The names you love but can’t use because of family/ friends

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HopefulRose Mon 15-Nov-21 19:29:26

For us, my sister wants Molly so couldn’t use. Also love the name Corey for a boy but it’s my OH friend’s name.

Do you have any you’d love to use in different circumstances?

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NigellaSeed Mon 15-Nov-21 19:37:16

Molly is lovely.

For me it's Adam and Sofia. I knew when I met DP that I had to let Sofia go

WheelieBinPrincess Mon 15-Nov-21 19:38:55

Theo was really high on our list…

But DH’s family all have quite a distinctive regional accent and it would have been pronounced ‘Feo’ for evermore blush

SleafordSods Mon 15-Nov-21 19:42:07

Lucy. Have a very DF abs wanted to name a DD after her. Another friend beat me to it!

HopefulRose Mon 15-Nov-21 19:54:42

@NigellaSeed Sofia is such a beautiful name

@WheelieBinPrincess haha yes that’s a good point re pronunciations

@SleafordSods that’s so lovely, shame a friend beat you! Perhaps you could use Lucy as a middle name?

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SleafordSods Mon 15-Nov-21 19:55:25

Perhaps you could use Lucy as a middle name. We did smile

OrangeAndYellowAndBlue Mon 15-Nov-21 20:58:49


All lovely but all close relatives' children!


WeasilyPleased Tue 16-Nov-21 01:09:29

Eloise. Dh's ex was Ellie so non starter fot him.

Shasha17 Tue 16-Nov-21 03:46:25

Edith, nn Edie. In my husband´s native tongue, it sounds very similar to word meaning ´to kick violently´.

Genevieve, nn Gigi. In the language of the country we live now, Gigi sounds very similar to the word for penis.

Fl0w3ry Wed 17-Nov-21 23:40:01

Isabella and Joshua.

Derbee Thu 18-Nov-21 17:13:43

Libby. It’s always been my favourite, but it’s my DP’s ex and it’s ruined for me.

Leeloo1233 Fri 19-Nov-21 22:35:23

So many friends had babies before me so couldnt use:

Oh well!

2020HelenJ Sat 20-Nov-21 00:02:00

I understand not anting to use a name if the name is already in your family, but not so much if a friend has used a name. Can't you just use the same name? They will have different surnames. It seems a shame not to chose a name when you love, when the reality is that the children are unlikely to be a constant presence in each others' lives in any event.

CouncilHousedAndViolentBaby Wed 24-Nov-21 22:25:50


yorkshiremum2022 Thu 25-Nov-21 11:54:38

My friends daughter is called Sienna and I love the name but it's a no go for us now.

Nellesbelles Thu 25-Nov-21 19:59:51

Loads! I always wanted Leo or Rory for a DS but friends have used these now.
For my DD I loved the names Elle, Beau, Belle and Penny but various family members had pets with these names (they would have been in my top 5 otherwise). Really wanted the name Eliza (for sentimental reasons aswell as loving the name) but a friend called her DD this so I used it as a middle name instead!

RupertOscar1999 Sat 27-Nov-21 13:36:29

We loved the name Mollie Francesca and Theodore nn Teddy.
We have a Molly and Theo in the family already so couldn't choose those names.

Mumofgirls2017 Thu 02-Dec-21 21:37:05

Sister said she wants to use Florence
Felix, Thea, Elvis, Iris, Theodore, Finn, Patrick…. All friends and family

sarah13xx Thu 02-Dec-21 23:51:29

Finn, uncles name! I know it’s popular now but I just love it

Positive21 Fri 03-Dec-21 00:33:04

My niece is Olivia which I love but obviously wouldn't use so I've asked her if she would be happy with me using it as a middle name. She is over the moon. Her middle name is after my middle name so it's nice to keep a link.

My BIL's new girlfriend already had a little girl called Isabelle so I can't use that either which is name both OH and I liked. And we struggle with girls names!

BiscuitLover3679 Fri 03-Dec-21 22:14:11

Jude. Doesn't translate so well in German!

Cyw2018 Fri 03-Dec-21 22:19:04

Matilda, cousins DDs name.

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