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Kathyg533 Sun 21-Nov-21 22:47:52

Hi all!
I’m pregnant and I’m brainstorming names . Already got a boys name sorted which I am happy with but for girls I cannot choose between the following -


I know they are a strange combination of names ! The only reason I’ve been put off Evelina is because my other niece is named “Evie” and I feel like my sister in law might think it’s “too close?” Though I couldn’t see myself shortening it to Evie anyway.
Can I have some opinions on these names please smile ?

My first daughter’s name is Mariella, so I wanted something that will work with her name too , her name usually gets shortened to Ella haha!

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toastofthetown Sun 21-Nov-21 22:55:21

I love Valentina. Evelina is the name of large children's hospital. Not sure if that worries you. As to whether Evie is too close to Evelina and worth potentially upsetting SIL, I don't know because I don't know if she's likely to care, and if it will be a longer term problem. Evelina could well pick up Evie at school even if you don't plan to use that. Jasmine feels a bit dated bit it's a fine name. Really don't like Estlin.

DotDotDotDotDot Sun 21-Nov-21 23:39:26

Evelina is pretty but I agree with @toastofthetown I associate it with the children’s hospital too. Besides there are so many Eve/Eva/Evie/Evelyn’s around aswell as being very close to her cousins name.
Jasmine was very popular in the 90’s so there are lots of them in their twenties now. There are lots of other nature type names I’d choose over Jasmine.
Estlin I’ve never heard of before, first impression is that I’m not keen.
I’d definitely go for Valentina, it’s such a beautiful name and would really compliment your daughters name. Good luck.

Kathyg533 Sun 21-Nov-21 23:41:17

Thank you smile I never thought I’d the connection to the hospital haha! 🤣 shame because it is very pretty!
But I do love Valentina!

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SummaLuvin Mon 22-Nov-21 08:48:30

Valentina by far!! It's one of my favourite names, but I won't use it as I strongly dislike the obvious diminutives Val and Tina, so I won't take the risk. Such a beautiful name though.

imnotacelebritygetmeoutofhere Mon 22-Nov-21 09:05:12

I love them all, so this is no help whatsoever, but just wanted to say they all sound really pretty!

MrsFoxyplease Mon 22-Nov-21 09:08:36

Love Valentina but also don't like Val or Tina so I'd be wary.
Jasmine is beautiful.


BlameItOnTheBlackStar Mon 22-Nov-21 09:11:43


Valentina is lovely but I suspect she would end up being 'Val' which isn't anywhere near as elegant.

MerryChristmasToYou Mon 22-Nov-21 09:39:29

Jasmine, by far
Valentina is too long. Tina is ok but dislike Val
Evelina is a hospital, and it's another Evie name
Estlin is a surname

mrsrobin Mon 22-Nov-21 10:09:46

I love Valentina - I hadn't thought of Val though, which is nowhere near as lovely as the whole name.
I also really like Jasmine - may be shortened to Jas (or Jazz - I have a friend named this).
I love Mariella, and Ella!

FlamingoDust Mon 22-Nov-21 19:55:20

Love Valentina!

GlobetrottingPercy Mon 22-Nov-21 19:56:47

I love Valentina and think it goes best with Mariella

IVflytrap Mon 22-Nov-21 20:49:33

Valentina is lovely. I also like Jasmine a lot. Valentina Jasmine?

IamnotwhouthinkIam Mon 22-Nov-21 21:48:17

How about Jessamine instead of Jasmine? (it's the rarer/older form of the name Jasmine and elegant sounding imo). I think it being less commonplace and having the extra syllable ("Jeh -sah -min") works well with Mariella.

I do like Evelina and Valentina too - but I think Evelina may well get Evie, and I'm not keen on Val/Tina for Valentina. Estlin is not really my taste.

Luredbyapomegranate Mon 22-Nov-21 22:16:39

-Evelina - way too many Eve variations around
-Valentina - nice, but only if you don’t mind her shortening it to Val or Tina when she’s a teen..
-Estlin - this is a surname right? I quite like the sound actually. Is it a family name?
-Jasmine - nice. A rare underused flower name.

Fl0w3ry Tue 23-Nov-21 18:28:00

Valentina is a beautiful name.

DebbieHarrysCheekbones Tue 23-Nov-21 18:32:11

Valentina is a beautiful name
Not keen in the possible diminutives though

Not so keen on the others and particularly de the hospital association

Are you set in the name for a girl coming from your list ?

Dollywilde Tue 23-Nov-21 18:36:19

Personally I wouldn’t do another ‘a’ ending - I know sibling names don’t have to go but it’s just my preference. I have a daughter with a name that ends in an ‘ee’ sound and we’ve crossed off any others with that ending from our girl list for DC2 as I can’t imagine saying ‘my daughters xx-ee and xx-ee’

I actually really like Jasmine though. Lovely plant name and I reckon it’s due a revival.

WeDidntMeanToGoToSea Tue 23-Nov-21 19:05:58

Jasmine works beautifully with Mariella (fab name btw) and is sweet, elegant and international.

Valentina is nice but a bit of a mouthful with Mariella.

Where does Estlin come from?

Isn't Evelina the protagonist of one of James Joyce's Dubliners stories - a really sad one?

WeDidntMeanToGoToSea Tue 23-Nov-21 19:07:29

Just checked and it's Eveline - but it's a very sad story. She denies herself happiness to stay in a miserable life sad I would always be thinking of that (I guess not everyone has read Dubliners, but plenty will have done)

VenusClapTrap Wed 24-Nov-21 06:06:08

I love Jasmine

Kathyg533 Wed 24-Nov-21 10:31:21

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your messages! smile
Doesn’t have to be from the list at all , just the only ones I could think of at the time really (I’ve already gone off Estlin haha) so if anyone does have any nice suggestions I am open to them

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Lucyinthesky07 Wed 24-Nov-21 11:02:28

How about Emmelina?

I love your daughter's name, Mariella, by the way.

Kathyg533 Wed 24-Nov-21 11:21:20

Ooh Emmelina, that is lovely!

Aw , Thank you , I had it in my head for years before she was born before I even met my partner. It suits her well.

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DoodleBelle Wed 24-Nov-21 11:24:41

Valentina by far! I went to school with a Valentina and she was always Vallie never Val or Tina.

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