Grace or Pippa?

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Freddie456 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:06:34

Which do you like best, Grace or Pippa?

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MsTSwift Tue 23-Nov-21 13:10:01

Grace is very very common if that bothers you.

susan123 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:10:51

I've got a Pippa and love that name!

AnnaSW1 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:12:20


Merlotthegreat Tue 23-Nov-21 13:12:51

Grace in my opinion, coloured by the fact I know 2 dogs called Pippa smile

MsTSwift Tue 23-Nov-21 13:13:57

Sooo many Graces though. Nearly as ubiquitous as the Eve names. This generations Sarah and Claire.

NannyR Tue 23-Nov-21 13:14:16

Both beautiful - grace is very popular as a 'filler' middle name, but it's not used that much as a first name. I would go for Philippa on the birth certificate with pippa as a nickname.


mrsrobin Tue 23-Nov-21 13:15:04

I love Pippa - quite a quirky name - and even shortened to Pip would be sweet.

WhatHoMarjorie Tue 23-Nov-21 13:15:38

Grace, even though it's everywhere these days.

I don't like 'pony club' names like Pippa.

Freddie456 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:22:40

@NannyR I agree. I know dozens of middle name Graces but not many little ones with the first name Grace.

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vitta Tue 23-Nov-21 13:27:30


OrangeAndYellowAndBlue Tue 23-Nov-21 13:28:55


DotDotDotDotDot Tue 23-Nov-21 13:30:41

Pippa means lots of rude words in various languages. There have been threads before on it if you search. I had it on my list for DD but thankfully Mumsnet helped me to dodge that bullet. I’d definitely choose Grace of your 2 options.

eightlivesdown Tue 23-Nov-21 13:49:01

Like both, edge towards Grace.

If Pippa, I like the suggestion above of Philippa as the name and Pippa as a diminutive.

toastofthetown Tue 23-Nov-21 14:11:18

I was also going to mention that Pippa doesn't travel well across several European countries. For that reason of the two I would choose Grace.

StormyCornishSeas Tue 23-Nov-21 14:13:40


Grace's are two a penny around here

StormyCornishSeas Tue 23-Nov-21 14:14:22

Although it is true Pippa doesn't travel well.

ParkheadParadise Tue 23-Nov-21 14:15:25

Grace 💚💚

EnidFrighten Tue 23-Nov-21 14:16:54


I always hear Grace as Grease

WhatHoMarjorie Tue 23-Nov-21 14:17:50

A name that travels well is really important to me and I'd hate to have one that elicited sniggers. I know Fanny is a common name in France but I'd really feel for any poor French Fanny who decided to live in the UK for a spell.

DukkaDukka Tue 23-Nov-21 14:49:30

Pippa because Grace is everywhere.

Fl0w3ry Tue 23-Nov-21 17:59:19

Grace is a popular name by me. I like Pippa more I think just because it’s different. But they are both nice names.

Edenember Tue 23-Nov-21 18:55:34

Both nice, but I’d go with Grace on account of what Pippa means elsewhere.

RobinPenguins Tue 23-Nov-21 18:56:49


The only ones I know are 10 and above, haven’t heard of any little ones named it for years.

Camembear Tue 23-Nov-21 19:01:50

Grace because as others have said Pippa doesn’t travel well

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