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HungLikeAPeg Mon 22-Feb-21 10:17:49

Yay, nay?

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Whatsyourflava Mon 22-Feb-21 10:22:47

Love it
One of my very favourites
And so underused too

HungLikeAPeg Mon 22-Feb-21 10:24:57

Is the puddle duck thing an issue? I so don't want it to be

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HungLikeAPeg Mon 22-Feb-21 10:37:54

I just found out from that Aunt Jemima is a HUGE and controversial brand of syrup in America. Should this put me off or is that silly? Surely you could find a reason not to go with just about any name right.?

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treeeeemendous Mon 22-Feb-21 10:49:16

Absolutely love it.

Dh vetoed it off our list

Ismellphantoms Mon 22-Feb-21 10:49:23

It's a beautiful family name of ours and I wish I'd thought of it for my DD. She loves it too and doesn't like the name I gave her.

SorryPardonWhat Mon 22-Feb-21 11:02:15

Yes love it. Jem as a nn is fab too. Don't be put off by the American syrup!

BoujiePeach Mon 22-Feb-21 11:55:21

Jemima Mimi was on my list! Love it

HungLikeAPeg Mon 22-Feb-21 11:59:03

Aw wonderful to read this feedback smile

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HungLikeAPeg Mon 22-Feb-21 11:59:25

Thanks all - overthinking things I think

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RuthW Mon 22-Feb-21 12:15:26


starbrightstarlight8888 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:20:44

I immediately thought of puddleduck but I'm not sure children her age would make that association

GreenEyedDevil Mon 22-Feb-21 12:22:19

It’s lovely

GingerBiscuit21 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:25:12

Yes the puddle duck reference will follow her her whole life.

The Aunt Jemima thing is coming out of the BLM movement - and I don't think will be remembered in 20yrs.

Personally I'd prefer to go with Jemma thank Jemima but it's your choice.

ZebraKid71 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:40:38

I grew up in the States so the aunt jemima thing would definitely put me off.

That said, I doubt it would be a huge issue in the UK. I know two little Jemimas, one goes by Mimi and the other by Jimmy.

bridgetreilly Mon 22-Feb-21 12:46:47

It's a biblical name so it long pre-dates both Aunt Jemima and Jemima Puddleduck. I think it's lovely and in the UK, the worst that will happen is people sending her Jemima Puddleduck books and toys as a little girl. Which is lovely.

Neolara Mon 22-Feb-21 12:48:10

I love it. (I have a DS called Jem).

Edenember Mon 22-Feb-21 12:51:30

It’s not to my personal taste but if I heard it on a little Jemima I’d think it was cool (but not weird) and classy.

Ohnomoreno Mon 22-Feb-21 12:52:04

I like it. Would you shorten to Gemma? What about Jessica either.

Adulting2021 Mon 22-Feb-21 13:31:50

I really like it. But strongly dislike Jemma as a NN it would need to be Mimi for me

Whatsyourflava Mon 22-Feb-21 13:36:15

It's a biblical name isn't it? Lots of history behind it
I love it

You can find a problem with any name. And what's wrong with Puddleduck anyway?
Peter Rabbit association doesn't worry anyone

A great name

villamariavintrapp Mon 22-Feb-21 16:31:19

The racist connotations would put me off, might be ok in UK, but what if she wants to live elsewhere?

BallsToYouSue Mon 22-Feb-21 16:37:42

It would not work in the states obviously, but think it's fine in the UK.

Muskox Mon 22-Feb-21 16:38:49

Lovely name.

xHeartinacagex Mon 22-Feb-21 16:39:24

Not keen. Makes me think of puddleduck. Jemma I stead?

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