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Natasha - does it need abbreviating?

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LewishamMum Wed 17-Feb-21 14:09:56

So my 9 week old is called Natasha, my fav name since I've been 10.

My Dad says it's too long and needs an abbreviation - Tash, Tasha, Sasha, Natty......whatever. Both my parents like the name Natasha, but insist it's too long and if I don't give her an abbreviation she will end up being called Nat which they (and I) all hate.

I like Tasha and especially Sasha, but I want her to be called Natasha, which I think is nicer than either. I've known 2 people called Natasha and they were called a mixture of Natasha and Tash/Tasha, but never Nat....

Is Natasha too long? Will it inevitably be abbreviated? If so I'd rather jump the gun and get in with my favourite shortened version (Sasha).

Views wanted?

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AuntieStella Wed 17-Feb-21 14:18:08

Natasha is already a pet form, it's the Russian nickname for Natalia

I wouldn't shorten it to Sasha (as that's' the Russian nn for Aleksandr, and occasionally Aleksandra). I think Tash/Tasha is lovely (and way nicer than Nat)

Nell96 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:19:12

I think it's fine, no need to shorten. I have a three syllable name and it's rarely shortened. Not sure how you get Sasha from Natasha, sounds like a completely different name to me. I know four Natashas - one always uses her full name, two go by Tasha and one uses Tash. None are Nat - I'd say that's usually short for Natalie.

DavidsSchitt Wed 17-Feb-21 14:19:30

Sasha isn't a shortening of Natasha.

Nobody will call her Nat, it'll be Natasha or Tash

HelpMeh Wed 17-Feb-21 14:24:30

The two Natasha's I know are both called Tasha by pretty much everyone. This is then shortened to Tash.

Sasha isn't a logical nn.

TallulahSkye Wed 17-Feb-21 14:39:26

All the Natasha's I know are called Tash or Tasha. It's inevitable but you can continue to call her by her full name, you don't have to shorten it if you don't want to. You can always correct people too if they say Tash.
My DH has a long name think along lines of Matthew and when people call him Matt he says no Matthew as he doesn't like the short version

LewishamMum Wed 17-Feb-21 15:03:57

I know the Russian origins of Natasha, Sasha, etc, but we're not in Russia so I don't think it matters.

I know if I carry on with Natasha it will probably end up as Tasha (which I like), or I can make a conscious effort to make it Sasha (which I like more, but not as much as Natasha).

It's not unknown as a nn - eg Barack Obama's daughter Sasha is technically Natasha and there are others too.

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ThreeTwoOneBlastOff Wed 17-Feb-21 16:20:39

I like Tash or Tasha, I’ve never known of a Nat from Natasha, only Natalie’s.

Geppili Wed 17-Feb-21 18:29:25

It is a really beautiful name. Tasha is lovely. Don't allow anyone to call her Nat or Tash.

IamnotwhouthinkIam Wed 17-Feb-21 20:14:23

Natasha (nn Sasha) is lovely. I'm less keen on Tasha or Nat personally.
But I think Nat or Tasha may be inevitable from her friends once she starts secondary (and you can't tell which it will be!), unless she insists on her full name herself or you call her Sasha from day 1.

partyatthepalace Thu 18-Feb-21 01:03:47

It isn’t especially long

But if you want to drive off Nat, you might want to occasionally use Tasha so that is established?

occa Thu 18-Feb-21 01:10:26

All the Natasha's I know are called Tash/Tasha. I think it's kind of inevitable.

AlwaysLatte Thu 18-Feb-21 01:31:36

Sasha is lovely, as is Natasha. I would like Nat too except inevitably some people will drop the T and it will be Na' which is horrible. So if you want Sasha as a nickname then get her used to it herself so she introduces that version to people herself when she's older.

CattyCactus Thu 18-Feb-21 01:35:09

Push for Sasha if that’s what you want - personally I think Sasha is a great name in its own right!

