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Henry or Edward?

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BuffaloMozzarella Sun 21-Feb-21 01:32:43

Vote on your favourite please.

Totally stuck here and baby arriving next week.!

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Tavannach Sun 21-Feb-21 01:36:29


CakeRattleandRoll Sun 21-Feb-21 01:42:50


partyatthepalace Sun 21-Feb-21 01:46:06


cassrose Sun 21-Feb-21 01:51:08

Henry (by a mile!)

Dontletthecatout Sun 21-Feb-21 02:01:43

Henry 100%

AllMyPrettyOnes Sun 21-Feb-21 02:03:27


DramaAlpaca Sun 21-Feb-21 02:05:34

Like both a lot, but Henry just edges it.

Montii Sun 21-Feb-21 02:19:15


(biased because I have a 3 month old Henry)

Edward is nice too though

octoberfarm Sun 21-Feb-21 02:33:25

Edward smile

RubysArms Sun 21-Feb-21 03:51:01

Henry is such a dweeb's name.

Whereas Edward is strong.

RubysArms Sun 21-Feb-21 03:51:50

(no disrespect to anyone with a much loved Henry in their life)

leggingsandwellies Sun 21-Feb-21 04:27:44

Definitely Edward. I find Henry a bit 'wet'

CakesOfVersailles Sun 21-Feb-21 04:39:08


But just by a wee smidgeon. Both are great names.

Bluesername Sun 21-Feb-21 06:10:11


Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 21-Feb-21 06:12:21

@RubysArms not particularly sure how that could be anything other than disrespectful hmm

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 21-Feb-21 06:27:25

OP I prefer Henry. There’s more opportunity for shortened versions with Edward. Would that help sway your choice at all?

SmeleanorSmellstrop Sun 21-Feb-21 06:42:10

Edward. I haaaate Henry and can't get over its current popularity. It reminds me of someone really unappealing. (No specific person, just the image that comes to mind when I hear the name!) Edward is nice and has nice nickname options too.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 21-Feb-21 06:47:26

Why do people feel the need to be so rude about names? Surely you can voice your preference without making unpleasant remarks about the other name?

Alonelonelyloner Sun 21-Feb-21 06:52:32

I always think of Horrid Henry, which is awful.
Edward is awesome though.

Aebj Sun 21-Feb-21 06:55:06

I know a Henry that’s about a year old now and he’s the most amazing little boy.
My sons middle name is Edward and well he’s a shitbag🤣🤣🤣
I like either name but maybe Edward as Henry is making a come back.?

alanpartridgefromtheoasthouse Sun 21-Feb-21 06:58:53

I love both. My nephew is called one so we'll be using the other if we have a boy next time round.

Does one go better than the other with your surname?

CoffeeRunner Sun 21-Feb-21 07:15:46

Edward for me.

I know it’s supposed to be very popular again but personally I only know two Henry’s. Both with brothers called Edward as it happens grin.

There seem to be more Edward/Ted/Teddy here.

CotleyMew Sun 21-Feb-21 07:27:01

Henry by a mile

Edward I don't like at all

Penguinandduck Sun 21-Feb-21 07:31:02

I had both on my list but had a girl! I think Edward would just about win for me

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