I love them all

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Stressymcstress Mon 22-Nov-21 14:25:48

First baby due soon.
We don’t know what we’re having, but have a boys name picked out.

Girls names we do like:


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toastofthetown Mon 22-Nov-21 14:31:45

I prefer Mirran of those names. Ava and Grace are dull as dishwater. Mairead brings to mind Mairead Philpott for me, but I don’t think that makes the name unusable.

Stressymcstress Mon 22-Nov-21 14:43:00

dull as dishwasher 😂

Thanks for your honesty!

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Kite22 Mon 22-Nov-21 14:50:39

Where will you / your child be living ?

Stressymcstress Mon 22-Nov-21 14:54:47

Why does that matter?

Scotland atm, but who knows where life will take us.

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MissLC Mon 22-Nov-21 15:10:59

I really like Mirran, its not a name that's heard often but is really pretty and not too out there.

Strokethefurrywall Mon 22-Nov-21 15:26:43

Mirran for sure, it’s gorgeous!

Ava and Grace both nice but very popular. Not keen on Mairead.


Kite22 Mon 22-Nov-21 15:27:34

Well, because folk often say that names are perceived differently in different countries.
Plus, pronunciation can be more challenging to some accents than others.

I, for example, don't know how to say Mairead, but it might be obvious to everyone where you live smile

Luckingfovely Mon 22-Nov-21 15:28:01

Mirran is the best (even though it autocorrects to Mirena grin)

OnlyFoolsnMothers Mon 22-Nov-21 15:32:16

i love Grace- cant stand Ava with the popularity- Mairead is awful and Mirran is nice but I do think Helen instinctively

DidgeDoolittle Mon 22-Nov-21 15:37:53

I agree that Mirran is the nicest.

mrsrobin Mon 22-Nov-21 15:41:07

Mirran and Mairead for me

TatianaBis Mon 22-Nov-21 17:11:21

Mirran by miles.

FawnDrench Mon 22-Nov-21 18:39:07

Mirran is lovely!

DukkaDukka Mon 22-Nov-21 19:15:41

Ava and Grace are massively overused, you hear them everywhere.

Luredbyapomegranate Tue 23-Nov-21 07:27:59

Mirran is great

Ava and Grace are lovely classics but god they are overused.

Mairead is OK, it’s a bit drab.

FindingMeno Tue 23-Nov-21 07:29:59

Mirran is beautiful

Stressymcstress Tue 23-Nov-21 10:00:43

I definitely know a few Ava’s.

I don’t know anyone called Grace - didn’t realise it was so popular. Maybe depends what area.

Thanks everyone!

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scottishnames Wed 24-Nov-21 18:06:15

OP I don't know precisely where you are but Mirren is the usual spelling in Scotland.
Originally a male name en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Mirin it's become used for males and females.
There is also the Irish /crossover Scottish Gaelic name Murieann (pronounced 'Murren' or 'Mirren').
This thread below is very dated, but you perhaps might want to look at it. It's rather critical but I don't think that matters. If you like a name, go for it! www.mumsnet.com/Talk/baby_names/1521203-If-you-are-in-Scotland-how-is-the-name-Mirren-regarded

Mairead is nice, also.

WhatHoMarjorie Wed 24-Nov-21 18:10:30

I think Mirran is lovely. Sounds fresher than Ava or Grace.

I think Mairead is pronounced my-rit in Scotland (as opposed to the Irish muh-raid pronunciation)? I'm not massively keen on it.

scottishnames Wed 24-Nov-21 18:36:48

The Scottish Mairead's I've known prounouce it 'MIGHR-rehd'. All quite soft.

MumofSpud Wed 24-Nov-21 19:04:50


First baby due soon.
We don’t know what we’re having, but have a boys name picked out.

Girls names we do like:


I would spell my favourite- Mirren

AnFiadhRua Wed 24-Nov-21 19:06:12

I love Mirren

Stressymcstress Wed 24-Nov-21 19:09:18

Didn’t notice I’d spelt it wrong! Yes, definitely would be Mirren. Thanks for the link.

We’d be going for the Irish pronunciation of Mairead,

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CouncilHousedAndViolentBaby Wed 24-Nov-21 22:17:01


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