Amelie (Mimi) - name doubts

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SleepEatPoopRepeat Sat 20-Nov-21 09:37:54

We had a little girl and called her Amelie. I lived in France for a long time and liked the french link. My husband and DD1 have started calling her Mimi.

My mum told me Mimi is ridiculous and a cartoon name and also few people struggle to say Amelie - doesn’t rope off tongue as easy as Emily or Amelia. This has just given me name doubts which I’m stressing over - have we picked wrong name.

Please can you give me reassurance or tell me if it is actually awful.


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PieMistee Sat 20-Nov-21 09:40:08

I love it. She can be Mim when older. Very cool!

OctoblockBuild Sat 20-Nov-21 09:40:49

Amelie is gorgeous, and I reckon easier to say than Amelia!
Sure, Mimi is a bit of a pet name, but I guess it doesn't matter as she has still got her full name to choose as she gets older!

Rosa Sat 20-Nov-21 09:41:11

Your mum is being daft ..With any foreign name you may need to help people say it correctly. I have 2 english names yet we live abroad sometimes they are said with the local accent. Nick names if they fit the child then fine . I think Mimi is lovely btw !

toastofthetown Sat 20-Nov-21 09:43:58

I wouldn’t spend any effort worrying about Mimi. It’s just a nickname so if your daughter stops liking it then you can easily stop using it. I also wonder why your mother is offering this kind of feedback. I’m not sure where you are but Amelie peaked in popularity in England and Wales about ten years ago and is still in the top hundred now. The pronunciation here is like Emily with a short A at the start and I can’t imagine most people having a problem with it. It would sound different than in France though, and I think if you want the French pronunciation then it would be a bit of an uphill battle.

Branleuse Sat 20-Nov-21 09:46:51

How on earth is Mimi ridiculous. Its a cute nickname for a kid.

SazCat Sat 20-Nov-21 09:47:21

I love the name Amelie, had it on my list. Assumed it might get shortened to Milly but Mimi is cute!

I don't think people struggle to pronounce it, I wouldn't worry about that.


MySaladDaysAreGone Sat 20-Nov-21 09:48:39

Both beautiful!

purpleme12 Sat 20-Nov-21 09:50:57

I love Amelie
It's my little girl's middle name
I quite like Mimi too
Better than my child's nickname her friends are now calling her

SleepEatPoopRepeat Sat 20-Nov-21 09:52:54

Thank you all. Just the pep talk I needed after 4 weeks of sleep deprivation 🥰

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msbevvy Sat 20-Nov-21 09:59:06

I think Amelie is a beautiful name and very easy to pronounce.

But I'm not sure how you get to Mimi from it. Milly maybe.

AuntDympna Sat 20-Nov-21 10:09:49

Mimi (Mia) is a teenager I know. I know two girls called Amelie and zero people have trouble saying their names. Your mum maybe doesn't meet a lot of children.

Carboncheque Sat 20-Nov-21 10:12:42

It’s lovely and Mimi as a short form is totally suitable for a child.

Carboncheque Sat 20-Nov-21 10:14:35

Amelie was the 82nd most popular name for baby girls born in England and Wales in 2020.

Luredbyapomegranate Sat 20-Nov-21 10:21:58

It’s fine, and it’s a popular name, people aren’t going to have trouble saying it.

I wouldn’t especially like Mimi either, but you can never control nns, and it won’t necessarily stick. You could try adapting to Mim?

You mother is being an arse. She can call her Amelie

RavenclawsRoar Sat 20-Nov-21 10:25:22

I have taught many an Amelie over the years and it's a perfectly lovely name. Never heard of any issues with pronunciation. As for shortenings/nicknames - these just happen. Both my kids have nicknames that bear no resemblance whatsoever to their full names! That's just how it goes. Ignore negative comments!

Camembear Sat 20-Nov-21 10:25:44

It’s great, don’t listen to your mum.

SeptemberDreams Sat 20-Nov-21 10:37:03

Mimi is a gorgeous pet name and Amelie is beautiful! Don’t worry about what anyone else says, they’ll soon get used to it! Congratulations on your baby, our DD is just a few weeks older!

DeadoftheMoon Sat 20-Nov-21 10:42:00

Amelie is a great name. It's not hard to say. It sounds pretty and doesn't have any negative connotations. Mimi is a sweet and perfectly reasonable nickname for Amelie. Don't worry. You've done well.

PingedPotato Sat 20-Nov-21 10:43:39

Amelie is lovely. Mimi is fine for a little one. I mean I called my little one pumpkin for about 3 weeks at one point so you can call them whatever you like.

thewhatsit Sat 20-Nov-21 11:28:06

Your Mum is wrong. Pretty off to voice dislike after the baby is already here too (unless the name is truly horrific and something needs to be said!).
There is nothing difficult about the name Amelie at all. Mimi is cute but besides .. it’s just a NICKNAME! Nicknames are often ridiculous but that’s kind of the appeal, not that Mimi is particularly out there as a nickname anyway.

Fl0w3ry Tue 23-Nov-21 18:11:17

When I was pregnant with my daughter Amelie was my name choice for her, and throughout my pregnancy I nicknamed her ‘Mimi’. The only reason she wasn’t called it in the end is because my DH liked a different name best. So we ended up finding a totally different name that we both liked.
So I am completely biased but I love both her name and her nickname. Your mum is the one being ridiculous.

GoodnightGrandma Tue 23-Nov-21 18:13:04

I love both names. I think Mimi is lovely.

BadlyArrangedToasties Tue 23-Nov-21 18:28:15

Amelie is a gorgeous name! My name isn’t Amelie, but my little brother couldn’t pronounce my name when he was a toddler and called me Mimi. It has stuck and everyone in my family calls me that. My nephews now call me Aunt Mimi which I think is great. Don’t let your mum get you down. Nicknames just evolve naturally. smile

whatcangowrong Tue 23-Nov-21 18:32:22

At least your daughters nn evolved organically! I think it's pretty, all of it

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