised people feel so strongly about it.

rainbowstardrops Wed 24-Nov-21 06:04:58

Delilah Aine Louise breaks up the Ls better imo.

VenusClapTrap Wed 24-Nov-21 06:00:07

I wouldn’t be at all offended.

garlictwist Wed 24-Nov-21 05:50:33

Didn't you post this before? Am I dreaming? I feel like you have asked about this name twice now.

Kona84 Wed 24-Nov-21 05:41:01

I want to say no but we have been disowned by my partners dad over the baby name. He was unhappy that we have a middle name for our baby that was my nans first name nd my partners nans middle name ( it is also the name of the school we met)
He was unhappy that we didn’t use his mums name.
I have been with my partner 20 years and his dad has never once talked about his mum, she died when he was young.
I don’t even know her name to have considered it..
Anyway after a few heated messages about how selfish we are he wished us a good life and blocked us.

JollyJoo Wed 24-Nov-21 05:15:00

So your babys middle name is going to be your middle name? Fair enough but there are a lot of names out there, cant she have one of her own?

MyOtherProfile Wed 24-Nov-21 05:04:18

Delilah Louise is definitely too many Ls, especially since small children don't always find the L sound easy. I love the idea of going with Delilah Áine Louise.

Having said that I'm surprised to hear people would be offended. So long as you have a good relationship with both sides and they both have chance to build a good relationship with the child I think that's a bit daft.

Having said that, we used a family name on my side for our first child and one from DH side for our second child. I'd have been surprised if anyone was offended after the first child.

AllTheUsernamesAreAlreadyTaken Wed 24-Nov-21 04:57:06


Delilah Aine Louise is fab smile.

I know you said you don’t want two middle names but I agree with this too

Rosiiiiie Wed 24-Nov-21 04:54:46

My mum would be hurt 100%
I personally would too a bit but would try to hide it.

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