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Struggling with baby number 3

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Starstella21 Sun 14-Feb-21 09:04:45

We have a DD and DS and did not struggle with their names...

Maximilian (Max)

Pregnant with number 3 and struggling a lot with names. I just don't feel loads of love for any of them yet. We are not finding out the sex...

(Names in order of favourite to least favourite)

Girl 🎀
Stella (favourite so far)

Boy 🎈
Zachary (Zach)

Any suggestions on names to go with Olive and Max much appreciated xx

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Starstella21 Sun 14-Feb-21 09:06:17

Also is it's a girl middle name will be Jean after MIL if it's a boy middle name will be Thomas after my brother


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ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 14-Feb-21 09:06:43



I like Stella, Zack and Ned though.

popcorndiva Sun 14-Feb-21 09:08:11

Strangley my DS was going to be either Maximillian or Zachary, we went for Zac in the end. I have since discovered there is a clothing brand called Max and Zac so they definitely go together.

PralineFowler Sun 14-Feb-21 09:08:55


Both lovely

Lotsachocolateplease Sun 14-Feb-21 09:34:41

Stella and Jude from your list

Edward nn Ned


BallsToYouSue Sun 14-Feb-21 09:43:46

Of your suggestions, I love Alba, Jude and Cassius.

I really don't like Stella (sorry). It goes with all the Bellas and Ellas around.

Also, if you bellow it across a park, it will remind some people of the poor wife in Streetcar and others of beer known as 'wife beater' (delightful, I know). Or maybe that tv program of the same name, which I didn't watch, but I don't think it was meant to be aspirational. All in all, just a massive no for me, especially compared to your existing children's lovely, classy names.



Laurence / Lawrence (Laurie)

BallsToYouSue Sun 14-Feb-21 09:45:01

Oh one more; Audrey?

user1493494961 Sun 14-Feb-21 10:11:58

Dislike Jackson but like the rest of your boys' list. Stella is nice (my first thought wasn't Streetcar!) but I don't like Alba and Nola. Nathaniel (Nate), Sebastian (Seb) or Josiah (Joss) would go.

Fivemoreminutes1 Sun 14-Feb-21 10:21:15

Thea Jean
Etta Jean
Margo Jean
Iris Jean
Rosa Jean
Matilda (Tilly) Jean
Violet Jean
Hazel Jean
Cassie Jean
Zara Jean

Arlo Thomas
Xander Thomas
Barnaby Thomas
Harvey Thomas
Gideon Thomas

BallsToYouSue Sun 14-Feb-21 10:22:58

my first thought wasn't Streetcar

Oh of course not everyone. I did say SOME people. For some people who are keen on theatre and literature, that might be their first thought, especially if it is being shouted across a playground or something, because Stanley is always bellowing "STELLAAAAAA" in the play, you know?

An acquaintance of mine named her dd Stella. She was dropping hints through her pregnancy that it was a name from literature, so we were thinking of all the great, literary heroines...then Stella hmm. What a character to name your dd after! It's up there with Lolita imo (and yes, I know people do).

But I don't have to like it. Not my baby! But just pointing out how some people might perceive it.

StopTouchingYourFairyGarden Sun 14-Feb-21 10:27:31

Like your lists but less keen on Nola, Ned and Jackson.

Nola I just don't think sounds all that nice. Ned is the name for a 'chav' here in Scotland! And Jackson, I like the style of it, but it is very popular and Jack even more so.

I know a lovely Stella so it has positive connotations for me.

DefinitelyMaybeBaby Sun 14-Feb-21 11:48:43

I like Alba for a girl from your list. Also think Nancy would be lovely with siblings names and with your middle name of choice. I have to say I think Stella is very marmitey, the cheap beer with "wife beater" connotations is a big deal breaker for a lot of people, although I do like the space connection.

I like Zachary or Jude for boys. As someone else said Ned is used to mean chav in Scotland, it stands for non-educated deliquescent, so that would be a no for me but depends if you have connections to Scotland. Jackson sounds more modern and less classic than the other siblings names, doesn't sound as nice a fit to me but it's not the most important thing in the world for them to "go" together.

partyatthepalace Sun 14-Feb-21 12:10:26

Of your boys names I like Jude, Ned (as long as Edward/Edwin etc on birth cert), Zach and Cassius (though prefer Cassian). I think Jude does best with Max and Olive. Jackson is a bit meh.

Of the girls names I like Stella. Alba at a push. Nola just makes me think of Angela’s Ashes type tragedy... or the Nolan sisters.

Other thoughts

Edith, Lois, Ines, Agnes, Bridget, Pearl, Olwen, Rosen, Roslyn, Iris, Laurel, Lauren, Oona, Thora, Sorrel,

Jerome, Seth, Silas, Albaric (Al/Albie) Rory, Miles, Kester, Robin, Rowan, Struan, Stellan, Angus

MinnieJackson Sun 14-Feb-21 12:26:59

Sadie for a girl? Jameson? Tabitha?

MinnieJackson Sun 14-Feb-21 12:27:25


KirstenBlest Sun 14-Feb-21 12:29:33

Girl 🎀
Stella (favourite so far) - my favourite by far
Alba - scotland
Nola - enola gay

Boy 🎈
Jude - yuk
Zachary (Zach) - too popular
Cassius - fine
Ned - awful
Jackson - Jacksy as a nn?

Lemonsyellow Sun 14-Feb-21 12:47:48

I like Stella best. I like Jude but don’t think it goes. Edward shortened to Ned is nice.


IamnotwhouthinkIam Sun 14-Feb-21 15:44:00

I really like Stella and Cassius (and also Ned - but only as a nickname for Benedict or Edward/Edmund/Edgar etc as on it's own Ned's a bit of a slur in Scotland). Alba and Zachary are also quite nice. Cassius and Benedict work wonderfully with Maximilian imo (as a Roman link, which Olive has too in the Olivia form).

Other suggestions:
Estella (sounds great with Olive and Max to me and less popular than Stella)
Cassia (if a girl instead of Cassian)


Nme8961 Sun 14-Feb-21 20:39:48

I like Stella, love Jude and think they both go with your other children's. The only name on your list I don't really like is Jackson, just because I don't really understand the last name as a first name trend.

FelicityStrongArrow Sun 14-Feb-21 22:35:53

Stella reminds me of the drink I'm afraid. Love Jude. Juno ?

Piccalily19 Mon 15-Feb-21 04:01:40

Stella and Zachary are my favourites ☺️ (Although I’m biased, just named our little boy Zachary!)

Aquamarine1029 Mon 15-Feb-21 04:03:51

Hudson Thomas
Devin Thomas

DramaAlpaca Mon 15-Feb-21 04:06:48

Stella or Jude/Zachary from your lists.

Daphne as someone suggested is fab, goes so well with Olive. Agnes would as well, might be a step too far for you but I adore it.

Chottie Mon 15-Feb-21 04:19:29

I know of an Olive and her little sister is called Pearl.

How about Ezekiel (Zek) for a boy?

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