Enough4me Thu 18-Feb-21 01:38:10

I would introduce Sasha alongside Natasha, as the obvious nn are Nat and Tash.

greyballoo Thu 18-Feb-21 01:42:47

Natasha has always been one of my favorite names. But whatever you say they're going to shorten it so you need to choose a nickname now before they do, to use occasionally but mainly to stop them renaming your daughter what they think. Don't let them overrule your preference x

ImNotWhoYouThinkIam Thu 18-Feb-21 01:47:27

I don't think it matters what you shorten it to, or if you don't shorten it at all.
Its not "inevitable" that she will end up being called Tash, or Nat if she doesn't want to be. Conversely you could start calling her Sashsa and her school friends so might call her Tasha.

DS1 is called Dominic. If anyone shortens it he tells them his name is Dominic.
Ds2 is Joshua, which according to previous posts on here always becomes Josh. My son is Joshua to family, Yoshie to his primary school friends and Shwa to his secondary school friends.

Smallonesaremorejuicy Thu 18-Feb-21 01:58:36

What a lovely name Natasha is . Tell your folks they are being silly saying it’s too long ! My father’s name is Matthew & he is never called Matt , if anyone ever abbreviates it to Matt , he has always said it’s Matthew . So you can say to everyone my daughter’s name is Natasha .

Chunkymenrock Thu 18-Feb-21 02:24:35

Beautiful name. I love it and I have a 3 syllable name too. Sasha is a great name and fine as a nickname if that's what you'd like. But I'd own it and be proud and go by Natasha.

Birnam Thu 18-Feb-21 04:42:30

My name is Natasha. Everyone calls me Tasha or, Tash if they are a v close friend. Nobody calls me any other abbreviation!

Grognonne Sun 21-Feb-21 11:18:28

Every Natasha I know is called Nat. Same with all the Natalies. I think it’s preferable than Tash, sounds like a cruel nickname for a girl with slight moustache. Sasha wouldn’t be nickname for Natasha, it’s a separate name. I don’t think you need to shorten it at all. Mine is much longer and doesn’t get shortened.

VanillaAndOrange Sun 21-Feb-21 13:30:57

You have the right not to shorten her name at all, and to ask other people not to (until she's old enough to have an opinion of her own). I wouldn't have any problem calling a baby or child Natasha if that was how she'd been introduced to me! (I have known several little girls whose names were as long or longer and were never shortened - a couple of Victorias, a Weronika and an Alexandra just for a start. )

Josuk Sun 21-Feb-21 13:51:04

In the US where people like shortening names - some might want to shorten it to Tasha.
It in the U.K. - it’s not necessarily the case as people are used to different names.
I have known Natasha’s and Anastasia’s, as well as other ‘longer names’ - Vivienne’s, Particia’s, Beatrice’s..... lots of beautiful long names.
And in general - kids names are quite diverse these days that people are OK with accommodating many different ones. And Natasha isn’t some strange or made up name....

You don’t have to shorten it, or go along with what your parents want. Your baby - your choice.
Same with she starts nursery & school. Teachers will call her whatever she is called.

And at some point she will decide herself if she wants to shorten it or not.

(As to calling her Sasha -which is another beautiful Russian name. Not sure why you’d give her a name you really like only not to use it 🤷🏻‍♀️..... If you want to call her Sasha - I’d just change her birth certificate and spare her a lifetime of introducing herself as one name, then explaining that her official name is something else. And she’ll have to do it more than you think. I am in that situation and it’s constant and tiring over the years.
I have also known people who ended up changing their names as adults to the one they use vs official name - just to avoid constant explaining)

Trinacham Sun 21-Feb-21 14:01:59

I have a colleague called Natasha and we call her that.

SummaLuvin Sun 21-Feb-21 15:31:26

I think if you object to abbreviations so much it was silly to pick a 3 syllable name with many obvious nick-names. As soon as she is in school there will almost certainly be shortenings. You can correct people all you want now, but Natasha will soon grow-up and might want to be Tasha, or Nat, and that's her call not yours.

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