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Has anyone changed their babies name quite some time after birth?!

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SaraJS216 Mon 15-Feb-21 22:34:20

DD is 8 months and I keep having doubts about her name. I think I would like to change it but I'd feel quite embarrassed telling people, particularly after receiving a few personalised gifts and everyone being so used to her name now. I don't think that she identifies with the name yet so that's less of a worry for me. Has anyone been in a similar situation?

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TatianaBis Mon 15-Feb-21 22:59:50

I have a couple of friends who did, it was fine.

What's the name and what would you like to change it to?

Crosstrainer Mon 15-Feb-21 23:01:16

Why are you having doubts? What’s made you change your mind?

Notanotherfreak Mon 15-Feb-21 23:03:12

I changed my child’s name at 6 months. I kept her initial name as a middle name. No one minded at all!

Ohhgreat Mon 15-Feb-21 23:05:15

Absolutely - wish I had. My child is at school now so I've definitely left it too late. Yours isn't even a year old!
This is something they will carry for the rest of their life, better to change now than regret for linger. But equally you have to be sure you won't also go off the name you change it to.

Mally2020 Tue 16-Feb-21 02:14:05

Mine got changed a few times after birth doesn't bother me do whatever feels right

user1493494961 Tue 16-Feb-21 11:32:23

Keep the original as a middle name.

ILoveShula Tue 16-Feb-21 13:38:18

@SaraJS216, what do you want to change it from and what to?

If it's something trendy/out there to something more timeless, do it, but if the other way round, think hard if you will still like the name in a few years.

You can change the name up to 12 months old, so do it.

Don't worry about personalised gifts, they are just things (unless it was a yacht or a racecourse perhaps)

Dulcinae Tue 16-Feb-21 14:11:53

I know somebody who changed the name almost a year later. Their daughter had an unusual name and people kept mishearing it as a much more common boys name. She still loved the first name, but decided it wasn't fair on her daughter.

Labobo Tue 16-Feb-21 14:15:30

A friend changed her daughter's name after about eight months. She is so glad she did. Do it very soon as your daughter will start becoming verbal and you don't want to confuse her.

MimiDaisy11 Tue 16-Feb-21 15:40:22

Do you have a name in mind? Try calling her that and see how it feels for a few days.

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