Does Rowan Osman sound too similar?

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Lozzak21 Mon 22-Nov-21 13:16:57

Thinking of calling our little boy Rowan

Partner thinks it goes well. I just realised it looks quite similar written down and is a bit rhymey

Other option would be Finn

Let me know your thoughts

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PenelopeVonDelius Mon 22-Nov-21 13:17:57

It isn't terrible, but I don't really like the two together.

Finn Osman sounds a lot better, so unless I had very strong feelings about Rowan, I'd probably go with Finn.

Synchrony Mon 22-Nov-21 13:23:29

I actually think Rowan Osman flows much better than Finn!

Lozzak21 Mon 22-Nov-21 13:28:11

@Synchrony thank you! We prefer the name slightly over Finn and my partner kinda thinks it's nice that it's same syllables/sound

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bloominglovelyorange Mon 22-Nov-21 16:48:46

@Lozzak21 Rowan is my baby girls name - all the ones I know are girls but it's still more common for boys for the moment. I wasn't going to use if my girl had been a boy as I worried that unisex names almost always become exclusively girl names in the end.

Do you like the shortening to Row as that seems to be an inevitable shortening even when I ask people not to. Also be aware than RoMan with an M is the fastest rising boy name, risen 650 places in recent years to be top 30 now. There's 2 baby Romans on my road and 2 at the nursery. Just be warned that the name Rowan will continually get misheard and muddled with the more popular RoMan. A few years ago this would never have been a problem but RoMan is just so popular for babies last 2-3 years it's really annoying and I would never have used the name Rowan if I'd have known

TatianaBis Mon 22-Nov-21 16:59:58

I don't really like Rowan - I think it's rather wet - for either gender.

I prefer Finn.

JackieCollinshasnoauthority Mon 22-Nov-21 17:08:52



Lozzak21 Mon 22-Nov-21 17:11:40

@JackieCollinshasnoauthority or Donnie 😂

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Lozzak21 Mon 22-Nov-21 17:14:13

I think Rowan is still predominantly a boys name - in this country anyway. You also have your Jesse's, Kit's, River's etc that are popular for boys but can be gender neutral I don't think it's a huge issue especially in this day and age but it is something I've considered.

My son is called Noah and a now girls are being called Noa so at least he won't be alone!!

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antibacterial Tue 23-Nov-21 10:41:18

I much prefer Finn. Lovely name. Rowan Osman doesn't really flow, the sound is awkward. Plus, I know so many baby RoMans. Not surprised to read that RoMan is the fastest rising boy name, there's 3 baby RoMans in my NCT group. I did consider RoWan but decided the name has become unusable for me as couldn't face having to correct people or clarify it's a W in the middle (not an M) @Lozzak21

antibacterial Tue 23-Nov-21 10:48:49

Names you say are "unisex" like Kit and Jesse are practically never used for girls though

Noah is almost exclusively a boy name. Noa exclusively a girl name looking at the statistics.

4 girls were named Kit in 2020, (compared to nearly 300 boys), 13 girls were called Jesse (nearly 850 boys). Compare that to 100 girls named Rowan in 2020 in England. Rowan is also a top 100 name for girls in scotland and approaching top 200 name for girls in America so that is what worried me but might not worry you. Still more popular for boys in England and US but I do wonder how long that will last.

Sockpile Tue 23-Nov-21 10:56:56

I think Rowan Osman sounds lovely and Rowan is far nicer than Finn.

Santaischeckinglists Tue 23-Nov-21 10:59:04

I have a Roan and a Fynn!

WakeUpLockie Tue 23-Nov-21 15:01:47

I think it sounds better than Fi Nosman. Rowan Osman is nicely balanced if you ask me!

Lozzak21 Tue 23-Nov-21 15:18:16

Perhaps bad examples I meant Jessie (shirt for Jessica) or Kitty (Kit) for girls. Essentially the same name sound ie Noah/Noa. Perhaps I should of used examples like Bodhi or Riley which are truly unisex but what I was saying is there seems to be more of a crossover with unisex names these days.

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user1493494961 Tue 23-Nov-21 16:38:55

I think Finn goes better.

RestingStitchFace Tue 23-Nov-21 17:07:02

Rowan is a lovely name but I think Finn works better with Osman....

APurpleSquirrel Tue 23-Nov-21 17:27:09

I love Rowan - but I'm biased as DS is a Rowan.
He's 3 & so far not had anyone call him RoMan & don't know any locally.
Also like Finn but that was one of my DDogs names so I wouldn't use it for a child, but have heard it about.

Roseability18 Tue 23-Nov-21 17:37:04

I think both are lovely names and flow ok!

Not sure if popularity bothers you both names are having a ‘moment’ in our area - I’d never met a Finn before having kids and there are 3 in my daughters nursery class of 20. And the baby group I take our littlest to has 6 babies and 3 of them are Rowans (2 girls and a boy). I’ve not met a Roman, interesting others find it popular. I guess it’s all regional!

2020HelenJ Tue 23-Nov-21 17:51:36

I think it is an awesome name! Flows beautifully

Luredbyapomegranate Tue 23-Nov-21 23:52:34

Finn works better with Osman

KloppsTeeth Wed 24-Nov-21 02:29:20

I like it.

Ginandplatonic Wed 24-Nov-21 02:40:27

I think Rowan works fine. The more times I say it the more it grows on me. I think Rowan is a genuinely unisex name (one of the few), in that if I heard it I would make no assumptions about the person’s sex.

wingsofabird Wed 24-Nov-21 10:01:19

Roman Osman does have a repetitive feel to it. I also think Rowan and Noah sound quite similar, especially as Rowan likely to be shortened to Row.
Bit bored of all the Roman, Rowan and Reuben's to be honest, all top one hundred names and rising. Here's a graph of Roman's official numbers for example -

Most of the names you've listed are not unisex OP. They're boy names that are occasionally given to girls (apart from Riley). The number of girls called Bodhi in 2020 was less than 30, number of boys was approaching 400. I prefer Rowan for a girl but still find it too similar to Roman.

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