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9lbsofchocolate Tue 23-Feb-21 15:03:01

What do you think of Misty for a little girl?

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TwirpingBird Tue 23-Feb-21 15:03:39

.... like the dogs name?

It's a no from me.

Winterfellismyhome Tue 23-Feb-21 15:04:41

It reminds me of Misty from Pokemon

9lbsofchocolate Tue 23-Feb-21 15:06:52

Was thinking more like Misty Copeland.

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Thecazelets Tue 23-Feb-21 15:07:09

Pony name.

tillytoodles1 Tue 23-Feb-21 15:07:36

Dogs name.

AdaColeman Tue 23-Feb-21 15:07:47

Lovely name for a grey cat, but not so lovely for a little girl.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Tue 23-Feb-21 15:08:43

It's a doll/cat name

bluetitgreen Tue 23-Feb-21 15:09:42

If you can guarantee she'll be famous I'd say go for it. Do love the song Misty Blue by Dororthy Moore though

FluffMagnet Tue 23-Feb-21 15:10:05

Name of my grandmother's cat.

I knew a Misty-Blue when I was younger. Unfortunately, she was a keen horse rider and had a pony with a very common girl's name. I think every time I saw her compete, the announcer (over tannoy, so it wasn't a subtle thing) would pause and then declare the pony was riding Misty.

calimommy Tue 23-Feb-21 15:10:41

Being harsh, its a name for a child whom you have no aspirations for. It's a stripper name. It also sounds unfinished, Misty...Day, Misty...Dew, Misty...Morning etc.

WorryingMum2029 Tue 23-Feb-21 15:10:42

It’s a border collies name. Sorry.

SeigneurLapindeGrantham Tue 23-Feb-21 15:13:15

I just think of the film Play Misty For Me with Clint Eastwood, I wouldn't use it for a child.

SummerHouse Tue 23-Feb-21 15:14:17

I think it's beautiful. It's understated and unusual. It was also our NN of a NN for DS. Mister NN Misty so I am biased.

As it's unusual you will get pages of posters saying it's awful. Forget that meanness and go with your heart.

In fact, leave the thread now on these words "It's a lovely name but you can call your beautiful baby whatever you like. Congratulations and enjoy baby Misty" flowers

chipsandgin Tue 23-Feb-21 15:17:43

The name of my favourite pony when I was 14, she was a lovely pale grey colour and jittery as hell but lovely Possibly also a strippers name (see also Crystal, Candy & Roxy...). Sorry OP!

RickOShay Tue 23-Feb-21 15:20:34

Beautiful name. I like it a lot.
Completely agree with @SummerHouse

Chunkymenrock Tue 23-Feb-21 15:21:03

It really is sweet for a baby but not for an adult woman. She'll spend most of her life an adult, so its a no from me I'm afraid.

Throughabushbackwards Tue 23-Feb-21 15:22:03

Misty is definitely a very pretty dappled grey pony.

Freedom21 Tue 23-Feb-21 15:22:45

It was a common name of guests on the Jerry Springer show way back when grin.

Cute for a baby, really dopey for an adult female.

Mimilamore Tue 23-Feb-21 15:23:16

Don't be put off by posters who don't think out of the box. No one thing 'owns' a name...' it's a dog's name' it is a beautiful name and use it if you love it, I would x

Throughabushbackwards Tue 23-Feb-21 15:24:44

Or a pornstar.

Mummaofboys93 Tue 23-Feb-21 15:25:52

Its a cats name to me BUT our choice of name for DC3 if they had turned out to be a girl was Luna which is also a cat name 😂 If you like it go for it, not everyone is going to like your choice of name.

9lbsofchocolate Tue 23-Feb-21 15:26:15

Thank you @summerhouse @mimilamore

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babynamelover Tue 23-Feb-21 15:27:06

Use it as a nickamme for Melissa? Or something else similar 😉

Toilenstripes Tue 23-Feb-21 15:27:19

I adopted a cat named Misty last summer and promptly changed it. It’s a dreadful, twee name.

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