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MooseMoose Wed 05-May-21 20:46:36

I've always loved this name, but not sure I'd ever use it. We have a double barrelled last name, so I worry it would sound ridiculously posh. It's also a bit of a mouthful and I can't think of any nice nicknames - not keen on Addy. Opinions? Do you know any?

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Peachbubble Thu 06-May-21 19:55:09

I like it and also thought of the Agatha Christie character.

Happycat1212 Thu 06-May-21 20:00:50

Oh I like it then after seeing how it’s pronounced, very pretty! Not heard it before

partyatthepalace Thu 06-May-21 20:02:20

I do and she was known as Ari

Quite like it. And quite a character to be named after.

YetAnotherHastyNameChange Thu 06-May-21 20:04:45

There’s an Ariadne in my ds1’s class. She’s got a very loud dad who bellows “Ari” at her at every pick up and he sounds just like Hagrid saying Harry. Lovely name though.

FrDamo Thu 06-May-21 20:05:06

I love the name Ariadne! I also have a soft spot for Evadne and Maud. If you are keen on an A name, how about Araminta?

Smallabl Thu 06-May-21 20:10:21

I love it and it was on my shortlist but sadly DH wasn’t a fan. I’ve known was American/Greek and the other was American/British. Both were always known as Ariadne without any nn as far as I know.


EmmaOvary Thu 06-May-21 20:35:36

I think it's beautiful. But with a double barrelled name, maybe not? Middle name?

EugeniaGrace Thu 06-May-21 20:41:39

I really like it. The one I know has nickname Ari. Antigone with the nickname Tiggy is similar in my mind.

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