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inpixiehollow Wed 10-Nov-21 23:21:37

Baby boy due next week. Keep going over the same names and we can't pick, nothing sticks!
MN will be John (non-negotiable) and last name begins with S and ends in N sound.

Iver/Ivor John - not sure which spelling to use, pronunciation like 'Iver' but Ivor more traditional spelling?
Malachai John
Asa John
Gabriel John
Elijah John
August John
Theodore 'Teddy' John

Daughter has an unusual but strong and traditional name, popularity is a concern for us. Think he will be baby no name!

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stealingbeauty Wed 10-Nov-21 23:22:46

Theodore Teddy

Amberflames Wed 10-Nov-21 23:24:46

Love Gabriel.

SleepingStandingUp Wed 10-Nov-21 23:25:25

Iver/Ivor John - I don't like it, it isn't terrible but....
Malachai John - love Malachi, are you pronouncing it like chai tea at the end tho? I like it ending to rhyme with guy
Asa John - feels unfinished
Gabriel John - just gorgeous
Elijah John - prefer Elias
August John - no, it's a month, not a cool name month and if you have to at least go Augustus
Theodore 'Teddy' John - lovely but pretty popular

LalalalalalaLand123 Wed 10-Nov-21 23:27:36

Gabriel for sure

TheSpiral Wed 10-Nov-21 23:27:56

I like Elijah best then Theodore
Least favourite are Asa and August

Lucked Wed 10-Nov-21 23:28:44



Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 10-Nov-21 23:29:11

I was going to say Gabriel John but I'd say scratch that if popularity bothers you. I'm hearing little Gabriels everywhere, same with Theodore (well Theo)
I love Malachi.

MrTulkingIsFeelingHorny Wed 10-Nov-21 23:30:34

Iver is a place near Slough.

Not August, because it's too similar to Augustus John!

Theodore, probably.

DramaAlpaca Wed 10-Nov-21 23:32:21

I'm not keen on any of them apart from Gabriel.

Ikeameatballs Wed 10-Nov-21 23:32:50

Iver/Ivor John - possibly, hard to judge without the full surname
Malachai John - I quite like it. Likely to get Mal as a nn when older.
Asa John - don’t like
Gabriel John - safe bet
Elijah John - makes me think of Elton John
August John - too trendy with Princess Eugenie’s son
Theodore 'Teddy' John - massively popular

Babyfg Wed 10-Nov-21 23:38:27

I love Malachi. And it goes beautifully with John.

raintropics Wed 10-Nov-21 23:50:08

Iver / Ivor - Not a fan sorry.
Malachi - Love it! Traditional yet uncommon.
Asa - Also love Asa. Sounds strong and cool.
Gabriel - I like it but don't like that it could be shortened to Gabe.
Elijah - Eli is one of my top names, so of course I love Elijah.
August- I like it but prefer Augustus.
Theodore - Cannot stand Theodore or any of its nicknames, especially Teddy. Sorry!

IamnotwhouthinkIam Thu 11-Nov-21 01:45:15

Iver/Ivor John - Ivor is too dated for me, Iver looks misspelt. Ivo is pretty cool though
Malachai John - okay if you don't mind regular misspellings
Asa John - really gorgeous, wish I was brave enough to use Asa (so my 3rd choice as I worry he'd get called "Asser" by ignorant people sad)
Gabriel John - the most classic sounding, so probably my 1st choice
Elijah John - too trendy/popular for me
August John - the "braver" but still classical choice so my 2nd option
Theodore 'Teddy' John - really trendy/overused now (so many Theo's/Teddy's/Theodore's - there were hardly any 30 years ago!)

immersivereader Thu 11-Nov-21 01:53:09

Love Malachai

KirstenBlest Thu 11-Nov-21 08:23:30

Iver/Ivor John - Iver is a village in Buckinghamshire. Ivor is ok but prefer Ivan
Malachai John - will be Mal. Malachai sounds like malloc, memory allocation function
Asa John - best of the bunch
Gabriel John - Gabriel too long
Elijah John - Elijah a bit babyish
August John - sounds like Disgust
Theodore 'Teddy' John - don't like Theodore and Teddy is overused

groovergirl Thu 11-Nov-21 08:55:29

Malachi or Gabriel.
Asa doesn't work in English, unless you want bum jokes, and it's too late in the year for August. wink

Rainbowqueeen Thu 11-Nov-21 08:56:41


SummaLuvin Thu 11-Nov-21 09:30:14

August - my favourite it's my current top boys name. Rising sharply, but still only 62 baby boys in 2020.

Gabriel - my second favourite of your list. However, you note popularity as a concern, it was 65th most popular boys in 2020 (888 babies) and had been rising since the 90's, seems to have plateaued somewhat over the last couple of years, but remaining popular. I don't know what your 'comfort level' with popularity is.

Don't pressure yourself too much on the name, you may look at him when he arrives and just know which ones right for him. I used this site to look at popularity names.darkgreener.com/#gabriel

Notgotanyidea Thu 11-Nov-21 11:27:44


Theodore is very popular and as lovely as Gabriel and Elijah are, they are increasingly popular too.

CanofCant Thu 11-Nov-21 13:56:09

Ivor and Asa are my favourites.

SnowdropFox Thu 11-Nov-21 13:58:42

Gabriel! I also love Theodore but very popular where I am, and Edwards. Basically anything to give the nn Teddy.

MojoJojo71 Thu 11-Nov-21 14:00:04

Gabriel and Elijah are my favourites from your list

I also really like Elias

Happenchance Thu 11-Nov-21 20:13:39

Ivor John sounds too similar to I've a John (a prostitute's client or a toilet in American English).

Ernerst John
Cedric John
Nathanial John
Mordecai John

MrTulkingIsFeelingHorny Thu 11-Nov-21 20:37:20


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