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Newmum20211 Mon 08-Mar-21 15:16:58

I’m new here but I’m hoping for some opinions on the name Frederick (Freddie). I’m only 27 weeks but me and his dad were talking about names a few weeks ago and his dad suggested it. We don’t want him to have a popular name and we also don’t want a really unique name for him or one that’s popular but spelt differently as his dad has a name where he has an A instead of an E and everyone spells it wrong so we don’t want that for our baby. We also like George, Edward and Charles (Charlie) but we think those are too popular.

Please be honest

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Violetlavenders Mon 08-Mar-21 15:28:15

Frederick is a nice name but I know a lot of little Freds and Freddies so it may be more popular than you think.

RedMarauder Mon 08-Mar-21 15:34:42

All the 4 boys names you have chosen are actually popular.

I suggest you look at the baby names lists from the ONS.

Scroll down and put the names in that you like for a boy.

ilovespinach Mon 08-Mar-21 15:49:47

I like it!! I like that you have the option of Frederick and then Fred/Freddie.

(It is also the name of one of my Ds's).

SummaLuvin Mon 08-Mar-21 15:55:15

Great name, but if you feel strongly you don't want a popular name you might want to rethink.

The other names on your list are also pretty popular, you seem to like classics so it goes with the territory.

RuthW Mon 08-Mar-21 16:23:20

Frederick is lovely but very popular

Loveacheekysausage Mon 08-Mar-21 18:02:57

My partner wanted Frederick, but I couldn’t take to it -no idea why? In fact most names made me cry (blame the hormones!) and DS2 was baby near enough until the point we had to legally register him. I asked on here like you and the response was pretty mixed - I’m surprised it’s so popular!

You’ve got time and you can also change baby’s name for free within the first year. That was my get out, just in case it was wrong!

occa Mon 08-Mar-21 18:05:08

I really like the name Freddie, but I think it's quite popular. There were 3 in DS's (small) class at one point.

SummaLuvin Mon 08-Mar-21 18:09:19

Cedric could be an alternative, definitely not crazy and also not quite as popular as Freddie/Frederick.

Lofu Mon 08-Mar-21 18:11:00

Love the name Freddie, and I like the versatility of Fred/Freddie/Frederick/Eric.

There's two in DS's nursery (one in babies and one in toddlers) so it's not as popular as Harry or George but you would have to be happy with the possibility of him not being the only one in his class.

TheLost Mon 08-Mar-21 18:12:20

I have a Fred and there are hundreds of the buggers

miltonj Mon 08-Mar-21 18:22:39

How about franklin?

user2021 Mon 08-Mar-21 18:24:42

I love the name, but Freddie is very popular where I am in London.

alexdgr8 Mon 08-Mar-21 19:31:35

Frederick is a fine name, and so are your other favourites.
go with what you both like, and never mind whether it is/not popular.

BunnyRuddington Mon 08-Mar-21 19:45:12

I love Frederick, it was my DGF's name but if you want to abound popular, I'd not go for it.

The ONS site mentioned above is a good place to check how popular names are but then there are always regional variations.

Newmum20211 Mon 08-Mar-21 20:31:08

Thank you for your replies

We can't agree on a name but we've got time. We had a girls name but we found out we were having a boy

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mnahmnah Mon 08-Mar-21 20:35:22

I always see people on here saying how popular Freddie is. I have a Fredrick/Freddie/Fred and there aren’t any others at his school of 400 that we know of. Also not heard many at all when our and about and he’s 9 now.

BunnyRuddington Mon 08-Mar-21 20:40:05


Twizbe Mon 08-Mar-21 21:09:13

I love Frederick. Our DD would have been that if she'd been a boy.

What about James. I love that name too.

TheLost Mon 08-Mar-21 21:39:57

I think Fred tends to stay outside the top 10 due to the variations of people registering Fred, Freddie, Freddy, Frederick, Frederik and probably some others too. I think it was just in the top 20 when my Fred was born and I thought that was about ok as I couldn’t think of any little Fred’s I know. But there’s 3 in his class (although the other 2 are Freddie’s) and whenever I yell his name at the park it seems like every boy in the area comes running over. Dogs too, lots of Fred dogs will answer when you call ‘Fred’ in the park.

IamnotwhouthinkIam Tue 09-Mar-21 20:16:53

All your options are lovely and very classic but also quite popular, so if you are worried about that I'd choose Edward of them, as it has the most nn's so he can easily make it his own/stand out -(Ed/Eddie/Eddo/Ted/Teddy/Ned/Neddy/Ward/Woody/Bear/Iolo and probably others I've forgotten!)

If you are open to other ideas, there are other very classic names that are less popular (by the time you add up both the full versions and the nn's)- James, Samuel, Michael, David etc .Or you could go more "old-school" classic that aren't very popular anymore like John, Hugh, Robert, Peter etc

MercyBodle Thu 11-Mar-21 07:43:13

I really like Frederick.

Smallonesaremorejuicy Thu 11-Mar-21 08:03:39

What a lovely name Frederick is .

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Thu 11-Mar-21 08:06:52

Frederick is a great name, but very popular! I can think of 3 in my kids' small single intake primary school.

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