Florian or Fabien?

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BiscuitLover09876 Fri 12-Nov-21 19:50:29

And what do you think of when you hear them?

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IHateCoronavirus Fri 12-Nov-21 20:02:19

Are you pronouncing Fabien Fab-y-en or Fay-bee-en? Florian is cute for a gentle natured child, but wouldn’t suit a lively one I think.

toastofthetown Fri 12-Nov-21 20:09:35

I prefer the German pronunciation of Fabian to the long A sound which I’ve heard more in the UK.

Of the two names I prefer Florian though. It sounds lovely to me and Flo is charming diminutive. I don’t think anything in particular when I hear either of them - which I think is positive.

titchy Fri 12-Nov-21 20:15:08

Love them both!

BiscuitLover09876 Fri 12-Nov-21 20:18:52

I was thinking F-ay-bee-an

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Synchrony Fri 12-Nov-21 20:40:52

I think of people I know with those names.
The only Fabians I know aren't British and pronounce it Fab, not Fay. I don't like it with a Fay at all.

CoffeeRunner Fri 12-Nov-21 20:44:32

The only Florian's I know aren't British either. But then maybe OP isn't.

Fabian I would pronounce Fab-e-an and Florian Fllor-e-an (as opposed to Floor-e-an).

Neither are for me TBH.


Helpimfalling Fri 12-Nov-21 20:47:06

Love them both

DaisyandSimeon Fri 12-Nov-21 20:52:00

Florian sounds very girly and little lord fauntleroy (classic story for the less well eduated) Yes, I know its spelt wrongly.

titchy Fri 12-Nov-21 21:15:58

Fabian is definitely Fay-be-un (as in Fabian Society)

user1493494961 Fri 12-Nov-21 21:45:20

Prefer Fabian.

Kitkat151 Fri 12-Nov-21 22:10:48

I don’t like either of them...at all

Hibiscusroses Fri 12-Nov-21 22:12:57

I like Florian. I know a little boy with this name and he's a lovely little kid. It's pronounced Floh-ree-an in his case.

WeasilyPleased Fri 12-Nov-21 23:25:52

Both a bit flouncy for my taste.

BFFfffff Sat 13-Nov-21 08:34:49

I absolutely love Fabian. I would have automatically said Faybeean and think that would be the perceived pronunciation in UK.

Similar sound to Gabriel which is also pronounced Gab not Gabe in other countries.

potoforchids Sat 13-Nov-21 08:35:58

Fabian by miles

BarbaraLoganPrice Sat 13-Nov-21 08:42:29

I love Florian!

BiscuitLover09876 Sat 13-Nov-21 11:48:46

Very mixed views here! I think I prefer Fabian as not sure about the Florry nickname, but I'm not sure.

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Lobster5 Sat 13-Nov-21 11:49:57

I think of a unicorn.

I would love a little boy called Florian!

Helpstopthepain Sat 13-Nov-21 11:52:09

I love both. Great taste op

stairgates Sat 13-Nov-21 11:52:33

Fabian, but not keen on either, reminds me of a 90s male stripper?

BiscuitLover09876 Sat 13-Nov-21 12:06:10


Fabian, but not keen on either, reminds me of a 90s male stripper?


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MargosKaftan Sat 13-Nov-21 12:17:47

Fabian, pronounced Fay-bee-an, would be my preference. (I would assume you were left leaning politically, assume not an issue but worth pointing out!)

LooksBetterWithAFaceMask Sat 13-Nov-21 12:31:51

I like them both and know people with both none of them British. I do prefer Florian and absolutely adore the Flo I know as well.

Bonnealle Sat 13-Nov-21 12:51:11

Florian, absolutely love that name

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