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Sprockerdilerock Tue 23-Feb-21 16:46:00

Apparently is only just outside the top 20 but I've not heard of a single one.

How popular is it round your way? smile

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ChelseaCat Tue 23-Feb-21 16:48:18

I know two personally, plus Millie Mackintosh (sp?) called her little girl Sienna

Fivemoreminutes1 Tue 23-Feb-21 16:49:16

I’m a primary teacher and I know of none.

BallsToYouSue Tue 23-Feb-21 16:50:31

I know two in our town. They are 6 and 4.

nowbringmethathorizon Tue 23-Feb-21 16:53:52

I know one. I thinks she's about 9.

Whatsyourflava Tue 23-Feb-21 16:56:18

I've never met one. Am surprised to hear it's chart position. Would have guessed it's outside top 100

Chilldonaldchill Tue 23-Feb-21 16:59:26

I know 5. The youngest I know is 10 and the oldest 18.

jackstini Tue 23-Feb-21 17:00:03

I know one, she's 11

Llama33 Tue 23-Feb-21 17:00:22

I'm a primary school teacher and only know one

ExhaustedGrinch Tue 23-Feb-21 17:01:02

I know a four year old Sienna.

Wallabyone Tue 23-Feb-21 17:02:38

I've taught one and my friend has an 8 year old Siena.
It's a lovely name!

Quercus3 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:04:49

I knew 2 toddlers when I worked in East London 5 years ago, now I'm in the East Midlands and I know 1 adult Sienna but no little ones.

FASDE1517 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:05:55

We had 4 in our reception year group last year. Two neighbours have got Sienna's and there are a few at my son's nursery!
I'm in Kent and they're everywhere!

LeonaMar Tue 23-Feb-21 18:24:06

Three in my village

jaundicedoutlook Tue 23-Feb-21 18:32:31

I imagine it being yelled across the playground / supermarket / street with a slight growl on the last syllable...

Riapia Tue 23-Feb-21 19:04:21

Burnt or raw? 😉

Cressie2 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:05:31

I know quite a few baby Siennas!

Firebird83 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:08:33

I know one 7 year old Sienna

SemperIdem Tue 23-Feb-21 21:18:57

I know of 5, ranging from 7 years old to just under 1. The mums are all prime age to have been Sienna Miller fangirls in their teens.

There’s something about it I find whiny sounding.

Nme8961 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:31:49

I know 3 Sienna, all under the age of 2.

Daffodil29 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:40:43

I know it as a middle name to Lily Sienna.

SoundWithoutAName Tue 23-Feb-21 22:53:15

I know 2, 10yo and a 4yo.

calimommy Wed 24-Feb-21 05:32:59

We are pretty set on Sienna for this baby. It's a bit marmite because people have a real dislike of it and consider it popular and yet there really aren't that many, especially compared with the volume of Sophie/Sophias, Amelia, Charlottes, Isabelles, Emmas, etc etc - all lovely names but very well used. I'd rather use the single N spelling after the city Siena purely as I live the place, but I prefer the look of Sienna -and despite people claiming how terrible to be called after a brown/earth colour I dont have a problem with that. Its along the same lines as a flower name IMO -I have a flower name. Ultimately I just decided that I liked it and I don't really care for what other people think. There are so many names used by my friends that I think are terrible but it would be boring if we all liked the same names.

PaquitaVariation Wed 24-Feb-21 05:53:03

I know three, 6, 14 and 16 years old.

ZebraKid71 Wed 24-Feb-21 09:10:58

Loads! Im in West Yorkshire with a baby, a toddler and a pre schooler and there has been a Sienna (sometimes more than one) in pretty much every baby group/class/nursery my kids have been in.

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