Indian/Sikh girls names

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Mumofoneandanotherontheway Thu 04-Mar-21 12:33:47

We’re due in a few months and looking for a modern girls name. Don’t want it very traditional.

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IamnotwhouthinkIam Thu 04-Mar-21 14:37:50

I know a couple of Indian Serena's, which is lovely. I also think Anya and Maya are very pretty and work in most countries/ are cross-cultural.

IamnotwhouthinkIam Thu 04-Mar-21 14:38:58

Serena is a lovely name I mean!

partyatthepalace Thu 04-Mar-21 16:44:07

Another one for Serena! - lovely name

Mumofoneandanotherontheway Tue 09-Mar-21 18:47:46

Thank you for your suggestions ladies x

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