We really like Angelie/ Anjali, can you help?

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Babynameconfusions Sat 06-Mar-21 13:27:18

So we love the name Anjali for a baby girl - we are Indian. I thought I should ask if the spelling Angelie could be an option? It makes the name a bit more international, I know Angelie is a real western name but I wonder if it comes across as silly or unsophisticated? Should we just stick to the traditional, Sanskrit Anjali?

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Ellmau Sat 06-Mar-21 14:07:13

I think Angelie will forever be spelling out her name. I've never heard it before - Angeline is more common.

But honestly I think Anjali is recognised enough and is lovely.

zingally Sat 06-Mar-21 15:07:03

I'd stick with the original! It's pretty, and phonic enough for everyone to work out the first time of seeing it written.

yuyubooboo Sat 06-Mar-21 15:08:15

Still to Anjali, it's beautiful

yuyubooboo Sat 06-Mar-21 15:08:27


rainbowscalling Sat 06-Mar-21 15:12:41

I think Anjali is beautiful.

It's a spelling that is said how it is spelt too so shouldn't be any issues with that.

I have a fairly common me and am forever having to correct people spelling it so I wouldn't let that put you off.

Tanaqui Sat 06-Mar-21 15:13:36

Anjali is gorgeous.

Babynameconfusions Sat 06-Mar-21 18:41:48

Thank you! Feeling much more reassured now! grin

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RaininSummer Sat 06-Mar-21 18:42:40

Use Anjali. It's lovely.

bubblebubblebubbletrouble Sat 06-Mar-21 18:44:56

100% Anjali. My ex neighbour was called Anjali and I thought it was a beautiful name.

Jelly4444 Sat 06-Mar-21 18:51:35

I think Anjali is beautiful! I wouldn't try to westernise it. It's a gorgeous name as it is. The middle syllable sounds nicer as "jal" than "gel".

partyatthepalace Sat 06-Mar-21 21:12:35

Leave as is, the spelling is very phonetic and as it sounds a bit like Angela etc it feels pretty international anyway.

Ulelia Sat 06-Mar-21 21:19:24

I know someone who spells it Anjuli if you'd prefer that? But I agree, it doesn't need changing.

ThedietstartsonMonday Sat 06-Mar-21 21:23:02

We have a customer at work called Anjali. I always think it looks and sounds pretty. Go for it with that spelling I say smile

ZoyaTheDestroyer Sun 07-Mar-21 08:50:58

They aren’t homophones, I don’t think. Most people in the UK will pronounce Angelie as an-jel-EE. My sight-reading of Anjali would be an-JAH-lee - apologies if that is incorrect.

Anjali is lovely.

Fivebeanchilli Sun 07-Mar-21 11:05:15

Stick to the original. If I saw Angelie I would wonder if it should be pronounced as angel at the beginning.

KirstenBlest Sun 07-Mar-21 12:45:42

Angelie looks made up

CattyCactus Sun 07-Mar-21 12:47:20

Gorgeous name. Stick with Anjali.

IamnotwhouthinkIam Sun 07-Mar-21 12:59:31

I'd second everyone else by sticking with pretty Anjali - most people know to pronounce this with more emphasis on the "jah" sound.

Angelie will either be pronounced like Angela/Angeline with more of an emphasis on the "lee" at the end, or it even looks like it could be a nn for the occasionally used Angelia (often pronounced Angel - ee- ah like the song, so Angelie would likely be the same).

Pogostemon Sun 07-Mar-21 14:27:22

I used to work with an Angelie. She was American (in the UK) and found she was forever spelling her name, having people ask if it was a popular name in America and then saying it was ‘made up’.

Babynameconfusions Sun 07-Mar-21 14:48:55

Thanks for the super positive feedback, very happy to go ahead with Anjali! Just wondering, we are a non-religious family but love this name to honour our roots & culture. Anjali means, offering or tribute to the divine/gods, or salutation/ greeting - would this put you off?

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BackforGood Sun 07-Mar-21 15:01:55

Wouldn't put me off at all. I mean, overwhelmingly no-ne will know what the meaning is, but if they did, it is a lovely positive thing anyway.

I was also going to say to stick to Anjali. It works very well in English - easy to say when you see it written down and easy to spell.
I think Angelie would get wrongly "corrected" to Angeline or Angela too often. Anjali is lovely.

Trailmixer Sun 07-Mar-21 15:04:32

Anjali is lovely and nobody sane would be offended that it means offering to the gods. Angelie sounds like a footballer's wife.

Ohwhatevu Sun 07-Mar-21 15:09:21

Anjali is a beautiful name. I don't know of the name Angelie?

Does it mean something in your culture/language?

Ohwhatevu Sun 07-Mar-21 15:11:00

Snap, no, I think that's lovely. Like you're offering her name or dedicating her name to the Gods? If you're going to slaughter her lol, then no. haha

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