Thoughts on the Latin name, Levania?

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Whatusernametochoosenoidea Fri 19-Feb-21 18:16:34

Just that really!

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ILoveStickers Fri 19-Feb-21 18:18:52

Not sure familiar with Levania as a Latin name - where did you find it? (It might exist, but it must be rare.) Lavinia is more familiar.

glugg Fri 19-Feb-21 18:19:25

I think it's a pretty name! I know 2 Lavinias so not dissimiar, one of them is English and the other Romanian I think.

LeVANia or LevanIA?

Whatusernametochoosenoidea Fri 19-Feb-21 18:21:58

@ILoveStickers It is rare, maybe Lavinia is better then as it’s more well known. Levania is apparently from the same family of names: Levania, Lavinia etc.

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Rowenasemolina Fri 19-Feb-21 18:22:55

I think it’s beautiful

ILoveStickers Fri 19-Feb-21 18:22:56

Update - can't find any Romans called Levania, although there's one called Levanius from Gaul, so it's a possible name, but maybe not attested.

It seems to me mainly a random name for an island in a seventeenth century novel about the moon? Which is wonderfully obscure!

Whatusernametochoosenoidea Fri 19-Feb-21 18:23:11

@glugg I think it’s Le-Vaan-ia (with a long a in the middle)

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olderthanyouthink Fri 19-Feb-21 18:23:38


Took me a minute to work out what it said but I think I like it (if whats in my head is what you mean!)

Whatusernametochoosenoidea Fri 19-Feb-21 18:24:05

It might be related to the Roman goddess Levana, I wish I could find more info on it!

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hamstersarse Fri 19-Feb-21 18:24:22

It's a no from me

Sounds a bit try hard

MechantGourmet Fri 19-Feb-21 18:25:53

The only Lavanya I know is of Indian heritage. I think with a 'y' there's less likelihood of people thinking it's Lavinia.
It means grace.

HalfTermHalfTerm Fri 19-Feb-21 18:28:19

I’m not keen, sorry. Mainly because I think she’s going to be constantly correcting people who think she’s saying Lavinia.

I do like Lavinia though!

ILoveStickers Fri 19-Feb-21 18:31:04

Hmm, I'm not sure I'm into it. It's not really attested in Latin, apart from once as a male form, and seems to live mainly on baby name websites.

Levana is a pretty minor goddess of childbirth apparently (not even a main one), and a brand that makes baby equipment. So I'm not sure the associations are for me, really.

Annamaywong25 Fri 19-Feb-21 18:33:44

Sounds like somewhere you'd go on holiday.....

RinkyD Fri 19-Feb-21 18:35:06

NN Lavvie/lav......not a winner

partyatthepalace Fri 19-Feb-21 18:40:02

Lavinia is nice enough, and that’s what I think you should go for.

BingBongToTheMoon Fri 19-Feb-21 18:47:53

I would just think you couldn’t spell Lavinia.

Whatusernametochoosenoidea Fri 19-Feb-21 18:50:30

Hmm... think we will change Levania to Lavinia on the list then!

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Ginfilledcats Fri 19-Feb-21 18:53:40

I'm not familia with Lavania as a Latin name either (I studied ancient history and Latin) and I think (but may be mistaken) the a would be short not long if it was Latin.

Lavinia is lovely though, classy and not used often enough!

hedgehogger1 Fri 19-Feb-21 18:53:46

I think it's just coz of how it starts and ends but it makes me think of labia sorry.

Ginfilledcats Fri 19-Feb-21 18:54:06

*familiar oops!

IamnotwhouthinkIam Fri 19-Feb-21 19:51:34

Levania is a new one to me (my favourite underused/fairly unknown Roman girls name is Annia). But I think Levania sounds perfectly usable - Lavinia is a fairly rare name now so I don't think there will be that much confusion with it personally (and at least Levania doesn't have the "lav" sound that puts many people off Lavinia.) Levania nickname Ev or Nia is quite nice.

bridgetreilly Fri 19-Feb-21 21:20:52

It might be related to the Roman goddess Levana, I wish I could find more info on it!

Well, where did you find it? Which Roman author were you reading? Which history of the Roman empire?

RedcurrantPuff Fri 19-Feb-21 21:22:21

Sounds like a brand of contraceptive pill

Ismellphantoms Fri 19-Feb-21 21:25:35

Lots of people called Levena in my family tree. It's a bit different.

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