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MooseMoose Wed 05-May-21 20:46:36

I've always loved this name, but not sure I'd ever use it. We have a double barrelled last name, so I worry it would sound ridiculously posh. It's also a bit of a mouthful and I can't think of any nice nicknames - not keen on Addy. Opinions? Do you know any?

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LesLavandes Wed 05-May-21 20:48:28

Not keen

strawberrie Wed 05-May-21 20:49:49

Bit much for me, especially if your surname is Parkinson-Smythe or similar 😉. Also don’t love the spider connotations.

What about Arianna?

Mousetown Wed 05-May-21 20:57:18

I love it. I went to uni with an Ariadne and have loved the name ever since.

Honeywort Wed 05-May-21 21:00:47

I love it - it’s a beautiful name

DisgruntledPelican Wed 05-May-21 21:11:52

I love it, but might not work with a double-barrelled surname. Definitely pair with a middle name so that a choice is there.

I would love to use this name for a girl but I have a strong South Yorkshire accent and I cannot reconcile that with shouting the child’s name across a crowded park grin

DotDotDotDotDot Wed 05-May-21 21:19:34

I think it’s such a beautiful name. I know what you mean though about it being a bit long in combination with a double-barrel surname. Maybe Ari or Aria as a nickname?


Booboobadoo Wed 05-May-21 21:20:45

I knew an Ariadne, nn Harry

CaviarAndCigarettes Wed 05-May-21 21:20:48

I'm struggling to pronounce it and have never heard or if before. It looks very pretty though

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 05-May-21 21:22:48

I absolutely love it.
You may have a problem with people not being sure how to pronounce it though.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 05-May-21 21:25:35

That wouldn't bother me though, my Dd is Niamh, so used to having to pronounce/spell it, and she's 19.

HarryLimeFoxtrot Wed 05-May-21 21:26:25

It’s pronounced differently in English and Greek. In case that matters (it has more of a ‘th’ sound in Greek instead of a ‘d’ sound).

biscuitcat Wed 05-May-21 21:28:19

You could be me! Expecting baby at the moment, it's one of my most adored names, but we also have a double barrelled surname and I don't know if it's just giving a child rather a lot to live up to.

idontlikealdi Wed 05-May-21 21:29:21

I love it but it will be shortened the one I know goes by Ari.

inmyslippers Wed 05-May-21 21:29:47

I love it, I'm a die hard Greek mythology fan

YorkiePanda Wed 05-May-21 21:31:42

I prefer the French version, Arianne

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 05-May-21 21:32:40

I like Ariadne , wasn’t she in The Borrowers ?
Nickname ..
Neenah ?

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Wed 05-May-21 21:32:54

Love it. Makes me think of Ariadne Oliver.

TheGirlWhoLived Wed 05-May-21 21:33:53

Nah the borrower is arietty. Still pretty though!

ALevelhelp Wed 05-May-21 21:34:23

One of my all time favourite names!

I also like Oriana

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 05-May-21 21:43:23

@TheGirlWhoLived yes , Arietty , another lovely name

RuthW Wed 05-May-21 21:48:13

Love it i would think everyone would know how to pronounce it. Ari for short.

VenusClapTrap Wed 05-May-21 21:54:43

Too close to arachnid for me.

waitingpatientlyforspring Wed 05-May-21 22:07:18

I don't mind the name but it is a name you have to think about reading, it doesn't roll off the tongue so to pair it with a double barrelled name is a bit much.

Happenchance Wed 05-May-21 22:23:51

I like it and like the nickname Ari.

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