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Keep two, dump two

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Rosieposie87 Sun 14-Feb-21 12:19:37


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ValpolicellaPrimitivo Sun 14-Feb-21 12:21:00

Keep Alice and Anna.
Dump Anya and Zara.

BallsToYouSue Sun 14-Feb-21 12:28:11

Oh you've really whittled it down! I was on your other threads I think, but possibly a different username.

Keep: Anna and Zara
Dump: Alice and Anya

But I actually really like them all, so struggling to choose!

Honeyroar Sun 14-Feb-21 12:30:01

I like them all apart from Anya. I’d probably choose Alice and Anna.

Dyinghouseplant Sun 14-Feb-21 12:32:26

Keep Anna and Zara.

DinosaurDiana Sun 14-Feb-21 12:32:55

Keep Alice and Anna.

partyatthepalace Sun 14-Feb-21 12:43:58



In order of overall preference

Emmylou292 Sun 14-Feb-21 13:03:33

I would keep Anna and Alice, but I also like Zara.

HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 14-Feb-21 13:08:00

Dump Anna and Zara
Keep Anya and Alice

May2021Mummy Sun 14-Feb-21 13:24:24

Keep Alice and Anna lovely names ❤️

IamnotwhouthinkIam Sun 14-Feb-21 15:24:50

All are lovely so it's difficult.

Keep Anna and Anya (if you can't make up your mind, why not have Anna nn Anya as they do in some Slavic countries? 2 great names in 1!)

Sadly dump Alice and Zara - Alice is so timeless, that for some people it could seem dull, and others can't get past Zara the clothes shop or Zara Phillips/Tindall. Anna and Anya seem to have less associations.

BackforGood Sun 14-Feb-21 15:42:48

I'd keep Zara and Anna, if it weren't for the fact that I know of 3 baby girls born in the last 8 months, and all of them are called Anna.

So I'd go for Zara smile

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 14-Feb-21 15:46:23

Keep Zara and Anna
Dump Anya and Alice.
All lovely names though.

Eaststreet Sun 14-Feb-21 16:07:44

Dump Anna and Alice
Keep Anya and Zara

Whatsyourflava Sun 14-Feb-21 16:12:45

Keep Anya

FelicityStrongArrow Sun 14-Feb-21 16:39:50

I think keep Alice and Anna.
Dump Anya and Zara. Mind you I do like Zara...

KindnessCrusader Sun 14-Feb-21 16:46:08

Just keep Anya grin

FawnDrench Sun 14-Feb-21 16:47:48

Keep Alice.

LadyWhistledown Sun 14-Feb-21 16:48:28

Keep Anya and Alice
Dump Anna and Zara

PolarnOPirate Sun 14-Feb-21 16:52:13

Dump Anya and Anna
Keep Zara and Alice

Although I like Anna too, just not as much as Zara and Alice

Covidcorvid Sun 14-Feb-21 16:53:47

Keep Alice and Zara.

cautiouscovidity Sun 14-Feb-21 16:55:54



mywifi Sun 14-Feb-21 16:58:59

Alice -dump
Anna -keep
Anya- keep
Zara - dump

itsgettingwierd Sun 14-Feb-21 17:04:09

Oh that's rough!

I love Alice so would choose that.

I'd definitely dump Anya although I like it.

Zara or Anna?

I'd dump Anna because Zara is different.

CocoChanel22 Sun 14-Feb-21 17:05:23

Keep - Alice and Zara
Dump - anya and Anna

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