Vincent, opinions on the name?

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HolyMusicalBman Sun 07-Mar-21 13:09:58

We think it's a cute name for a little boy and will be a handsome name for a man. We love the possible nicknames Vinny and Vince aswell. We want to hear your opinions. Thanks.

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Tal45 Sun 07-Mar-21 13:17:48

I don't like Vincent at all sorry :-( And I just think of Vinny as a thuggish sounding name probably due to Vinnie Jones :-(

KirstenBlest Sun 07-Mar-21 13:39:40

Dislike it. Vinny/Vinnie is to Vinnie Jones and Vince is awful.
It's a bit of a naughty boy's name.

KirstenBlest Sun 07-Mar-21 13:40:45

too not to

I'm basing my naughty boy comment on the behaviour of a child of that name in my local M&S food hall.

ItsReallyOnlyMe Sun 07-Mar-21 13:44:36

Love the name Vincent - and the Don Maclean song of the same name.

I'm not a big fan of the nickname Vinnie - but if you are that's all that matters.

Quercus3 Sun 07-Mar-21 13:51:40

Love it, it was on our list

35andThriving Sun 07-Mar-21 14:05:26

I really like it. I've always liked it. smile

partyatthepalace Sun 07-Mar-21 15:07:46

I don’t like it sorry - it sounds thuggish to me, and also reminds me of St Vincent Paul - sort of Angela’s Ashes style mid century poverty.

InescapableDeath Sun 07-Mar-21 15:10:59

I like it. His age group won’t remember Vinnie Jones (who became an actor and supported his ill wife until her death so not exactly a through and through thug).

I liked the name from the film Gattaca and would’ve used it if I’d had a second boy.

SingingSands Sun 07-Mar-21 15:18:26

I like it, it's a classic.

I went to uni with a Vincent/Vinny and he was an absolute darling, so my bias is positive!

kissmelittleass Sun 07-Mar-21 15:24:11

I know a Vince in his seventies awful name

HummusAndCarrotSticks Sun 07-Mar-21 15:25:56

I love it!

I used to go to university with a Vinny as well and always thought it was a nice name. I had it on my list for DS but DH wasn't keen.

It travels well too, which I like names to do if possible.

hiredandsqueak Sun 07-Mar-21 15:30:39

I like Vincent, I think it would age well so would be cute on a little boy, cool on a teen and a good name as an adult.

crosstalk Sun 07-Mar-21 15:31:22

I'd go for Xavier or Alexander.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sun 07-Mar-21 15:33:40

Great name, very cool - not too popular so he will stand out and 'Vinnie' is soooo cute for a wee boy

TheWaif Sun 07-Mar-21 15:34:59

Very chav/thug.

icelollycraving Sun 07-Mar-21 15:35:11

Not for me, reminds me of Beauty & The Beast in the 80s when Vincent whooshed around on top of the subway.

toastofthetown Sun 07-Mar-21 15:35:33

Vincent is wonderful. It would be close to the top of my list except I can't stand Vince or Vinny.

DramaAlpaca Sun 07-Mar-21 15:36:35

I like Vincent. I'm not keen on Vinny and I can't stand Vince, so if I were to use it, it would only be as a middle name.

TheYearOfSmallThings Sun 07-Mar-21 15:39:10

I like it, and also there is nothing wrong with the V de P. I prefer Vinny than Vince.

Synchrony Sun 07-Mar-21 16:09:46

I like it. Makes me think van Gogh.

thirstyformore Sun 07-Mar-21 18:30:42

It was on our list....I like it but I am on the age to think of Vinnie Jones and football hooliganism (not saying that vinnie J was a football hooligan but he is connected in my brain). That put me off. Don't think many people under 35/40 would know who is

lalafafa Sun 07-Mar-21 18:35:47

Vinny is popular for chavvy families at the moment

Rina66 Sun 07-Mar-21 18:36:40

Love it.

UsernameIsHarderThanBabyName Sun 07-Mar-21 18:42:51

I’ve always loved the name Vincent and nn Vinnie

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