Grace or Pippa?

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Freddie456 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:06:34

Which do you like best, Grace or Pippa?

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RupertOscar1999 Fri 26-Nov-21 18:54:21

Pippa Grace sounds lovely

MsTSwift Thu 25-Nov-21 06:49:29

Grace is now spoiled by over use. That’s why you have so many votes for Grace! I grew up with a common name and didn’t want that for my kids. Doesn’t bother some though

RuperttheBearHug Wed 24-Nov-21 22:31:53

I have experience of both names and can confirm only one Grace in our local primary and haven’t met another yet with it as first name. I’ve also never met an adult Grace.
Nobody has sniggered across Europe at Pippa. French exchanges fine, holidays no mention. Biggest issue is Philippa vs Pippa vs Pip - people with this name tend to have varied and very specific views on which of these variants they use, so you might meet a Philippa who’s actually a Pip, or a Philippa who’s a Pippa and doesn’t use their full name at all. It also gets spelt wrong constantly!

BigRedDuck Wed 24-Nov-21 22:22:13

I have a pippa!

I had no idea that it was rude in other countries 😬😬😬😬😬

CouncilHousedAndViolentBaby Wed 24-Nov-21 22:18:14

Grace 1000000x

UsernameIsHarderThanBabyName Wed 24-Nov-21 16:27:11

Definitely Grace


Freddie456 Wed 24-Nov-21 16:26:05

Thanks for all your comments.

I do really like Philippa but my son’s middle name is Philip after my granddad so I think calling my daughter Philippa might make the other grandparents too jealous haha.

Glad to hear of the travel issues with Pippa at this stage, before a french exchange at secondary school. I think Pippa is a lovely name but possibly one to avoid for now.

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TuftyMarmoset Wed 24-Nov-21 16:16:20

I love both of them. I would 100% name my daughter Philippa Grace!

Skeumorph Wed 24-Nov-21 16:11:34

Oooh not a Pippa fan.

Grace as a first name is much rarer, I like it, and Gracie is lovely.

Hobbesmanc Wed 24-Nov-21 16:09:45

Hmmm Philippa, Felicity, Fiona, Charlotte. All a little bit pony club for me. And my cats called Pippin (Pip)

I love Gracie as a family name rather than Grace which sounds a little hard

bubblebath62636 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:46:13

I have a Grace 😊. Love her name and its not as popular as it was say 5/10 years ago.

Pippa sounds a bit cutesy, but still a lovely name!

HuntingoftheSnark Wed 24-Nov-21 07:43:52

Grace - as long as you don't mind its popularity.

MsTSwift Wed 24-Nov-21 07:40:22

I know 3 mean girl Graces!

Kanaloa Wed 24-Nov-21 02:29:29

Both lovely. I didn’t know about Pippa being a rude word in other countries!

Since they’re both nice I would probably choose both and call her Pippa Grace!

urbanbuddha Wed 24-Nov-21 02:21:56


DramaAlpaca Wed 24-Nov-21 00:17:18

I'm not keen on either, though I do love Philippa. Grace has a bit of a hard sound to it, but a beautiful meaning of course. Pippa doesn't travel well so if not Philippa I suppose I'd pick Grace.

FictionalCharacter Wed 24-Nov-21 00:13:49


Heartdogs Tue 23-Nov-21 23:45:44


Luredbyapomegranate Tue 23-Nov-21 23:43:48

Philippa nn Pippa - Pippa is a bit too cute as a full name

Grace is way overused

LiveatCityHall Tue 23-Nov-21 19:32:13

I may be biased here but Grace is definitely better 😊

Seashor Tue 23-Nov-21 19:16:05

Grace might be everywhere but Pippa is not something that you could say in quite a few European countries. Definitely a name to be avoided unless you don’t mind your child being named after a sexual act!

Camembear Tue 23-Nov-21 19:01:50

Grace because as others have said Pippa doesn’t travel well

RobinPenguins Tue 23-Nov-21 18:56:49


The only ones I know are 10 and above, haven’t heard of any little ones named it for years.

Edenember Tue 23-Nov-21 18:55:34

Both nice, but I’d go with Grace on account of what Pippa means elsewhere.

Fl0w3ry Tue 23-Nov-21 17:59:19

Grace is a popular name by me. I like Pippa more I think just because it’s different. But they are both nice names.

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