Is this name usable

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Forumsforfun Wed 10-Nov-21 23:08:23

Gentry after the Band The Gentrys

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SwedishEdith Wed 10-Nov-21 23:09:53

As in 'landed gentry'?

Thatsplentyjack Wed 10-Nov-21 23:11:05

Well that's an actual word not just a band, and it's not even a word with a lovely meaning, so no, don't do that to your child.

TeeTotaller1 Wed 10-Nov-21 23:11:26


RockallMalinHebrides Wed 10-Nov-21 23:12:04


DramaAlpaca Wed 10-Nov-21 23:12:20


Dora26 Wed 10-Nov-21 23:13:12

No way


User527294627 Wed 10-Nov-21 23:13:26


Luckingfovely Wed 10-Nov-21 23:13:28


Alfixn Wed 10-Nov-21 23:13:48

Also a no...

Rainallnight Wed 10-Nov-21 23:13:53

Absolutely not.

JennyDune Wed 10-Nov-21 23:17:39

Doesnt gentry mean toilet?

"Use the gentry"

RobinPenguins Wed 10-Nov-21 23:18:57


MissCruellaDeVil Wed 10-Nov-21 23:19:22

Absolutely not! People on here come up with the weirdest names.

mnahmnah Wed 10-Nov-21 23:20:11


What about the name of one of the band members?

CoffeeRunner Wed 10-Nov-21 23:20:23

Of course not.

TrussOnABus Wed 10-Nov-21 23:24:02

Errr no

GreenWhiteViolet Wed 10-Nov-21 23:27:46

No. It's a word with an established meaning, and an incredibly weird one to use for a name. I'd wonder if Gentry had a sister named Aristocracy.

Don't use it.

RalphLaurenG Wed 10-Nov-21 23:31:45

Nope. 100% not.

OakPine Wed 10-Nov-21 23:32:55

Yeah it's a great name! Go for it!
Can I call my child "Wardrobe"
Can I call my child "Ringbinder"
Hell yes!
I know I know "Goldfish!"

Where will this end?

HolidayTime2021 Wed 10-Nov-21 23:33:13

Sister called Serf?

TeeTotaller1 Wed 10-Nov-21 23:45:46


Gentry & Gantry

MonsteraDeliciosa Wed 10-Nov-21 23:53:11

Er, that's not a name

potoforchids Wed 10-Nov-21 23:53:58

It's awful. And so is Salazar.

Kanaloa Thu 11-Nov-21 01:21:21

No it’s a word and not really a great word to begin with. People will obviously think of the actual word before a band from the 60s.

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