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SherbertLemons Sat 20-Nov-21 23:06:05

Just that really.

What does everyone think of the name Elodie?

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EishetChayil Sun 21-Nov-21 07:40:59


Someone once said to me, it's much harder to choose a boys' name because it has to be pretty enough if he grew up to be a ballerina and strong enough if he wanted to be a nuclear physicist.

Eh? What a bizarre notion. Why would a male ballet dancer need a pretty name?

Purplepalm Sun 21-Nov-21 07:46:09

@EishetChayil I think that’s exactly PP’s point! Read the comment up thread

Camii Sun 21-Nov-21 08:12:33

I love it

autumnalvibes Sun 21-Nov-21 08:13:02

I love it with a french accent! Seems very popular here and I would be worried she would be Ellie.

MsTSwift Sun 21-Nov-21 08:14:06

Awful sorry but you did ask.

alienbaby Sun 21-Nov-21 08:14:35

I think its wet sounding


Whitewolf2 Sun 21-Nov-21 08:18:47

Very pretty name.

Calphurnia Sun 21-Nov-21 10:04:37

Love it!

TwinklyBranch Sun 21-Nov-21 10:09:44

Lovely if pronounced properly the French way, but sounds dreadful in most British accents (the one I know is ella-day).

Zarene Sun 21-Nov-21 10:13:54

Bland and twee.

Chakraleaf Sun 21-Nov-21 10:20:03


I just hear L. O. D.


SprinkledGlitter Sun 21-Nov-21 10:47:49

I like it. It's a bit of a subtle nature name as well, as it's the name of a type of Lily

Hetyanni Sun 21-Nov-21 10:48:38

Go for Elodie - don't listen to other people!!

Hetyanni Sun 21-Nov-21 10:50:26

Also I happen to love the name Elodie but bear in mind no name is liked by everyone - go for a name you love.

Luredbyapomegranate Sun 21-Nov-21 11:04:50

Quite like it (depending on the accent where you live), but there are so many El names about, she will likely end up one of a zillion Ellies and that would put me off.

Hippywannabe Sun 21-Nov-21 11:10:33

DS3 and DIL have chosen this if DGC is a girl. At first I thought she would spend her old life saying "like Melody but without the M"ut it has grown on me!

MerryChristmasToYou Sun 21-Nov-21 11:22:38

Yet another Ellie. Elodie is like Amelie, middle-aged in France, where the name sounds much prettier. Dull.

LozMarieFielder Sun 21-Nov-21 13:17:02

Absolutely gorgeous. Looks lovely and sounds lovely.

Chunkymenrock Sun 21-Nov-21 13:19:33


Go for Elodie - don't listen to other people!!

But OP has asked for our thoughts!

toastofthetown Sun 21-Nov-21 13:38:06


Go for Elodie - don't listen to other people!!

But the OP asked other people what they thought. Personally I'm not telling people unsolicited that I think Elodie is boring name, but as the OP asked I answered.

SherbertLemons Sun 21-Nov-21 13:45:06

Thank you for all your input so far everyone.

All opinions welcome!

I know there is an abundance of 'EL" names but, after analysing the names I seem to like I'd say 80% of them start with these two letters. I'm not overly bothered by popularity, although I'm not a fan of "Ellie" just because of an association.

I like the nickname "Elle". In fact this is mine and DPs favourite but it doesn't go with our choice of boys name. We would use it if we had a second girl.

For what it matters we have a Home Counties accent. I agree the name does sound far more beautiful in a French accent but I do pronounce it the French way (without putting on an accent!). I guess it's much the same as Esme which is very popular now and a French name.

It's on my top, three I think. My only "fear" is that it may be very of now and may date.

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Appliancedesparation Sun 21-Nov-21 14:09:59

It's a lovely name

Skeumorph Sun 21-Nov-21 14:11:24

Bit nothingy.

Skeumorph Sun 21-Nov-21 14:11:51

Oh and yes it will date, it will be yet another 'Ellie' name.

TrampolineForMrKite Sun 21-Nov-21 14:13:29

Going to buck the trend here: can’t stand it. Don’t like how it looks or sounds. Feels too whimsical to be the name of a grown up.

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