Are River or Rudy popular where you live ??

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Pennylane87 Tue 13-Jul-21 16:56:19

Hi all, do you know many or any boys called River or Rudy ? I'm not looking for something totally wild and out there, but I have a strong history of picking names that are fairly low down on the ons official list that have become very popular since. I've got three girls, d
So boys names is new territory for me ! I'm aware they won't be everyone's cup of tea as just seen one of them on the names you hate thread ! Other names we have considered are Frank and Ziggy which is a bit out there wink


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BusySittingDown Tue 13-Jul-21 16:59:24

Erm, no. grin

Bog standard Jack, Toby and Harry round these parts.

I do like River - never met one though. I'm not keen on Rudy, it reminds me of rude.

Peachbubble Tue 13-Jul-21 16:59:34

No, I don't know any. Rory and Rufus are popular though!

YerAWizardHarry Tue 13-Jul-21 17:00:37

I know two make River’s, no Rudy’s x

BusySittingDown Tue 13-Jul-21 17:00:41

I love Frank btw but would assume that Ziggy was a nickname for Zac for Zeke.

TwoMountains Tue 13-Jul-21 17:01:29

I’ve never met a River, a Rudy or a Ziggy.

I don’t know any little Franks (I’ve met some older ones, as in middle aged or older), but I have met a handful of little Frankie’s. More or less evenly split between little boy Frankie’s and little girl Frankie’s.

ImNotWhoYouThinkIam Tue 13-Jul-21 17:03:19

I know one male Rudy but he's 17 now.
And one female Rudy who's about 3.
The only River I know of was born sleeping.


TwoMountains Tue 13-Jul-21 17:06:47

Also, the darkgreener website is good for looking at name popularity trends, it uses official ONS data on baby names in England and Wales from 1996 to 2019 (the ONS haven’t released the baby name data for 2020 yet).

Cbeebiesrehab Tue 13-Jul-21 17:07:53

I know two male Rivers and a female River all aged between 1-3. I’ve only ever met one Rudy at soft play.

Watto1 Tue 13-Jul-21 17:08:03

I know a couple of toddlers called River but no Rudys.

RozHuntleysLeftHand Tue 13-Jul-21 17:08:22

I know 3 (!) male Rudyard, and 2 female Rivers, but I move in hippy/alternative circles, and they are some of the least out there names in these circles! (Merlin anyone?)

freelions Tue 13-Jul-21 17:08:51

I've never met a River or a Rudy

I prefer River to Rudy
I know a few young Frankies but no Franks (except a spaniel!)
I agree Ziggy is a bit out there but I quite like it! smile

RozHuntleysLeftHand Tue 13-Jul-21 17:09:20

Not Rudyard, RUDY ffs autocorrect!

RaininSummer Tue 13-Jul-21 17:12:14

I met a Ziggy aged about 18 last week. My dog is also Ziggy if this helps. He is 10.

PRabbit Tue 13-Jul-21 17:17:29

Definitely not Rudy. Do kids where you live not say “you’re a rudey” or “rudey dudey” to mean something rude like showing your bum?

SamMil Tue 13-Jul-21 17:28:28

I know one boy called River, and a horse called Ziggy grin

Elbie79 Tue 13-Jul-21 17:28:28

Several baby Rivers, male and female, no Rudys.

StepladderToHeaven Tue 13-Jul-21 17:30:57

I don't know any Rivers or Rudys, I do know two young Franks though.

ComDummings Tue 13-Jul-21 17:31:27

I know of 3 babies called River, all born within the last 6 months. 1 female 2 male.

StepladderToHeaven Tue 13-Jul-21 17:32:07

River is my favourite btw. I quite like Ziggy too!

21Bee Tue 13-Jul-21 17:32:27

A couple of River’s, both boys and girls. No Rudy’s though!

AuntieStella Tue 13-Jul-21 17:34:26

I know a couple of Rudys

But they are both Jack Russell terriers.

I think it's one of those names like Luna, which people know are hard for humans to live with so give to pets instead

I don't know any people, dogs, cats, stick insects etc called River

But River Song was an awesome character in Doctor Who so I think it's a great girls name

LtDansleg Tue 13-Jul-21 17:38:40

Rudy to me is a girls name

Onlinedilema Tue 13-Jul-21 17:39:39

I’ve heard of a couple of Rivers. I don’t know any Rudys, think people would mishear it as Ruby. I only know old men called Frank and know one Ziggy and everyone assumed it was his nickname.

yahyahs22 Tue 13-Jul-21 17:41:30

River is but I've only met one rudy

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