'What do you picture'? Game

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BiscuitLover09876 Wed 17-Nov-21 20:23:29

Poster says a name, next post describes what they picture when they hear this name.

Looks, personality, age etc. Please don't be offended. I love it when my name comes up hilarious. 🤣


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ProfileInsteadOf Wed 17-Nov-21 21:01:40

Slim, tall, very little make up, classy, hair in a loose chignon

Blubells Wed 17-Nov-21 21:18:55

Grace is graceful

Helenluvsrob Wed 17-Nov-21 21:22:04

Or possibly completely the opposite. About 6. Not tall. In wellies , being very determined 😂

Or grace darling. Rowing that boat through the storm giving zero f***ks that’s she ain’t a ballerina 😁

BiscuitLover09876 Thu 18-Nov-21 10:49:15

Haha love it! Forgot.to say - describe the name and then put a new one for someone else to do 😛

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BiscuitLover09876 Thu 18-Nov-21 10:49:31

Let's go with


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FindingMeno Thu 18-Nov-21 10:52:43

Reuben is a climate activist in his 30's. He's middle class, well-educated, and wears cords. He's doing his thing before settling down to be a suit living in the burbs.
He's a lovely guy though.



sageandbasil Thu 18-Nov-21 11:36:14

Ingrid is a a 40 year old tall woman with a severe haircut and glasses. No nonsense type of woman.

Mabli (mab lee)

SummaLuvin Thu 18-Nov-21 12:24:10

Mabli looks like a bullfrog, only wears yellow, and is a pescatarian.


Lucyinthesky07 Thu 18-Nov-21 12:27:12

Hector is a middle aged man with black greasy hair parted at the side, black rimmed glasses in a suit, carrying a clipboard.


ArblemarchTFruitbat Thu 18-Nov-21 12:28:21

Petite, pretty woman with light brown curly hair. Usually wears muted florals.


MaizeBlouse Thu 18-Nov-21 12:29:58

Edward wears a knitted vest and likes to eat asparagus. He studied history of art.


WinterCarlisle Thu 18-Nov-21 12:30:01

Upper middle class. Tory. Privately educated.


WinterCarlisle Thu 18-Nov-21 12:30:15

(Sorry that was for Edward)

sageandbasil Thu 18-Nov-21 12:34:34

Clara is well educated and very well put together


ArblemarchTFruitbat Thu 18-Nov-21 12:42:31

Dexter is American, dark curly hair, thin, tanned craggy face with sardonic smile and five-o-clock shadow. When he's not in running gear, he wears immaculate suits but nevertheless has a slightly disreputable air about him.

We were on:


SugarlumpsesBumpses Thu 18-Nov-21 13:00:32

Flynn is a well liked cool guy in high school. He's with the in crowd but doesn't care much for labels, he's handsome but he doesn't really know it. Despite all this, he's quite sweet and just generally a wholesome guy


WinterCarlisle Thu 18-Nov-21 13:01:03

Flynn has an Estuary English accent, drives a fiesta with spoilers and loves a bit of banter down the pub.

WinterCarlisle Thu 18-Nov-21 13:01:36

Arse! I keep cross posting! Sorry!

MaizeBlouse Thu 18-Nov-21 13:24:13

I actually know a Flynn just like that!!

Xanthe makes her own candles using guave pith. She wears crocheted ponchos and smells like patchouli. She makes earrings using semi precious stones and wire and sells them at festivals.


cheeseislife8 Thu 18-Nov-21 13:26:02

Brian is mid 50s, balding on top and loves a good knitted tank top. Spends weekends birdwatching.


MaizeBlouse Thu 18-Nov-21 13:28:10

Sophie has the best hair you've ever seen. So shiny, how does she do it?! She's always 15 minutes late and survives on oat milk lattes. She's training to be a physiotherapist.


Shasha17 Thu 18-Nov-21 13:29:52

Sophie is slim, middle class, very gentle. Quiet, a little boring, but very nice. People like her. She wears a lot of floral prints. She has long straight hair that she often wears in a pponytail. She has an office job. She doesn't really drink, maybe only at the work xmas do or a family BBQ in summer, and when she drinks it'll be a bacardi breezer.


gluenotsoup Thu 18-Nov-21 13:32:07

Rafael- eyes like liquid chocolate, a man bun, and loose soft lounge wear. Works in the arts.


Shasha17 Thu 18-Nov-21 13:32:25

Drat! A cross post. I'll do Rafael.

Rafael is early twenties, very slim, brown curly hair. He has cool, arty, middle class parents. He smokes roll ups. He plays bass in an Indie band. She studies art and wears knitted jumpers and cords and is kind of scruffy and very British and quite handsome

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