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NowNumber5 Fri 19-Nov-21 12:46:18

Do you have a middle name? What is it? Do you like it?

Is it a typical one of its time?

Mine is Susan, born in the early 70s.
From memory, school friends at the time had Ann (more commonly without the ‘e’), Louise, Jane, Marie, Elizabeth and Claire.
I can’t remember anyone with Grace, May/Mae or Rose, which seems to be very popular at the moment.

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RedRobyn2021 Fri 19-Nov-21 13:41:14



At least it’s something different.

Sometimes I love it, sometimes I cringe.

I love this so pretty

SherryJane Fri 19-Nov-21 13:43:05


Did your own middle name influence your choices for your child/ren?
For example, if you had a 'boring' middle name, did you give more thought into choosing something less run of the mill?
And vice versa, did having a flamboyant one have an influence on you choosing a more 'normal' one for your child?

What about those of you who wasn't given one?
Did that fact make you feel more inclined to give your child one?

I find names fascinating!

We never gave ours much thought apart from being pleased they weren't 'embarrassing' names.
I tried to give my children non middle namey names, so avoided Louise, Jane etc and went for classic traditional names (like their first names) Didn't cross my mind to think how they flowed, but they do anyway (imo)
Was careful with initials after a friend gave her son the initials M.A.D. grin

SunsetSmartmeter Fri 19-Nov-21 13:45:25

I don't have one and at 46 I'm still bitter about it wink

Neither of my parents have middle names, neither of their siblings do, and of my four grandparents, three had no middle name. It's just not something that happened on either side of my family for generations. Miserable boring lot they are on this issue grin

Hence my kids both have middle names, and rare and interesting ones at that (to compensate for having very boring classical first names.)

When he was 3 my son learned I didn't have a middle name and was sad for me. He said I should adopt 'Lovely' as my middle name.

He's 14 now and I keep reminding him of his suggestion (to his great irritation) and threatening to change it by Deed Poll grin

Whitewolf2 Fri 19-Nov-21 13:45:42

Louise, born in the 80s. I’ve never really given it much thought as I hardly ever use it. For our kids we just chose names we really liked but quite not enough to be first names, and complimented (we think) the first names!

mondler Fri 19-Nov-21 13:47:36

Mines Lorna. I went through a stage of not liking it as it reminded me of lawns and grass grin I love it now as an adult.

For my son it did influence me as I wanted him to have 1 middle name like both his parents. I was able to do an honour name for him as his grandparent was poorly and passed away a few days after he was born. I love saying his middle name and boring people with the story!

Also my sons first name means war and his middle name means peace (accidental but it might mellow him out).

MrsPleasant Fri 19-Nov-21 13:48:05

Mine is Anne. A pointless filler name.


yomellamoHelly Fri 19-Nov-21 13:48:26

Jane. Always disliked it as I think it's so dull.

That said we fell into the same trap when naming our dc. Eldest nd youngest have generic middle names as we just couldn't agree. Ds's was Christmas inspired, so I love it. Wish we'd named eldest after place he was born (we were too wimpy to do that.

IncompleteSenten Fri 19-Nov-21 13:49:04

Mine's Maria.

honeyfox Fri 19-Nov-21 13:51:31

Ann, born mid-70s. No idea why it was chosen and don't particularly like it as it doesn't go with my first name either.

BorderlineHappy Fri 19-Nov-21 13:51:47

Mary is my middle name.I was born on At Brigid's day so I got Brigid as well.
And if that wasn't bad enough I actually chose Bernadette as my confirmation name.
Like why😂

My uncle also had Mary as his middle name which was a thingback then in Ireland in the 40s.
The slagging we gave him.

RedRobyn2021 Fri 19-Nov-21 13:51:56

I won't share my middle name but I will say it's unusual and has been passed down in my family through the women since my great, great, great grandmother and I'm very attached to it. I have given it to my daughter, she actually has two middle names. Me and my partner were discussing when we have another, if we had another girl we would give her this middle name too.

My first name is common so it made me feel a bit special, silly I know.

