Thoughts on Anthony

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2020HelenJ Tue 23-Nov-21 17:32:17

What are your thoughts on Anthony?

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MeredithGreyishblue Tue 23-Nov-21 17:32:49

With a T or a Th?

parrotonmyshoulder Tue 23-Nov-21 17:33:12

Love it

peboh Tue 23-Nov-21 17:33:50

I'm personally not a fan, I just can't imagine a little baby being called Anthony 😅 however, that's probably because I don't know anyone by that name and it's not common where I live.

2020HelenJ Tue 23-Nov-21 17:35:39

Spelt with English TH but pronounced just with a t (as if it was spelt Antony)

Antonio is also an option.

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MeredithGreyishblue Tue 23-Nov-21 17:37:42

I don't mind it , I suppose, but I don't like either Ant or Tony. And it will be shortened!
It's a bit of a wet, old man name in my head.

toastofthetown Tue 23-Nov-21 17:38:24

Anthony is fine, a little dated but solid. Do you have Italian heritage? I'd be surprised to meet a British child with no Italian background called Antonio.


2020HelenJ Tue 23-Nov-21 17:39:40

Yes apologies, I should have said. We do have Italian heritage.

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Fl0w3ry Tue 23-Nov-21 17:56:47

I think I prefer Antonio to Anthony. I have known a few Anthony’s and none of them have been very pleasant, so my judgement might be clouded a bit!

AnFiadhRua Tue 23-Nov-21 17:58:00

Awful. I hate it so much.
Anton is bearable though

AnFiadhRua Tue 23-Nov-21 17:58:26


I think I prefer Antonio to Anthony. I have known a few Anthony’s and none of them have been very pleasant, so my judgement might be clouded a bit!

Same. With bells on.

Aquamarine1029 Tue 23-Nov-21 17:58:50

Don't like it, sorry. Really dislike the nn Tony which is almost a guarantee.

Joystir59 Tue 23-Nov-21 18:00:57

I love Anthony. Classy. I always imagine a strong beautiful man.

Skeumorph Tue 23-Nov-21 18:02:15

Baby Tony grin

Cindie943811A Tue 23-Nov-21 19:22:10

A great classic name. If you are lucky enough to have the supporting heritage then go for Antonio.

Usman1 Tue 23-Nov-21 19:23:57

I'll take a note.

AutumnAlmanack Tue 23-Nov-21 19:26:45

I love it - one of my best childhood friends had this name - we all called him Ant which was lovely.

EmotionallyWeird Tue 23-Nov-21 20:49:40

I don't dislike it but it sounds a bit "neutral" to me, like something like John or Peter. For what it's worth, I think younger Anthonys are almost always called Ant rather than Tony, in the same way that younger Williams are Will, not Bill.

Elisemum Tue 23-Nov-21 20:50:19

Yikes a little boy called Anthony… no sorry just too funny. It’s like a baby called Glenn or Richard, just not right.
Antonio is lovely as if you’re Italian then it’s perfect.

Elisemum Tue 23-Nov-21 20:51:22

Also agreed with @EmotionallyWeird- he prob would be called Ant but that’s so bad too!

MopaniTree Tue 23-Nov-21 21:06:41

I think it's a little bit dated, but go with what you like!

resm Tue 23-Nov-21 21:11:35

I really like it and was on our list. Although Anto is a much more common nickname for younger Anthonys than Tony where I’m from. Not a fan of Anto or Tony. Knew one who also went by Antoin.

17caterpillars1mouse Tue 23-Nov-21 21:13:15

I quite like it, yes it's a little dated bit that's not always a bad thing

WeasilyPleased Tue 23-Nov-21 22:53:50

All the Anthony/Tonys I know are really lovely so that colours my view.

Heartdogs Tue 23-Nov-21 23:44:51

Absolutely love it!

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