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Girls names I would like to see in use again

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Awalkinthefreshair Tue 16-Feb-21 18:09:52

All from my era, and all names I love.
Which of these (if any) do you think are due a revival?
Also do you know any under 10's with any of these names?

Catherine (my favourite spelling)
Caroline (love the nn Carrie or Callie)
Emma (always wanted to be called this as a child)
Victoria (although dislike Vicky and Tori)
Rebecca (I'm ok with Becky)
Claire/ Clare (unsure which spelling I prefer)

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Pieceofpurplesky Tue 16-Feb-21 18:12:43

Other than Claire I teach at least one of all of those (high school 1200 pupils)

KirstenBlest Tue 16-Feb-21 18:29:42

Catherine - I think Cathy is due a comeback
Caroline (love the nn Carrie or Callie) - lovely, Carly is another possible nn. Not keen on Caro
Emma (always wanted to be called this as a child) - timeless
Victoria (although dislike Vicky and Tori) - Vicky is fine
Rebecca (I'm ok with Becky) - know so many
Claire/ Clare (unsure which spelling I prefer) - the only nice one I know is in her 20s, and it's just a noise.

Ann, Jane and Susan are also nice, although I've never met a nice Sue.

PatchworkElmer Tue 16-Feb-21 18:30:11

I was thinking earlier how nice Laura is, and also Helen. Very ‘of my era’ like the ones in your post, @Awalkinthefreshair. My name is on your list actually!

ShipshapeShore Tue 16-Feb-21 18:33:18

I like Laura and Helen too. I've always thought Jennifer is nice.

KirstenBlest Tue 16-Feb-21 18:44:07

I like Helen a lot, Laura is nice and I've never met one I didn't like. I don't know that many Jennifers but I like the name.

Sarah was the name in my age group, and the nickname names like Debbie, Nicky and Becky were also popular. Karen and Paula are nice too, but probably too soon for comeback. I known a few Jacquelines and Angelas but no young ones.

EileenGC Tue 16-Feb-21 18:50:16

I love your list! I know of two little girls called Carolina (Spanish pronunciation) and Caroline (French), both nicknamed Carol.

Emma is gorgeous, my best friend in primary school was called Victoria, always went by her full name. And Claire is lovely, it sounds very French and sophisticated where I live. Everyone called Clara was jealous of the French or British Claires grin

I also really like the names Joan and Joanna. I know a 16yo Joanna and an 18yo Joan and it's really refreshing.

Echobelly Tue 16-Feb-21 18:51:47

I rather like Yvette - I guess it's rather a my-mum's-generation name, but it's very nice
Suzanne/Susan could make a comeback - again, very much of my parents' generation. I know one peer who has a girl called Susan.

EileenGC Tue 16-Feb-21 18:52:27

Actually, Paula and Emma are in the top 10 in Spain, Sara is not far behind! They're mostly post 2000s names.

Cloudesley Tue 16-Feb-21 18:53:59

I like Julie

BatleyTownswomensGuild Tue 16-Feb-21 19:13:11


BallsToYouSue Tue 16-Feb-21 19:23:49

Emma is lovely! I do know a couple under 10. Both are 6.

I love Catherine; know two under ten. One is 6, the other is 9.

Caroline, Victoria, Rebecca and Claire are lovely too. I don't think I know any of those under ten, although I got chatting to a nanny one day at a play farm and her charges were called Rebecca and Rachel I think! Remember thinking how lovely the names were.

The only one I wouldn't use would be Victoria because I don't like Vicky or Tori.

Emma, Catherine and Rebecca are my favourites on your list.

I would ad:

Laura (already suggested - lovely)!
Samantha (inspired by another thread)
Sarah (already suggested - lovely again)!

BallsToYouSue Tue 16-Feb-21 19:24:46


Toomuchtooyoung01 Tue 16-Feb-21 19:26:18

Joanna is a pretty name

BabbleBee Tue 16-Feb-21 19:27:05

My name is on your list!

I know of one Annie, which I always think is lovely. Ruth and Helen/a are surely due a comeback?

Toomuchtooyoung01 Tue 16-Feb-21 19:27:09

Also Jennifer, Juliet and Hannah

nimbuscloud Tue 16-Feb-21 19:34:27

I know a Felicity aged 3, a baby Margaret, a Lesley and a Denise - both 4.

VenusClapTrap Tue 16-Feb-21 20:36:50

I am thrilled that there’s a 4 year old Denise out there, nimbuscloud - I love that name.

I know toddlers/small children called Emma, Laura, Jenny, Sara, Carolina.

Other names from that era that I’d welcome back are Jacqueline, Lisa, Elaine, Jane, Anne, Helen and Ruth.

FirsAndFairylights Tue 16-Feb-21 20:38:12

I love Stephanie but never hear it anymore

partyatthepalace Tue 16-Feb-21 20:42:01

Still quite a lot of little Emmas around, it’s funny how it’s become a classic rather than died away. Catherine is around too, definitely a classic, and in different forms eg Caitlin. Caroline I reckon will be back quite soon as an alternative to the ubiquitous Charlotte.

The others I think will take a bit longer, I think the Victorian/early 20th c revival has a while to run, and then we’ll have a mid century revival (Peter, Jane, Susan etc) before we get to these names.

JaneNorman Tue 16-Feb-21 20:48:31

Names we considered but didn’t use for various reasons were Catherine, Helen, Anna, Abigail, Claire, Lesley and Ruth. Love them all.

These threads do make me chuckle. It wasn’t that long ago we had a thread where Laura was universally hated because no one had ever met a nice Laura. Very happy to see some love for Laura on here. One of my nieces is a Laura and she’s a very sweet 4 year old.

Santatizer Tue 16-Feb-21 20:48:46

I like Jean (wouldn't use it myself weirdly but think it's pretty).

JaneNorman Tue 16-Feb-21 20:50:15

Undecided on Susan, I think it could be a grower, but I love Susana and Susie. And I know a lovely Sue.

Rach247 Tue 16-Feb-21 20:50:23

I love Mary, think it could come back soon.

I know a few young Rebeccas and Juliets and Emmas so they are definitely still around.

Gloria seems to be another one coming back in fashion.

Rach247 Tue 16-Feb-21 20:50:56

Oh and LOADS of Annas!

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