Eve or Rose

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danascully96 Mon 22-Nov-21 06:46:27

Which do you prefer for a girl?

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Starlightstarbright1 Mon 22-Nov-21 06:51:39

I love Eve. My ds would have been Eve is he was a girl.
Both are lovely though

Tiredforfive45 Mon 22-Nov-21 06:54:55

I love Eve. I wanted it as a first name but we settled on it for a middle name as DH wasn’t as keen.

pilates Mon 22-Nov-21 07:07:19

Rose, beautiful

ofwarren Mon 22-Nov-21 07:08:11

Eve. Rose is lovely too though.

7catsisnotenough Mon 22-Nov-21 07:22:41

How about Eva as a first name with Rose as a middle name? I know you asked about Eve but Eva flows with Rose..?

danascully96 Mon 22-Nov-21 07:32:15

Oh, I love Eva! Thank you, @7catsisnotenough star

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7catsisnotenough Mon 22-Nov-21 07:37:09

@danascully96 you're very welcome 😊 Good luck with your baby, do let us know when she's arrived and you have chosen her name 💐

toastofthetown Mon 22-Nov-21 07:58:35

Rose. If you add up all the Ev- names in the top hundred (Evie, Evelyn and Eva) then they are more popular than Olivia.

MerryChristmasToYou Mon 22-Nov-21 09:30:32

Of the two, Eve, but I dislike Eva and Evelyn, and there are so many Evies etc so I wouldn't use it

Rose is nice but Rosie is very popular

Eva Rose will be yet another Eva Rose and the combination is unimaginative

Edenember Mon 22-Nov-21 09:32:40

This is difficult as I adore both of these. I’m going to say Eve as a first as it’s the longest standing favourite on my list, and I feel it’s more versatile - Rose is very feminine. I also prefer Evie as a pet form (have an irrational dislike of Rosie despite loving Rose). You can’t go wrong though, both are beautiful - extremely tough choice.

Iamthemaid Mon 22-Nov-21 09:33:45

Both nice but prefer Rose

DontKnowWhatToThink7 Mon 22-Nov-21 09:34:14

I love Eve

Skeumorph Mon 22-Nov-21 09:54:06

They are both ok but just too popular.

DukkaDukka Mon 22-Nov-21 12:06:48

I love Eva but the playground is a sea of Eve/Evie/Evelyn’s at the minute and Rose is one of the default middle names for girls currently. Both are massively popular.

SallyWD Mon 22-Nov-21 14:19:53

Both are nice but I prefer Rose. I prefer Eve to Eva simply because I know a lot of little Evas.

EmotionallyWeird Mon 22-Nov-21 15:51:57

Eve! I've always liked it and it's nice to hear the simpler version instead of Evie for a change. I do like Rose too, and especially as a first name, where it's less often heard, but Eve has the edge for me.

FoggySpecs Mon 22-Nov-21 15:58:20

Just Eve. Beautiful.

RosieRoww Mon 22-Nov-21 16:00:55

Eva Rose sounds nice.

resm Mon 22-Nov-21 16:08:32

Eve, but like both.

EurghCobwebs Mon 22-Nov-21 16:30:00

Evangeline Rose?

Eva Rose for short?

danascully96 Mon 22-Nov-21 18:33:53

@EurghCobwebs Evangeline “Eva” Rose is lovely! Thank you ❤️

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DramaAlpaca Mon 22-Nov-21 20:23:14

Love both, but Rose just takes first place.

nitsandwormsdodger Mon 22-Nov-21 20:27:32

Rose is getting popular it’s the new Ella Isla , lovely , but she won’t be the only one in the class

Rosalyn eve

nitsandwormsdodger Mon 22-Nov-21 20:28:21


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