Do you follow SJ Strum on YouTube? She makes loads of videos about names and their popularity, I recommend if that sort of thing interests you

DuneFan Fri 19-Nov-21 13:54:15

Louise- yes I was born in the 80s! A filler name and not even useful as an alternative to my disliked first name, as my surname also started "Lou".

Kids each have family names as middle names which are also names we like and could be used day to day.

MerryChristmasToYou Fri 19-Nov-21 13:56:03

I don't have one, DC don't have one

Friends are mainly Something Ann or Something Jane and a few are Something Margaret, and a smaller number are Something Mary or Something Elizabeth

Retrievemysanity Fri 19-Nov-21 13:59:55

DD1’s middle name is after the student midwife who helped deliver her (difficult birth, disability diagnosed etc). She was so lovely. It’s not a name I would ever have chosen and I don’t love it but don’t dislike it and it reminds me of the lovely young lady who was there at such an emotional time of my life. DD2’s Elizabeth after the Queen.

batmanladybird Fri 19-Nov-21 14:13:10


My middle name is Claire. I have never thought twice about it. It's a bit dull and "of the moment" (born in the 80s) but it complements my more unusual first name quite well.

I'd say that if you do choose an unusual first name, a boring middle name is good. Ha ha.

My DH has a ridiculously flamboyant middle name, because his parents had aspirations of posh. Meanwhile, his first name is very ordinary and one of the most popular names in the 80s. He adores his middle name and gives it out wherever possible.

I now want to know your dh name

Inthesameboatatmo Fri 19-Nov-21 14:15:35

My middle name is Odell ,absolutely fuckin hate it . The way it's pronounced it should have an E on the end of it .

WinifredTheWondrous Fri 19-Nov-21 14:18:43

I have two. They're nice names, buy my full name with surname before I changed my surname was absolutely massive! Loads of syllables.

Think Alexandra Francesca Harriet Davidson

H1Drangea Fri 19-Nov-21 14:24:16

My middle name is my Mums maiden name
My DDs middle name is Grace , which was the name of one of my grandmas ( the other grandma has a very unattractive Welsh name which she begged me not to use )

BiBabbles Fri 19-Nov-21 14:24:43

I have 2 of them, and so do all my kids.

Yes I like mine, I picked them grin. I was raised with two middle names as well, I had no strong feelings towards though at times I went just by my second middle name just for fun. Being raised with two is why my kids have 2.

In my family multiple middle names or double first names are common, though they also have a habit of through giving children additional middle names, particularly when in trouble, which did cause some confusion.

aftonwater Fri 19-Nov-21 14:29:00


No middle name here apparently choosing a first name was challenging enough!


Synchrony Fri 19-Nov-21 14:31:35

Mine is Ann. Boring and of the era but has family meaning. It DID influence my child's middle name - I incorporated the Ann sound but chose a more interesting name that had additional meaning to me (eg Anastasia).

Ruibies Fri 19-Nov-21 14:32:12

Mine's Rose haha. Early 30s. Friends in my school year that I know of - Dorothy, Pamela, Rachel, Hannah, Veronica, Laura, Elizabeth, Louise.

First DC is on the way and we are thinking we want a one syllable middle name, but to avoid the overused Rose, May, Grace, Jane, Anne etc. It's quite hard!

FrogsHiccups Fri 19-Nov-21 14:32:55

Patricia. After my Nan.
Hated it when I was a child (apparently I used to try and swap it with my cousins) but I really like it now.

Angel2702 Fri 19-Nov-21 14:35:16

I love my middle name, I hate my first name and wish I had had my middle name instead. My daughter has the same middle name as me as it is also a family name.

Taswama Fri 19-Nov-21 14:35:20

I have a very unusual middle name. It was my grandmother's and she hated it and used an entirely different one. She died the year I was born. My brother just has my father's first name as his middle name.
DP has his grandfather's first name (although he was still alive when he was born).
DC have the name of a cousin of mine (still alive but to give a connection to that side of the family) and the name of an uncle who died just before his birth.
Both unusual for their age and country of birth.

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