Verity, Ivy, Flora or Esther?

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CharlieD2020 Sun 28-Feb-21 08:54:06

Hi, looking for some name help/opinions please!

My DH and I both like the following names, but none of them feel 'just right', I feel really confused and uncertain!

- Verity (middle name would be Rose)
- Ivy
- Flora (but our surname ends in 'er' and I'm not sure if the two sound quite right together)
- Esther (same issue with 'er' surname)

As more background into our name style, I love the names Edith and Elodie, but DH doesn't like them. He likes earthy names like Willow, but I find that a bit too soft for an adult name.

We also like the name Lydia, but our names both begin with L, and I don't want us all to have names starting with the same letter (feels a bit Kardashian to me!).

What do you think to our shortlist?

And are there any other names you'd suggest?

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Fivemoreminutes1 Sun 28-Feb-21 09:11:20

I like them all! Not much help, sorry! Verity Rose sounds a bit clunky but I love the originality of Verity.


notasillysausage Sun 28-Feb-21 09:13:08

I think we have similar taste in names. I have a Verity and love the name Elodie. How about Eloise?

SeaScape98 Sun 28-Feb-21 09:17:39

My favourites out of the names you have are Ivy and Flora, I also love Lydia and Elodie

I like Fern, Hazel and Bryony as well, all along similar lines.

I could also add Rhona, Heather and Skye.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the Flora -er, it works for someone I know smile

Merename Sun 28-Feb-21 09:19:39

I really like your style too, apart from verity. Seems really popular on here but for me it sounds uber posh! Edith would be my fave out of those you’ve said but love flora and ivy especially as well.

candlemasbells Sun 28-Feb-21 09:19:42

I really liked flora but we couldn’t get past the margarine.

Hester, Vera, Vita, Vespa, stella, Ida, June, April, Avril, Margo,
Hazel is a good suggestion. Rowan, fearne, Brooke, Skye,

RuthW Sun 28-Feb-21 09:31:02

Verity Rose is lovely.

Happenchance Sun 28-Feb-21 09:41:20

I prefer Verity from your list. I agree with a PP that Flora has been ruined by the margarine.

Other suggestions:

craigsgirlfriend Sun 28-Feb-21 09:42:25

All lovely names. Further suggestions:

renovationfatigue Sun 28-Feb-21 09:47:34

I really love them all. I think Ivy is very popular at the moment if that bothers you. Verity is probably my favourite but you can't go wrong with any of them.

Lemonsyellow Sun 28-Feb-21 10:11:50

I like them all except Ivy. That’s a weed and/or poisonous.
Flora, Verity and Esther are classy.

Flymetothestars Sun 28-Feb-21 10:32:48

My favourite is Verity

A really great list though, hard to pick but Verity is a favourite of mine

Unfucked Sun 28-Feb-21 11:44:21

I love Verity. Not so keen on the others. Do you like Hester?

KirstenBlest Sun 28-Feb-21 12:28:35

In order:

Rose is a filler middle name.

Try the first name with the surname.

Flora L**er sounds like Floral **er etc

luluorange Sun 28-Feb-21 12:44:38

Love Verity! Flora is nice too.
Not keen on Esther but probably because I knew a horrible one. Ivy is a bit too popular atm

Thoughtcontagion Sun 28-Feb-21 13:01:02

I like ivy followed by verity

Jessmary94 Sun 28-Feb-21 14:08:11

I like Ivy, thats one of our favourite girls names at the minute x

partyatthepalace Sun 28-Feb-21 15:07:32

They are all nice names! I know what you mean about 2 w syllable names ending in er/a up against each other. I wouldn’t worry about the L thing at all. I like Ivy but would avoid as so popular right now. Willow I agree is a bit mimpsy.

given the surname thing my order would be

Other thoughts that aren’t over popular - Lois, Frances, Laurel, Jocelyn, Ines, Felicity, Robin, Cecily, Serena, Cassia, Phoebe, Fern, Annabeth, Merryn, Meredith, Rosalind, Rosamund, Imogen, Mary, Margaret

More popular options - Beatrice nn Bea, Elizabeth nn Eliza, Iris, Rowan, Nancy, Margot

Rose is a ubiquitous middle name, along with Grace and May so depends how you feel about that

TheVanguardSix Sun 28-Feb-21 15:13:48

They're all gorgeous names, OP. Just to add to your confusion, I'll throw in:


Tavannach Sun 28-Feb-21 15:14:53


IamnotwhouthinkIam Mon 01-Mar-21 00:16:57

Sorry to be unhelpful but my fave is Lydia - an underused classic. If you don't want another L, have you considered similar Claudia? Or Cassia or Gaia if you like earthy/nature names?

Second choice would be Verity - pretty and I love the meaning. Flora is nice too but I'm not sure about it with a surname ending in -er. Esther is okay (but obviously has the same issue with the surname). The only one I dislike is Ivy - too "old lady" trendy for me.

joneybabe Mon 01-Mar-21 12:04:15

I don't think a surname ending in er is a problem. I know a Flora whose name ends in er and it sounds lovely ;)

ParisJeTAime Mon 01-Mar-21 12:08:58

Esther is my favourite! Love it.

Ivy is my least favourite. I don't like the plant, the restaurant or the name very much.

The others are nice.

leggingsandwellies Mon 01-Mar-21 13:39:09

Go for Verity- it's really lovely!

MuddleMoo Mon 01-Mar-21 15:18:45

I like Verity

Before I finished your post I thought Ooh Lydia. Then you said you liked it. It's a great name and I don't think the L's will be an issue unless you have other children with L names.

I'm not keen on Rose as a middle name unless it's named after someone but Verity Rose works nicely.

Flora is ruined forever by margarine sorry.

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