Boys names that are a bit different

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17caterpillars1mouse Thu 08-Apr-21 21:36:14

What are your opinions on the following boys names


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ghislaine Thu 08-Apr-21 21:40:15

They have a rather US antebellum vibe with a dash of cowboy. Is that what you’re aiming for?

Violetlavenders Thu 08-Apr-21 22:03:59

I like Clement

zigaziga Thu 08-Apr-21 22:04:45

So very, very different to your unusual girls names list.

Agree with PP that most of these sound very American and some of them quite surnamey.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 08-Apr-21 22:07:04

Nickleby - erm, ok and can be nn to Nick
Errol - dislike
Roosevelt - no
Lindsey - don't do it
Willoughby - gorgeous
Dashiell - nope
Clement - noooo
Walt - bleurgh
Laith - wha?
Jarrett - swap the last t for a h. I adore Jareth
Abraham - ok, i like Abe
Silas - passable
Brett - meh

finallychangedmyusername Thu 08-Apr-21 22:09:18

Dashiell is great.

Zarinea Thu 08-Apr-21 22:09:26

We have similar taste in Arabic names (though not on anything else!)

I love Laith and it would be on my boys list. It means Lion.

SmellsLikeWineIGuess Thu 08-Apr-21 22:10:06

Lindsay and Brett are pretty dire.

SmellsLikeWineIGuess Thu 08-Apr-21 22:13:30


They have a rather US antebellum vibe with a dash of cowboy. Is that what you’re aiming for?


I can imagine a fair few of them as dashing blockade runners. With the obvious exception of Lindsey.

user1493494961 Thu 08-Apr-21 22:18:03

Silas is nice, Abraham OK but the rest awful (like your girl's' list).

GiveIrelandBackToTheIrish Thu 08-Apr-21 22:19:14

Silas is very nice

MaverickDanger Thu 08-Apr-21 22:20:20

I like Walt and Dashiell.

What about


IamnotwhouthinkIam Thu 08-Apr-21 22:20:42

Are you in the UK? Laith is gorgeous. I also like Abraham (especially with the nn Bram), and Willoughby is a guilty pleasure, although I worry it sounds a bit feminine. Silas, Clement and Walt aren't my taste but are okay. Not keen on the others much, sorry (either too surname or Southern US sounding for me).

Ikeameatballs Thu 08-Apr-21 22:22:34

I like Willoughby, Dashiell and Abraham. Abraham is my favourite, nn Abe.

Bimblybomeyelash Thu 08-Apr-21 22:23:00

I knew that Dashiell would be on the list!

KoalaOok Thu 08-Apr-21 22:23:42

Very different to your girls list! They all sound a bit US to me.

Do you like

sausageface Thu 08-Apr-21 22:29:19


Lindsay and Brett are pretty dire.

My poor husband Brett is heartbroken to hear this 🤣 to be fair I did ask him if it was short for anything when we first met!

thismeansnothing Thu 08-Apr-21 22:33:42

Love Silas. Wanted that for first child who ended up being a girl. Also like Elias too

Tillygetsit Thu 08-Apr-21 22:38:48

I love Abraham with Bram for short.

Cowbells Thu 08-Apr-21 22:39:11

I love Dashiell. Such a cool name.

Walt, Abraham and Silas are all good, imo. Also quite like Clement but it's a bit wet and weedy.

Not keen on the rest.

miltonj Thu 08-Apr-21 22:43:25

Have a male friend called Lindsey and he pulls it off and no one gives it a second thought - I really like it and because of him, in my mind it's a male name. He's a big character though, might be different if he was a wall flower.

ladygindiva Thu 08-Apr-21 22:52:03

I like Errol, Silas and Brett. I think I'd use Brett. I like short names.

YoniAndGuy Thu 08-Apr-21 23:07:44

The trouble with these kinds of lists is that they look quite cool as a group of names when you list them all together, but individually, none is actually spot on (and on their own most just don't work for the vibe that the group all together gives).

Silas is good - cool - Si is a good short form.
Abraham nn Bram is good
Love Walter nn Walt, marmite though

All the others sound rubbish on their own, mostly just slightly odd, or in the case of Brett and Lindsey, dull!


Yellowfish2020 Thu 08-Apr-21 23:32:22

Love Clement, Laith is great. Silas is amazing - but it does make me think of Silas greenback. That might make me like it more though smile

SmellsLikeWineIGuess Thu 08-Apr-21 23:33:17

My poor husband Brett is heartbroken to hear this 🤣 to be fair I did ask him if it was short for anything when we first met!

Sorry @sausageface! grin flowers

Brett Kavanaugh has lowered its cachet even further in recent times.

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