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NowNumber5 Fri 19-Nov-21 12:46:18

Do you have a middle name? What is it? Do you like it?

Is it a typical one of its time?

Mine is Susan, born in the early 70s.
From memory, school friends at the time had Ann (more commonly without the ‘e’), Louise, Jane, Marie, Elizabeth and Claire.
I can’t remember anyone with Grace, May/Mae or Rose, which seems to be very popular at the moment.

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Bubbles1st Fri 19-Nov-21 13:14:50

No middle name here apparently choosing a first name was challenging enough!

TurnUpTurnip Fri 19-Nov-21 13:15:20

Marie and no I don’t like it, would have preferred Maria and use to change it to that when I was a child writing my name

SallyWD Fri 19-Nov-21 13:16:01

My middle name is Jane which was a very common middle name when I was born (mid-70s). I love it. It goes well with my first name. I have an unusual first name and my mother chose Jane as the middle name to give me a more "normal" name. She thought if I disliked my first name I could use Jane instead. I love both names.

troppibambini6 Fri 19-Nov-21 13:16:32

Verity. It's a baptismal name so not on my birth certificate. I don't really use it for that reason and I don't really have an opinion on it. My confirmation name is Teresa.

TheLightSideOfTheMoon Fri 19-Nov-21 13:17:29


At least it’s something different.

Sometimes I love it, sometimes I cringe.

TrampolineForMrKite Fri 19-Nov-21 13:18:19

I’ve got one. Named for my mum’s beloved auntie who died an untimely death the year I was born. My siblings also have “honour” middle names, as do my parents and now my own kids (my husband and his sister do too). I personally think that middle names should be honour-based, whether it be for someone you know or after a beloved character in a book or something.


BrunoJenkins Fri 19-Nov-21 13:19:51

Mine is Elizabeth, I don't have any strong feelings about it but it is quite boring. My kids have more interesting and meaningful middle names.

IggyAce Fri 19-Nov-21 13:20:19

Mine is Jayne I don’t love it and it’s boring the only think I like about it is it’s the more unusual spelling and not plain Jane. As a result of my boring filler middle name both my dcs have beautiful (imo) long middle names that equally could have been their first name.

PeeAche Fri 19-Nov-21 13:20:46

My middle name is Claire. I have never thought twice about it. It's a bit dull and "of the moment" (born in the 80s) but it complements my more unusual first name quite well.

I'd say that if you do choose an unusual first name, a boring middle name is good. Ha ha.

My DH has a ridiculously flamboyant middle name, because his parents had aspirations of posh. Meanwhile, his first name is very ordinary and one of the most popular names in the 80s. He adores his middle name and gives it out wherever possible.

521Jeanie Fri 19-Nov-21 13:21:02

My middle name is a silly, frilly thing, one of my mum's romantic fantasies. Almost all of my schoolfriends (born mid-70s) had the middle name of Jane.

piglet81 Fri 19-Nov-21 13:22:17


My middle name is Jane which was a very common middle name when I was born (mid-70s). I love it. It goes well with my first name. I have an unusual first name and my mother chose Jane as the middle name to give me a more "normal" name. She thought if I disliked my first name I could use Jane instead. I love both names.

Exactly the same for me (except a few years younger). Plain Jane to balance out an unusual first name

At least half the girls at school seemed to have Louise or Elizabeth as their middle name. I guess Rose and Grace are today’s equivalent.

BadgeronaMoped Fri 19-Nov-21 13:23:21

Mine's Kate (1980s), sister's is Jane, not named for anyone. My dc all have grandparent-based middle names.

sageandbasil Fri 19-Nov-21 13:23:55

Louise. Born early 90s. I have a classic welsh name and everyone I know with my name has the same middle name

BadgeronaMoped Fri 19-Nov-21 13:24:28

In 1989 I chose the middle name of my youngest sister, Louise, it was the name of my best friend at school at the time grin

Amdone123 Fri 19-Nov-21 13:24:57

Mine is Paula because I was born on St Paul's day. I like it.
I was allowed to choose my confirmation name so I chose Catherine ( along with Elizabeth one of my favourite names).

Wassailer Fri 19-Nov-21 13:26:46

I got Mary which in Ireland in the early 70’s was almost compulsory.
I don’t hate it and it does balance out a very unusual first name.

Twizbe Fri 19-Nov-21 13:27:16

Mine is Frances after my mum and grandfather. I never liked it growing up but now it's ok. I rarely use it though.

I was born mid 80s and most of my friends had the middle name Louise.

My children's middle names are mine and their dad's first names. Very unoriginal but we both have a family middle name so seemed to fit well.

Had DD been a DS her middle name would have been Roger after my dad.

ToughTittyWhompus Fri 19-Nov-21 13:30:00

Lorelai. I’m in my 30s so definitely not Gilmore Girls inspired! I like it enough to have also made it DDs middle name.

QueenAdreena Fri 19-Nov-21 13:30:44

No middle name for me, but my three closest friends at school all had the middle name Louise. I’ve also come across quite a few Claire Louise’s in my age group through work, it seems to be a popular combination of the time. Born mid 80’s.

CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 19-Nov-21 13:31:43

Joy. Always hated it. With a ridiculously common 70s/80s first name. Thanks mum . . .

DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 19-Nov-21 13:33:11

Caryl. Which is welsh for carol. My parents are not welsh but we did move to wales before I was born.

70s child in a sea of Clare's and Louise's and Kelly's.

My first name is also very different (but cornish not welsh). One telly actress shares it. And I've met 2 others in my life.

NowNumber5 Fri 19-Nov-21 13:36:12

Did your own middle name influence your choices for your child/ren?
For example, if you had a 'boring' middle name, did you give more thought into choosing something less run of the mill?
And vice versa, did having a flamboyant one have an influence on you choosing a more 'normal' one for your child?

What about those of you who wasn't given one?
Did that fact make you feel more inclined to give your child one?

I find names fascinating!

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SherryJane Fri 19-Nov-21 13:37:26

Mary, mid 60s. Sister's is Jane. I don't think we were named after anyone.

Theoldwoman Fri 19-Nov-21 13:39:11


After a grandmother.
Never liked it then, still don't now.
Born in 70's too.

Most of my friends middle names were:

Joy, Lee, Anne or Jane.

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