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Names you love but could never use

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NicotineRushh Tue 16-Feb-21 22:27:10

Hey everyone!

Currently in the hoping and praying stage of babies, but can't stop thinking of names. I have thrown a few out there to my husband who has vetoed them all! I did get him to agree to Ezra though.

Just wondering what names everyone loves but would/could never use. Here are mine

Nyx (boy)
Raphael (Raffy for short!)
Rowan (boy, husband's name so definite no go)

Just for fun smile

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IamnotwhouthinkIam Tue 16-Feb-21 22:39:12

Ophelia (I'll feel ya") because my surname could rhyme with something rude and possibly Hugh ("huge") for the same reason - annoying because I love both.

Other ancient names like Cassiopeia and Apollo I love but couldn't use because I'm not brave enough!

username1724 Tue 16-Feb-21 23:28:51

I love really grand names like Amadeus and Arcadius, River is my guilty pleasure for either gender, and I love the really beautiful girly names like Avianna, Rosabella, Sibella and Emiliana for girls. No more babies for us though and our existing children's names are on a completely different track to these!

Smallonesaremorejuicy Tue 16-Feb-21 23:53:14

I love Horatio ( think Mary Portass has a boy named this )
That’s about it for me .

Olinguita Wed 17-Feb-21 00:33:46

Ajinkya for a boy - Sanskrit name meaning "invincible" and also the name of a cricketer on the India team, Ajinkya Rahane. Hubby is Indian and I've spent a lot of time in India. We both love the name but worried it's too hard to pronounce in the UK and could lead to the kidlet getting picked on at school.
@NicotineRushh I think Raphael is actually pretty cool! You could totally get away with that smile

TrevorWithTheWeather Wed 17-Feb-21 00:41:46

Matilda, DH doesn't like it but I love it as Tilly for short.

VienneseWhirligig Wed 17-Feb-21 00:43:27

I've always liked:


None of which would remotely go with the name of DS and his brothers, even if I had the ability and means to have another child!

35andThriving Thu 18-Feb-21 19:27:11


DisgruntledPelican Thu 18-Feb-21 19:29:01

Ariadne. I love it but I have a strong Yorkshire accent. And neither of mine or DP’s surnames work with that name. Mostly the accent problem though grin

Winningmoves Thu 18-Feb-21 19:30:53


Ohalrightthen Thu 18-Feb-21 19:32:51

Matilda. Both DH and i love it more than anything, but his name rhymes with Matt/Mattie and my name rhymes with Tilly, and we're Australian, so it's an automatic veto.

1AngelicFruitCake Thu 18-Feb-21 19:35:49


PatsyStone39 Thu 18-Feb-21 19:36:33

Caspian. But when DS appeared he just didn't look like one. I think if we had used it, i would have gotten a lot of raised eyebrows.

We loved Raphael, too but went with another angel name.

For a girl I loved Daliana and Amara...again, don't know if i would have used them due to people's reactions.

JaninaDuszejko Thu 18-Feb-21 19:37:36

I could never use Elisa, I'm a scientist and ELISA stands from Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay. I have long discussions about ELISAs at work.

Winningmoves Thu 18-Feb-21 19:40:05

@JaninaDuszejko, is that how the Elisa Lam conspiracy relating to the spread of TB on skid row came about?

Thewishingchair123 Thu 18-Feb-21 19:57:20

I love :
Valentina/ Valentine

Could really use them all but my DP would veto them for sure grin

Thewishingchair123 Thu 18-Feb-21 19:57:42

Oh and Araminta

Love a fancy name!

35andThriving Thu 18-Feb-21 22:31:38


JustanotherTuesday Thu 18-Feb-21 22:37:25


PeggyMoo Thu 18-Feb-21 22:42:16

Penelope and Cassius

DietrichandDiMaggio Thu 18-Feb-21 22:46:22

My children are adults, but at the time Holly, because they would have been Holly Wood.

goochface Thu 18-Feb-21 22:56:52


Trisolaris Thu 18-Feb-21 22:59:54

A name I always thought was beautiful as a teenager was Isis.

I mean, I know as the list of their crimes go, ruining a name isn’t exactly top, but still!

catlovingdoctor Thu 18-Feb-21 23:04:25


JaneNorman Thu 18-Feb-21 23:06:23

Rupert (but I wasn’t giving birth to a bear).

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